I've looked into this subject pretty deeply, and I am extremely dubious of the idea that 5G is responsible for the coronavirus effects. How would that explain effects on a ship, or a plane? Or transfer of effects to countries other than that where it originated? It impacts oxygen , all right, in the same manner that radioisotopes affect lead shielding. Oxygen stops it, that'd why they need broadcast generators every so many meters. I see barking up the wrong tree, which is dangerous for the average Joe and Jane, and their kids. If the virus is a hoax, why take precautions?

It may well have some kind of sinister effect on human beings, but, wow, it sure would be an exotic means. Like affecting communication between microtubules, the fundamental building blocks of cells (which is only conjecture at this point in time). Too exotic for the most advanced equipment we know of to verify, at present. No, I don't want 5G in my neighborhood. I don't, and never will own a cell phone, and very much dislike the smart meter attached to the rear wall of my apartment. Nevertheless, I don't see any connection between 5G and the effects attributed to the coronavirus. Prove me wrong. The videos and articles I've seen on the subject display a profound lack of understanding of the basic facts.

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Comment by James Roberts on March 14, 2020 at 12:07pm

King of Cups - I read through all of these links you posted, and it is basically the same thing. They lump 5G in with all other wireless (or even all other electromagnetic) exposure, which is not the right way to get at the truth. It's kind of like the toxicity of Americium. This radioactive isotope is in most all smoke detectors (slightly less than a microgram). And if you sit it very near a Geiger counter, it sounds like heavy rain on a tin roof. But if you plated a metal watch band with it, it would be perfectly safe to wear. Because Americium emits only Alpha particles, which do not penetrate the skin. If you ingest it, however, or are shot with a bullet coated with it, that's a different story.

Same with 5G. If you had a 5G broadcast antenna implanted in your brain, that would likely cause some serious problems. But as that has likely never occurred even once with even an animal test subject, we have little to worry about from 5G frequencies.

Comment by James Roberts on March 13, 2020 at 7:03pm

So far, I've found this -

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2018 Aug 1;101(5):1274-1275. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2018.04.051.
The Radiation Safety of 5G Wi-Fi: Reassuring or Russian Roulette?
Too bad it doesn't spell out a mechanism in the title. These journal articles range in cost from $30 to over 100 online or by mail. I could go to the University of Cincinnati and look in their chem / bio library, but I think that would be a 60 mile round trip for what would be, in my opinion,  a big disappointment. Any college students out there with an institutional access?
In any case, I'll keep looking.
Comment by James Roberts on March 7, 2020 at 9:12am

Haven't forgot about this. Worked over every day this week, so  need to recuperate, for one day.

Comment by MAC on March 1, 2020 at 1:35am

Dr. Francis Boyle Creator Of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon


Comment by James Roberts on February 29, 2020 at 6:44pm

K O C - I will look into it too, as well as your references. If I'm wrong, I'll post the evidence. I don't have a problem changing my views to suit the facts. Funny how people have a problem with doing that. You can, of course, post any reference that shows negative health effects from 5G frequencies. However, if it shows effects on neurons, see if it specifies if they were in a petri dish. If it just says a type of neuron, then they were, unshielded by bone and other tissue. And consider, if it's a study on mice or rats, a few milimeters depth is into their brain tissue,  unlike with our heads. And so on. It should be, of course, specific to 50 - 60 GHz, not just "wireless". These are places to search:


Bioelectromagnetics Journal (Wiley publishers)

Journal of the American Medical Society


ArXiv.org - May be something in here


suggested search terms: 5G, 5G effects, 5G health, 5G cancer, 5G thermal effects, 5G mutation, 5G teratology (birth defects), and replace 5G with 50 or 60 GHz in the previous suggestions.. Just looking for "5G" in the last three links will give a lot of articles having nothing to do with biological effects. 

Comment by James Roberts on February 29, 2020 at 3:15pm

Doc - Indeed. That's the really disheartening aspect, it's not a debate about the veracity of one of two conflicting sources of info. The authorities control all the info as to the virus. I think due to modern sanitation in Western countries, and chlorination of water, it will be much less bad in the US, simply because we have hot and cold running water everywhere, and soap, and we use them all the time to clean our bodies, where we prepare food, etc. In many countries in the world, it's customary to bathe only once a week (I've heard that about Brazil), or even more sparsely. In China, their water is so polluted that 90% is not clean enough even for industrial use (see below video). Not a good situation when you have so many people. And they DO get grease for cooking out of the sewers. In India, of course, they defecate in the streets, just anywhere, and I've seen many pics on 4chan of people there bathing in filthy pools of water with much trash floating on top, or in the sewer. Not to mention the Ganges river. If a household has a death, and they are too poor for a funeral, they just leave the body in the street for dogs to eat, or dump it in the river from which they draw drinking water (yes, really). I would keep in mind the graphic concerning vaccines, where deaths in the US from disease dropped off abruptly with the advent of modern sanitation, before vaccines were mandatory.  And of course Africa is going to be a catastrophe if it takes hold there as well, due to their not being very cleanly. Most all of the plastic in the oceans comes from Asia and Africa. That's a measure of their care about all kinds of sanitation.

Comment by James Roberts on February 29, 2020 at 2:59pm

King of cups - Yes, but as I keep saying, to affect the body robustly, it would have to get in to the body, which it doesn't. That kind of test is not in question. There are too many people who understand these things, the equipment for doing those tests is too widespread, and there is pre-existing information (long before 5G) about how far and deep these signals propagate. I myself automatically distrust anything that is important to govt and industry. In almost all cases, if they want it, it's bad for us, and it's level of importance to them can be said to describe how bad it is for us. Again, I could be wrong, this is just one of those cases where I feel very much that I'm right. Certainly, it isn't natural. It's not part of the environment we were designed to live in.

But I can say without any doubt is that 5G is NOT responsible for the effects attributed to the virus (as in - there is no virus, it's just 5G alone which is causing the effects), which is now a somewhat widespread opinion in circles like ours, and often presented as factual. That was the intent and meaning of my blog post.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 29, 2020 at 1:53pm

Interesting that Nick Mulvaney commented publicly that the Coronavirus has been weaponized politically to accuse Trump, who has already taken stern measures look bad. After he gave his speech the media reports of a single case in California by a patient who has head no contact with anyone entering the US from affected areas abroad. I think there is way more to this shit than we are being told. Now on the radio they're trying to compare it to the Spanish Flu that killed millions because the authorities were too late in exercising precautionary measures! 

Comment by MAC on February 29, 2020 at 11:09am

Thanks James you broke that down on a level I can understand. BBs Shotgun got it...

Comment by James Roberts on February 29, 2020 at 5:25am

King of Cups - He says there's evidence, but that always means data is interpreted. I mean, I suppose something affected in the outer two or three millimeters of skin could affect the rest of the body robustly, but I would have to see what evidence they're talking about. I will look into it. Thanks for the references. Sometimes, however, correlation really does not equal causation. "Evidence" could be theoretical, effects on living or dead cells in a petri dish, or animal or human parts in a flask, or live animal tests, and these often do not turn out to be applicable to human beings. Not even all human tests turn out to be widely applicable. And for at least several years, any scientific paper has about a 50% chance of being credible. There are often statistical mistakes in scientific papers, poor method, corporate bias, etc. Then there's "publish or die". You've seen the type of people colleges have been turning out since 2001. Did you notice much of your reference lumps other forms of wireless in with 5G?

I even tried turning the whole thing on it's head and looking at it from the point of view of the effects on the virus. However, if anything, it should be bad for Covid. It's stopped by oxygen, which means the energy is transferred to the oxygen molecules. This would be very temporary and the energy would bleed off into the environment as thermal noise. Almost instantaneously. It is not nearly enough power to break the molecule, O2 into monoatomic oxygen. However, such an O2 molecule that is in a higher energy state should be more reactive. Viruses don't like oxygen, especially oxygen that's more reactive.

The skin is mainly a physical barrier against pathogens and toxins, and a heat regulation system. It has to be replaced constantly, so it's heavily vascular, and innervated so you can sense pain and therefore minimize damage. But it's not a big player in metabolic processes. I know there are systems of biochemical cascades that I don't know about,  and also that nobody has characterized. Like I said, I'll look into it. I'm not highly educated in RF, and not in that area of bioelectromagnetics because other than the negative health effects from cell phones, microwave oven leakage, and the like, there isn't much of interest as far as what I'm trying to accomplish. But it doesn't take much to understand that the negative effects from other forms of wireless can not be manifested by 5G. Not in nearly the same way. Like I said, it would have to be one hell of an exotic mechanism. And subtle.

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