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Nein Elven Fairy Planes

Added by Chris of the family Masters on March 31, 2021 at 3:48pm — No Comments

Republicans want to take your guns TOO......

Democrats will come through the front door & rob you of your guns. Republicans will sneak in a window unlocked earlier by a bribed house guest and steal your guns. When Congress is in session their every minute should be monitored for no one is safe from their thievery!

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Former President & Chief Science Officer for Pfizer rails against taking the CV 19 Vaccine

Former President & Chief Science Officer for Pfizer spoke last week at a conference warning that the drive to inject the largest possible portion of the population with experimental COVID-19 vaccines is “madness,” involves “evil,” includes “crimes against humanity” and may have the intention of “massive-scale depopulation.” He also warned of a “global catastrophe without equal” due to the way these vaccines have been utilized. ........ You can't get any better of a witness blowing the…


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Dr Amanda Vollmer on Pharma Biggest Lie.


“The antibody theory is absolute junk science. Germs will never infect normal tissue. Viruses are non-infectious and do not exist as the magicians will have you believe. There is no ‘one system’ that vaccines can magically support, in fact, the opposite. Vaccines completely confuse what is self and non-self, leading to all sorts of tissue damage, protein malformations, DNA breakages, infections from chronic inflammation and mitochondrial damage, cell communication problems,…


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How China Subverted America and the Traitors Who Allowed it

For years the disparity in voter support and donations from big industry favored Democrats. As President Trump once said, the system was rigged. Every big corporation from the phone companies to the unions donated heavily to the cause of leftist leaning policies favoring a political party that has been largely…


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Person arrested in connection with arsons at 3 separate Masonic halls in Metro Vancouver

 By Amy Judd

"Right Worshipful Brother Dave Goddard, of the Freemasons of British Columbia and Yukon, told Global News he believes both the centres in North Vancouver have been destroyed.

He said they have not received any threatening calls or messages lately from anyone." Quote from Global News website.…


Added by Burbia on March 30, 2021 at 5:48pm — 2 Comments

A Quote from Florence Nightendale

"Diseases are not individuals arranged in classes like cats and dogs, but conditions growing out of one another. The specific disease is the grand refuge of the weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions."

F.N. 1860

Added by Chris of the family Masters on March 29, 2021 at 4:11pm — No Comments

Dave Hodges criticises Trump

Bemoaning all the things Trump should have done but didn’t do  thus Trump is a traitor – wow ! I won’t put it up here cos most of you awake people have seen it, but you should know that this is Dave Hodges opinion only.   Pray it is not correct  Too many think Trump can do anything – Not True – he has been betrayed by the Supreme Court, Congress and many in the Military. There has always been a plan and nobody was told this secret plan but a close few.



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Fuk u, Fuuk u, Fu FuFu Fuuk FUK UUUU !

Added by Paul Jones on March 28, 2021 at 6:24pm — 1 Comment

Like Hail Stones

Like Hail Stones

It seems like she was the last song I would ever sing

The last time I would ever share a spring

She was more than just some frivolous fling

We can't always see what life will bring,…


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The FBI Is Preparing A Bullshit Campaign to Improve Their Well Earned Awful Imagine

A little unknown law was passed in 1954 when the cross dressing closet homo Hebert Hoover was still running the show making it illegal to display the FBI seal, the FBI initials and the words "Federal Bureau of Investigation" in any commercial ventures without expressed permission from the Bureau's propaganda office ( the Investigative Publicity and Public Affairs Unit (IPPAU). So one should know anytime you see a show about the FBI it has been scripted & sanitized by the FBI. Get ready…


Added by Hyper Loose on March 28, 2021 at 1:51am — No Comments

Day Freedom Died

Image result for images of aging fools

Day Freedom Died

It seems like life has passed me by

Oh Lord was I always living a lie?

Was I always trying to deny?

Was I looking for some Pie in the Sky?

Now that I've grown older

Life seems to have grown a lot colder

God, I used to be so much bolder

I hated those who bought and sold her,…


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On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, both the number of satellites in low orbit around the earth, and the volume of data they transmit, increased significantly. On Wednesday morning (4:28 a.m. EDT, 8:28 UTC), SpaceX launched another 60 satellites. On Wednesday evening (10:47 p.m. EDT, 14:47 UTC), OneWeb launched another 36…


Added by Chris of the family Masters on March 27, 2021 at 2:02pm — No Comments

Truth Revealed in Deadly Boulder Colorado Shooting

Image result for images of king soopers shootings

Typically in the kind of news we receive nowadays there is a hook based upon political agenda. We don't get just an objective report, instead we get spin and a political bias. When Ahmad Alissa began his shooting spree in a King Soopers grocery store killing ten people, one of them, a policemen who had just arrived on the scene, it was the culmination of a long record of violence and emotional problems. It's not that we don't have enough…


Added by Doc Vega on March 26, 2021 at 3:00pm — 4 Comments

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BUSTED: James O'Keefe Confronts CNN Director About His Claims That The Network Used “Propaganda”

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Jews are the Worlds Greatest Liars

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