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Private purchasing of prisons locks in occupancy rates


By Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – At a time when states are struggling to reduce bloated prison
populations and tight budgets, a private prison management company is offering
to buy prisons in exchange for various considerations, including a controversial
guarantee that the governments maintain a 90% occupancy rate for at least 20

The $250 million proposal, circulated by the Nashville-based Corrections Corporation of America to prison officials in 48 states, has been blasted by some state officials who suggest such a program could pressure criminal justice officials to seek harsher sentences to maintain the contractually required occupancy rates.

"You don't want a prison system operating with the goal of maximizing profits," says Texas state Sen. John Whitmire, a Houston Democrat and advocate for reducing prison populations through less costly diversion programs. "The only thing worse is that this seeks to take advantage of some states' troubled financial position.

STORY: Proposal to buy prisons raises ethical concerns

Read More Here: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2012-03-01/buying-prisons...

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A sadistic, nihilistic plan used to turn human into modern day chattel. The contrived and fabricated drug war created this modern day slavery complex.

I sure hope that the States don't crumble to the will of the private prison industry. If the Prison Industrial Complex has its way, it will one day be owning and operating all prisons. So much for rehibilitation. When you become convicted to serving time in one of their prisons, they'll want to lock you up and throw away the key. There's too much profit to be made when you have inmates (slaves) working for peanuts. What need will they have for Fema Camps? The prisons would be the Fema Camps.



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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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