Shooter at baseball Field in Alexandria 5 shot One killed Thank the Left!

A Baseball Field and the Psychotic Left in America

Wednesday morning just after 7 am shots rang out on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. Representative Steve Scalise from Louisiana was on 2nd base when he was struck in the hip by a bullet fired by one James T. Hodgkinson, an anti-Trump leftist kook who on his Facebook page declared that the President was a traitor and had to be stopped. Larry Elders, black conservative radio talk show host from California commented that much like the Bernie Sanders supporter who stabbed 3 people on a train in Portland resulting in 2 deaths, the 66 year old white shooter, Hodgkinson is emblematic of the unhinged leftist mindset in America angry over losing the White House and capable of insanity without provocation.

Minutes away from mayhem

According to Rep. Desantis and Rep. Duncan they were both met by a man who asked whether or not the baseball players practicing since 5 in the morning on the field were either Republicans or Democrats then wandered off just minutes before long rifle bullets found 4 people. Two Capital Police were wounded along with a staff member for Rep. Williams of Texas who was shot in the chest. Thankfully all wounded will recover from their injuries, but the incident serves as an ominous indicator of the intolerance and outright irrational state of mind of those on the left who cannot tolerate, co-exist with, or think in terms of the good of the people rather than their selfish agenda.

Aggressive campaigns

On the college campuses, at Town hall meetings, and violent marches on our streets where Republican leaders have been rushed, confronted, drowned out by shouting, and in some cases followed and run off the road by organized leftist extremists paid to disrupt GOP efforts to reform America in the aftermath of the destructive Obama Administration. Every form of subversion used by Communists to take down nations they have targeted for political takeover are being used to overthrow America into the hands of radicals who would censor and persecute all who do not agree with them while wrecking the economy and imposing insane draconian legislation to further their twisted agenda!

Their lame efforts

From shouting down Jeff Sessions, one of the most honorable men on Capitol Hill during a hearing that he volunteered for over baseless allegations or operatives appointed by the Obama White House who would compromise national security to leak classified information simply to obstruct President Trump, the Democrats and the left have colluded to destroy their own country if they cannot unseat our oval office executive from office! It is instructional to say the least to see them in the glory of their hypocrisy like the immature children they are having their tantrums and externalizing their astonishing hostility over simply not getting their way. Thanks to President Obama, his thugs from Chicago, and their corrupt violation of participating in a civil society we now have widespread social unrest and bloody incidents perpetrated by deranged leftists hired or disturbed acting as madmen with the subtle and outright support of the Democrat Party.

The truth

The incendiary conduct of dedicated radicals who would rather destroy America than cooperate with the party on the other side of aisle would rather burn effigies of women like Sarah Palin, or shoot innocents without a second thought than think with a clear head and see objectively that the Obama Administration failed miserably not because of obstructionism  by a majority GOP Congress who under Speaker of the House, John Boehner practically did nothing to stop President Obama’s overspending and ludicrous form of leadership, but by the flawed and inept methodology that was doomed to failure from the start. Entrenched ideologues can only succeed using lies as they never achieve results! The left only operates on a principal of perpetuating itself but not by benefiting anyone but ultimately themselves because their agenda is not to enrich their constituents, but to simply remain in power while spending money like there’s no tomorrow!


Lesson for today over a shooting that assaulted a GOP baseball team that would along with their Democrat counterparts raise charitable funds to help a noble cause for children became the target of a leftist psycho who shares much in common with too many in this day and age. Where the very tools of Communist uprisings and radical insanity have been used to insult the American public’s intelligence and stop at all costs an administration now attempting to reform an ailing economy and social unrest used to set ablaze this society by Democrat operatives inciting violence rather than assisting their GOP counterparts in helping their countrymen and upholding our nation.


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