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The Banking Monopoly - Babylon Banksters by Joseph P. Farrell

The Banking Monopoly - Coast to Coast AM May

25, 2010

Expert in alternative science and history, Joseph P. Farrell presented his

premise that ancient and modern international bankers have practiced a

kind of racketeering (hence his nickname for them 'Banksters') that

relates to concepts in physics. Both physics and finance can be… Continue

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Vatican Smiles At Karl Marx Legacy

We must remember that, Catholic sex abuse has a long and ongoing history intertwined with that of many other religious institutions.

An article in the Vatican newspaper shows a surprisingly positive attitude to the work of Karl Marx. The atheist philosopher’s works on the evils of social inequality and capitalism are relevant today, the…


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Webster Tarpley: Against Oligarchy

Against Oligarchy Essays and Speeches, 1970-1996

Table of Contents


The Venetian Conspiracy
Address delivered to the ICLC Conference near Wiesbaden, Germany, Easter Sunday, 1981; (appeared in Campaigner, September, 1981)…

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  This is an expansion and revision of the original post:



Why is it the media continually refer to government action toward Syria (any foreign policy) or the economy as that of the President (regardless of Party) and not of Wall Street ?

It is well determined:

the Treasury department has been documented to structure…


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Infowars Throws Israeli Agenda Into Spotlight

Former Powell Chief of Staff warns neocon duo stirring up trouble and pushing Iran attack.

Kurt Nimmo

September 23, 2013

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, told Real News that Arizona Senator John McCain and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham are “traitors” in cahoots with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and they are working to thwart any attempt to negotiate with…


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Justifying the Unjustifiable: US Uses Past Crimes to Legalize Future Ones

Diana Johnstone

Ron Paul Institute

August 26, 2013

The liberal warhawks are groping around for a pretext they can call “legal” for waging war against Syria, and have come up with the 1999 “Kosovo war”.…



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Army bans soldiers from reading about NSA

E. Michael Maloof


August 2, 2013

The U.S. Army has ordered its personnel not to go to the latest postings on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian to read revelations of information given to its reporter because it contains a “TOP SECRET slide show.”

The email, which WND received from a Department of Defense source, was addressed to a…


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U.S. business seeks more clarity on foreign bribery law

U.S. business seeks more clarity on foreign bribery law

(Reuters) - U.S. business groups on Tuesday renewed their campaign to amend an anti-foreign bribery law, suggesting authorities should give companies additional defenses against criminal charges.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others have complained the Foreign…


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Hiroshima and Detroit 65 years later

Be sure to view all the way to the end! What happened to the radiation that’s supposed to last thousands of years??





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‘Washington Post’ runs op-ed pushing Iran attack without saying authors work for Israel’s registered foreign agent

More subterfuge in our discourse. The Washington…


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Expose Obama Initiative

Resisting The New World Order

12160 Special Announcement

Obama has got to go. Oust the usurper! Our Dictator and Chief has betrayed the American people repetitiously. And quite frankly, we're tired of it.

This Obamanation, has brought us TSA groping squads, random …


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The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Is Predictive Programming Being Used To Weaken The Truth Movement?

Jurriaan Maessen

June 19, 2012

As the Olympics approaches, premonitions of impending doom and mass terror-attacks will dominate a large part of the alternative media. Already the internet is abuzz with countless videos, pointing to a vast Illuminate plot climaxing into a disastrous false flag attack this summer. If you believe in Illuminati-driven predictive programming prefacing the Olympic Games of 2012, the following video created by a…


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First Amendment Be Damned: Massachusetts Town Outlaws Swearing

Washington Post

June 8, 2012

THE RESIDENTS of Middleborough, Mass., have had enough. In a state with a storied history of Puritan-inspired prohibitions, they voted 183-50 in a town meeting last Monday to…


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Death Summit 2012: A Window Into 21st Century Eugenics

Jurriaan Maessen

June 18, 2012

The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro has begun. The global leviathan that is the United Nations bares its…


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Perverts in Power: The Torture-Lovers Who Rule Us

By Chris Floyd

April 11, 2012 "Information Clearing House" --- The ordeal of Fatima Bouchar, detailed by Ian Cobain in the…


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Details of Talks with IAEA Belie Charge Iran Refused Cooperation

By Gareth Porter

March 21, 2012 "----VIENNA, Mar 20 (
IPS) - The first detailed account of negotiations between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran last month belies earlier statements by unnamed Western officials portraying Iran as refusing to cooperate with the IAEA in…


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With Latest Domain Seizures, U.S. Decalres Trade War on the World

March 08, 2012

The latest round of domain seizures…


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Army Considering Reprimanding Soldier Who Appeared With Ron Paul

Fresh figures once again show Paul received more military donations than all other candidates combined

Steve Watson

January 5, 2012

Ron Paul

The US Army said Wednesday that it is considering disciplining Reserve Corporal Jesse Thorsen, the soldier who spoke out against a militaristic foreign policy at Ron Paul’s post-Iowa caucuses rally.

After being cut short during a CNN…


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