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John Boehner's Best Decison Ever TO RESIGN!

John Boehner Resigns

Republican Speaker of The House, John Boehner, resigned and will be leaving Congress at the end of October. When GOP Congressman, Mark Meadows, had drafted a motion to force the Speak Of The House's seat vacant and there were a large number of Congress members willing to vote him out along with an angry American public, Boehner read the writing on the wall. In his parting speech he touted his achievements as being conservative successes when…


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The Fake Government Shutdown Crisis!

Shut The Government Down

Since the Jimmy Carter administration there have been 18 government shutdowns. These occurred during the Clinton, Bush, and Reagan presidencies. The fear of a government shutdown has become a political narrative that has little to do with the fear it apparently generates as this is mainly a…


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Letter To Bernie Sanders

With all the evidence of the failure of socialism through out history Mister Sanders how do you plan to make it work in America? Our founding fathers never had any intention of this nation becoming a socialist regime. The American economy is not geared to be government controlled like China or Russia and both of those countries have dismal records when it comes to…


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CNN Hosts Their First GOP Debate

First CNN Republican Debate

The much awaited spectacle taking place in the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California proved to be better moderated by CNN then expected. Jake Tapper did a commendable job during the course of a grueling 3 hour debate in directing the proceedings. Where as Fox news had prognosticated that all the…


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Liberalism Messing With Kid's Minds In America

Two Year Colleges, The Liberal Mindset, And Pointless Speeches

What can one say about the liberal mindset but to simply define it as more than just a mental disorder? To characterize the plight of America as being largely due to an ignorant electorate is just one aspect of the problem, but for the liberal mindset itself we…


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The Double Standards Of An Unpatriotic President

Early in the Obama administration it should have been blatantly clear the hypocrisy that the president and even his wife Michelle would rule America with. While telling Americans  that they needed to tighten their belt buckles and accept a lowered standard of living, his exorbitant golf vacations, and European excursions with Michelle did not demonstrate leading by…


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9-11 Tragedy Revisited

In The Aftermath of 9-11

America in the aftermath of the 9-11 tragedy stands in wake of even more peril than it did on 9.10/2001. Falsely reassured by the politically correct police who have sanitized radical Islam in America through the Common Core's scrubbed US history and the infiltration of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood…


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Obama White House's Assault on Whistle Blowers

White House War On Whistle Blowers

Recently two Inspector generals recommended that Hillary Clinton's emails be officially investigated for criminal repercussions due to the obvious security violations that had been committed. The Democratic Party wanted to move on including the president. The US…


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Give America The 150 Billion Mister President Not Iran!

What 150 Billion Could Do For America

In light of the looming Iran Nuke Deal that all GOP leaders have stood in solidarity together against along with a few Democratic lawmakers, the fact that Iran stands to receive 150 billion back from sanctions that were originally designed to prohibit that nation from creating an atomic…


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