A Swedish Police Officer Exposes the Real State of His Country

Peter Springare, March 8, 2017 ·

Now I've got the time to reach for a post. To all of you have been so worried about me and wondering if the militant left activists with their hatred propaganda and attacks on my person, as well as my bosses who want to conceal me crimes on a regular basis, managed to get quiet of me. I can only say no need for concern.

I have learned a lot of posts in different feeds that have with me and my person to do. There I have been able to read that some opponents have reserved the right to order me to abstain from Nazi and racist extremists who apparently sympathize with what I have written. Once and for all, I have clearly expressed my view of the Right-wing, Nazi and Racist Hate Propaganda. I have no reason to disagree daily, or relate to either right-wing or left-wing activists who populate different social media. I stand for my perceptions and the posts I make.
All the hate speech from left activists with a strong sense of persecution and the right-wing hate and racist attacks on immigrants clearly indicate that I am right and that my message is relevant. Namely, our established politicians need to get on the track and take power over the issue and disarm the polarized forces on the far left and right, which are not deaf interested in discussing issues of concern. They are only looking for hatred, hatred and persecution.

I'm still so damn tired. I am tired of school being a single chaos. Not because I personally experienced the chaos of the school. But I do not trust and do not diminish the whistle blowers who almost every day are alerting about school conditions. Over large parts of Sweden. Representatives of trade unions at school are interviewed in various media and testify to unrest, chaos and abuse. Teachers who leave on track because of burnout and fear / fear for their workplace. Details of unaccompanied refugees who are not enrolled in some schools, yet go there and eat and harass students. Testimony of threats, abuse and sexual assault that causes schools to temporarily close. Ling and sale of drugs at schools. It is not me who claims this, but teachers and principals who work at these schools themselves.
I can only refer to what we are investigating right now on my group. Namely a very violent riot at a school in Hallsberg on Monday. Where a large number of people joined a violent attack against the school as well as the police. Pupils were given shelter at school and the school was closed. We managed to grab 11 people there, 10 were of foreign descent and 1 person of Swedish descent.
This is no sense and any effect of my "racist" agenda, but this is reality.

I'm still so damn tired of the alarming reports that virtually every day comes from the fact that healthcare is an inferno. Doctors and nurses who are alerted by a crisis and that patient safety can not be guaranteed. Healthcare professionals get on their knees, burn out and fear. Personnel and trade union representatives talk about the fact that in some major hospitals there is some kind of war sickness care. That's nothing I've experienced. These are the truths that come from doctors and nurses in care. I have no reason to distrust these fighters in the public sector.

In terms of health care, I do not know what causes the problems. Neither as regards the problem of school problems. I have never pointed out that it would be an immigrant's fault. Of course, the vast majority of immigrants and asylum seekers are decent and decent people seeking protection and the opportunity for a good life and future in Sweden. We should also be able to provide this.
However, what I can stand up for and not daydreaming with my conscience is all the letters, mail, cards, sms, etc. I received last month from teachers, rectors, doctors, nurses from all over the country. Together, they testify about causes that can be derived from a dysfunctional immigration and integration policy. While many also say they do not dare to square this.

So why can not, under the guidance of our elected parliamentary parties, agree to deepen these issues, which are so fundamentally important for the continued development of our entire society. Without taking into account the polarizing left-hand extremes and right-wing extremes that only disperse chaos and hatred.
My motive is precisely this to try to make Sweden better to live and develop in all, both native "Swedes" and immigrants. And thereby destroying all left-wing journalists who freak off the debate with their abnormal agendas.

Many have also listened to and want some additional statistics from my workday on serious crime in Örebro.
Of course I will share this. There are no secrets or confidential information. I took a look today in my "registry" in my own "police station"

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