I think Michael Badnarik said 85 million guns were purchased last year, and I'd like the same thing to take place in Canada. Let's hope and pray that God will anoint those guns, and the bullets, and the citizens who own them to maintain them responsibly--not emotionally!

Pressure real-blood Americans to drive out all dual-citizens, from ever occupying positions inside the government at any level again. Y'all should have necessary laws passed, so that never again in the future of the free-world, will foreigners creep into our borders and find their way to the top-office of leadership. In fact, how about striking down any laws which created the trojan-horse--dual-citizenship! You are either an American, or you are not. Put an end to sleazy, Global-corporation mob-bosses operating outside the U.S.--And maintaining U.S. citizenship!

Force those "U.S. citizen" CEO's to either move their entire operations back to the U.S., or they lose their citizenship! That means point-blank:

Hire U.S. citizens for their companies, and pay them U.S. $$$$$$$$, or you can no longer vote in U.S. elections!--And to enter the U.S., they will have to apply for visas. Foreign influence over the U.S. government should be a criminal offense.

If the Battle of Armageddon and return of Christ is God's wiil, it will happen God's way!--Not the Rothschilds' way. Let real Christians know the difference!

The United States maintains over 800 Military bases outside the U.S.A. How many of them are ZIONISTS?--We need all those U.S. forces back home to defend American borders from outside threats. All the war-manufacturing companies inside the U.S. need to be owned by U.S. Patriots, who standby only one Constitution!--The U.S. Constitution passed by our Founding Fathers! No ZIONIST should retain ownership of any corporations, companies, or BANKS!--That includes Wall Street!

We need to CRUSH every last mental concept the NWO engineered, and their agenda. To guarantee its permanent death, PRIVATE BANKS should be either abolished, or prevented by law from any influence or control of any level of government and/or the nation's economy.

Every institution and organization created for the purpose of population-reduction, and/or one-world government should be dismantled which include:

1. privately owned international banks
2. terrorist institutions such as the CIA
3. United Nations

The autonomous U.S.A., fully freed from obligations to England, France, Spain or any nation can establish or take over the Federal-Reserve to make it the Federal government's Bank.

It could be named The Federal Government Bank!--And would be a Federal government institution, responsible for the creation and printing of money.

Democratic elections at every level would be equally financed by the Federal Government Bank.--And no more private funding con-money would be allowed.

This is what I think will increase the standard of living for every American, reduce crime, and safe-guard American borders and all ports of entry from wealthy intellectual terrorists.

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Comment by Ironsides on August 14, 2010 at 3:14pm
Thankyou for your reaction to it. Yes, Nikki, I hope you can get everyone to watch Michael Badnarik's speech there. I sure am glad that he recovered from the heart-attack, after that Continental-Congress 2009.

That weekend, I was so loaded with different things that I never was able to load the live-feed to the event until after they were closing down!

When I'm in a hurry, and can't take all the time to post in the video channel, I just drop the link or embed-code into my Wall for some things. Then if anyone stumbles across my Wall, they can look through what they might be interested in.

Last weekend I was able to recover the last of my backup from my old computer. So, I've been trying to reorganize a few things on my computer, and store all bookmarks on my Google server.

Between that and exploring for more Patriot sites to bookmark, I've found a super site which pretty much is a collection of every Patriot information source there is.

In one way it is very good, but on the other, I have noticed some Republic radio programs which are pumping out muslim oriented information, with claims to be protected by the Constitution.

When I wasn't able to get down there to be involved with last September events at Washington, D.C., a former power of attorney to David Koresh and news dispatcher requested my help in proof-reading U.S. Constitution educational material for members of the Militia.

During that month, I learned alot of what the U.S. Constitution says. As a result, I take a very dim view of anybody who would dare suggest that the Founding Fathers would ever have intended muslim doctrines to be included with "freedom of religion"!
Comment by Nikki on August 8, 2010 at 4:23pm
Excellent ideas, Ironsides. I saw that Badnarik video too: Libertarians couldn't sell ice water in the desert, and they need to dress appropriately, no more flip-flops and shorts. And he rightfully admonished them stop debating because they are incapable of doing it politely, maybe I should post the video and hope some here would get the hint. :-)

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