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An 23 yo American girl gets savagely crushed by an Israeli Occupation Force armored bulldozer and hardly a peep is uttered by the American MSM.

One Iranian girl gets shot, by someone, we don't know who and the American MSM runs her story non-stop.

Iran won't allow western media to transmit from within the country and they are vilified for it. Israel won't allow ANY media in Gaza during the war and no one says a word.

Google Abeer and there are 750,000… Continue

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The American Hand in Iran

Originally published July 6, 2005 but more relevant today, right now - than in 2005.

Like the color-coded terror alert system, the technicolor "velvet invasions" blink a warning. Despite receiving an ugly bruise in Uzbekistan, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its non-governmental organization (NGO) regime-change industry hope to stage another cardboard coup in Iran. But it could be a black and blue revolution.

Citing a "mission accomplished" in Iraq, President… Continue

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The CIA In All It's Glory

OK, C'mon now, the people in Istanbul, Turkey are holding green sign's with "Where Is My Vote?!" written in English? This is a Destabilization Zone. Hard Hats Required.

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Are the Iranian Protests Another US Orchestrated "Color Revolution?"

Is This the Culmination of Two Years of Destabilization?

by Paul Craig Roberts

A number of commentators have expressed their idealistic belief in the purity of Mousavi, Montazeri, and the westernized youth of Terhan. The CIA destabilization plan, announced two years ago (see below) has somehow not contaminated unfolding events.

The claim is made that Ahmadinejad stole the election, because the outcome was declared too soon after the polls closed for all the… Continue

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Iran And The CIA

It's always a bit nerve wracking directing people to a web site that one feels is questionable. I feel that way right now. I'm going to direct you there anyway because even though I typically don't trust much from this web site, this video below makes me feel that perhaps on this particular subject they've got it right.

The link is below the video and there is a great deal of information about Iran and the CIA there. Please watch the video and watch the dates flashed on the screen.… Continue

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Charges filed with the 1st part translated into English





IN AN ACT… Continue

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Meet The Mossad - The Israeli Right Wing, Caught!

You just can't make this stuff up. Please, read the entire article. This is GREAT!

Right-wing Israeli interests are engaged in an all out Twitter attack with hopes of delegitimizing the Iranian election and causing political instability within Iran.

Anyone using Twitter over the past few days knows that the topic of the Iranian election has been the most popular. Thousands of tweets and retweets alleging that the election was a fraud, calling for protests in Iran, and even… Continue

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Help Arm A Patriot

With your help, PEAC PAC has been a catalyst in generating highly successful money bombs for our 2010 Liberty Candidates. On February 21, we raised an impressive $22,000 to convince Peter Schiff to take a long, hard look at a potential US Senate bid in Connecticut. Our efforts have paid off, and he may be on the verge of announcing an historic run. On June 1, we coordinated with the grassroots to raise a remarkable $25,000 for Dr. Rand Paul's "mini" money bomb. Now, it's time to turn our sights… Continue

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Global Warming Consensus Challenged by Ron Paul and 31,478 Scientists

Statement before the US House of Representatives, June 4, 2009

Madam Speaker, before voting on the "cap-and-trade'' legislation, my colleagues should consider the views expressed in the following petition that has been signed by 31,478 American scientists:

"We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the… Continue

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Suitcase With $134 Billion Puts Dollar on Edge

June 17 (Bloomberg) -- It’s a plot better suited for a John Le Carre novel.

Two Japanese men are detained in Italy after allegedly attempting to take $134 billion worth of U.S. bonds over the border into Switzerland. Details are maddeningly sketchy, so naturally the global rumor mill is kicking into high gear.

Are these would-be smugglers agents of Kim Jong Il stashing North Korea’s cash in a Swiss vault? Bagmen for Nigerian Internet scammers? Was the money meant for… Continue

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Pictures From Iran June 15, 16 and 17, 2009


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Indigenous 'genocide' in battle for oilfields

IT HAS been called the world's second "oil war" but the only similarity between Iraq and events in the jungles of northern Peru over the past few weeks has been the mismatch of force. On one side have been police armed with automatic weapons, tear gas, helicopter gunships and armoured cars. On the other are several thousand Awajun and Wambis Indians, many of them in war paint and armed with bows and arrows, and spears.

In some of the… Continue

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The Religion Of Life

First, I was dying to finish high school and start college

And then I was dying to finish college and start working

Then I was dying to marry and have children

And then I was dying for my children to grow old enough so I could go back to work

But then I was dying to retire

And now I am dying...

Suddenly I realized I forgot to live.

Please don't let this happen to you.

Appreciate… Continue

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Beside Myself

Although the video is not yet on Youtube so I can post it I did watch it on LiveLeak.

When the police feel it's necessary to Taze a 72 year-old grandmother pulled over for speeding it's simply unconscionable. I don't even know what to say except that I no longer go out much. What the fuck kind of society do we live in?

They've transferred trillions of dollars to the bankers.

They've bankrupted GM and Chrysler.

They've eliminated health care and pension rights… Continue

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Omnibus CYA Act of 2009

A healthy rivalry between the branches of government is the soul of our republic, so when the Senate's proposed ban on releasing photos and videos of torture fell short of completely covering things up, the White House proposed allowing prisoners to plead guilty to capital crimes and be executed without actual trials that might reveal evidence. Preemption being the technique of the hour, I'm going to preemptively fill you in on the next move from Capitol Hill. You will have read it here… Continue

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Police State Measures in the UK: Police 'arrest innocent youths for their DNA', officer claims

by Murray Wardrop

Hundreds of teenagers are having their DNA taken by police in case they commit crimes later in life, an officer has disclosed.

Officers are targeting children as young as 10 with the aim of placing their DNA profiles on the national database to improve their chances of solving crimes, it is claimed.

The alleged practice is also described as part of a "long-term crime prevention strategy" to dissuade youths from committing offences in the… Continue

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Grand Theft Auto

*After reading this you may want to view a short video with Dennis Kucinich on James' web site page. It's HERE

The Bankruptcy of General Motors

Screw the autoworkers.

They may be crying about General Motors' bankruptcy today. But dumping 40,000 of the last 60,000 union jobs into a mass grave won't spoil Jamie Dimon's day.

Dimon is the CEO of JP Morgan Chase bank.… Continue

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