Allied Extermination Plans against Germany and Eventually Europe

The latest couple of hundred years have seen an ever increasing trend in destruction of independence and well being of nations and rising of totalitarian regimes more docile and obedient to the usury cabal's rule and greed. First, the Chinese wealth and well being was detroyed in Opium Wars preparing the road to the coming totalitarian communist regime. The French revolution was manoeuvred by the Manonic Jacobins as desribed in Abbe Barruel's; Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobism Volumes 1 - 4. The destruction of the Imperial Russia, decline to Bolshevik rule and mass extermination of the best of the nation. After that the resourcefull and educated Germans were to be hit hard in the first world war, and the second. In fact Germany continues as an occupied nation even today with 21 US military bases. They obviously didn't learn their lesson, did they? The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quickley gives more background.

The words "Germany must die!" were on the lips of the propagandists when Germany was destroyed in the second world war.  

3 death plans for post-war Germany

1) The "Kaufmann Plan": As Kaufmann - Plan the beginning of 1941 by the then 31 year old Theodor Newman Kaufmann in a self - published a brochure under the title "Germany must Perish", about how the Germans and others to be destroyed by forced sterilization and replaced by people from other nations.


Germany wiped out of the map of Europe

Excerpt from the plan of Theodor Kaufmann: "The population of Germany without the conquered and occupied territories is approximately 70,000,000 people, almost equally men and women. To extirpate the German people, it only takes about 48,000,000 to sterilize, excluded are men over 60 and women over 45 years because of their natural restriction of births.

As far as the sterilization of men is concerned, it would be easiest and quickest for the army units to be organized in groups. If we assume the number of physicians to be around 20,000, and we estimate that at least 25 surgeries a day, it would take a maximum of one month to complete the sterilization.

The more doctors are available - and there could be significantly more than 20,000, considering the other nations can be consulted - the less time would of course be needed. Since the sterilization of women takes more time, one can expect that the entire female population of Germany could be sterilized within three months, perhaps even more.

The complete sterilization of both sexes is necessary because according to today's German doctrine a drop of German blood brings forth a German again.

After complete sterilization, there will be no more births in Germany. At a normal mortality rate of 2% per year, the population will decrease by a little over 1,500,000 a year. Consequently, what has cost millions of lives and centuries of fruitless effort, namely the extermination of the Greater German idea and its bearers, would become a consummate fact.

"Through sterilization, the German loses the ability to reproduce, thereby killing the German will so that the German power sinks to insignificance."

2) The "Morgenthau Plan": The plan put down by the US Treasury Secretary Morgenthau on September 2, 1944, saw a division of Germany into a North German state, a South German state and an international zone as well as a complete de - industrialization Transformation into an agricultural land, accompanied by a drastic decimation of the population by means of a 20-year sterilization.

The plan contained, in its most radical form, all the proposals and measures that had already appeared in the Allied war-related debate. Primarily, however, it was a mass murder plan to Germans; the destruction of up to 40% of the German people was planned.

Through a deliberate indiscretion the plan was played on 21 September 1944 in the public. The public reaction was so negative and "anti-Semitic" that Roosevelt, who was in the middle of an election campaign, had to publicly distance himself.

3) The "Hooton Plan": On January 4, 1943, the Eugenist Earnest Hooton published an article in Peabody Magazine, New York entitled "Breed war strain (patriotism) out of Germans" He calls for a new breed of Germans. "The general goal is to destroy German national pride. The purpose of these measures is, inter alia, to reduce the birth rate of Germans, as well as to promote the immigration and settlement of non - Germans, especially men.

Likewise, Hooton said on October 10, 1944 in the New York Times: In addition to various genetic manipulations to the German "warrior genes", he recommended a 20 year enslavement of the majority of the German army in Allied States.

Hooton, who indiscriminately considered all Germans to be "moronic imbeciles," outlines the manner in which the change in heredity is to be set in motion: "During this time (of surveillance and occupation) immigration and settlement should not be allowed to Germans , especially non-German men."

It seems that because of the indirect way in which less resistance from the world population could be expected, the Hooton Plan was decided upon and extended to the whole of Europe. 

There is still a fourth extermination plan of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan "We are seeking an Oriental Europe with a Eurasian-Negro mixed race of the future. This future mixed race will be similar in appearance to the ancient Egyptian race.” - Coudenhove-Kalergi, member of B'nai B'rith

"Thorsten Hinz calls it in his book the third war against Germany: The time after 1945, where after the bombing the psychological warfare began - a war that continues today. Hans-Joachim von Leesen calls in his readable essay the institutions, the means, the methods and the compliant helpers. "

The reeducation of Germans as part of psychological warfare.

By Hans-Joachim von Leesen pointing the way to fire bombing of German cities, as Dresden the prime example. "We will wipe out the entire German tradition."

After the war, Deputy US Secretary of State Archibald McLeesh, who founded the institution of psychological warfare in the United States in 1939, said at the Potsdam conference that the goal of reeducation must be to change the character and mentality of the German nation that Germany could finally be allowed to live without supervision. For this a treatment of the Germans is necessary, which one could compare with that of a criminal in a modern penal institution. "We will wipe out the entire German tradition." One must set in motion a process at the end of the German "Self Reeducation" must be (in detail in Schrenck-Notzing, character wash, and in Mosberg, Reeducation).

Below is the short story of Peter Schmidt, President of the German Employers Association. The story is a small but meaningful analogy to the current wave of migrants.

The following bitter "humor" aptly describes the disaster:

Imagine yourself and your family traveling the ocean as passengers of a dream ship. Suddenly the unbelievable happens: You watch stunned how the insane captain drills holes in the ship's side on the high seas with cheers from the whole crew, and water starts pouring in. Your and other passengers’ fearful protests are dismissed as unproven baseless allegations. On the contrary. It has even been scientifically proved that humans urgently need water to survive. It is assumed that you all are fanatical water haters who, out of stupidity, follow confused conspiracy theories.

While the ship tilts steadily to the left, the other passengers are instructed not to speak with the “fanatics" on the right side of the ship, who only want to cause panic without reason. When asked how to prevent sinking, you get the answer: "The amount of water is not in our control." In addition, the captain declares: "I can only give the plan if I have one." But we'll get it.

The last thing you can hear is the radio news on board that the captain has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics. You wake up drenched in sweat and realize: The nightmare is real.

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Comment by Less Prone on February 5, 2019 at 2:50pm

The post is based on a German article



Anyone thinking that this is just about the evil Nazi German people or even the European nations is a fool. Extermination of the white population in Europe, US, Australia, and South Africa is in an advanced phase. The CalipHate as an intermediary Islamist wet dream is lifting its snake head just to be cut off in the prelude of the final solution. It's a fool's game where everybody will loose in the end. Even the quasifinal winners are fools as they fall from their vulture's nest and the human species gives way to the real rulers. Unless...

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on February 5, 2019 at 1:54pm
Monsters against humanity. Never ending battle.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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