A Dentist Killed Cecil The Lion, So An Internet Mob Killed His Yelp Rating

What do heartbroken big cat lovers do when they find out a Minnesotan dentist allegedly killed a beloved lion in Zimbabwe and chopped off its head? Well, this is the internet, so the answer is obvious: flood his practice’s Yelp page with one-star reviews.

Conservationists and animal lovers around the world were devastated earlier this week over the news that Cecil, a famous 13-year-old lion that lived on protected parkland in Zimbabwe, had been killed. Cecil was allegedly lured outside of the protected borders of the Hwange national park earlier this month during a planned hunt, shot with a bow and arrow, then shot dead with a gun after being tracked for 40 hours. The lion was then skinned and beheaded.

Cecil was not only a popular attraction at the park, but was the dominant male of his pride, with six lioness mates and as many as a dozen cubs. The cubs are now at risk of being slaughtered by the next male in line, according to experts who say the new leader will want to rid the pride of Cecil’s bloodline. Cecil also wore a GPS collar as as part of a 16 year study out of Oxford University.

This week, conservation groups in Zimbabwe and media outlets identified the hunter who killed Cecil as Walter Palmer, a dentist and father of two from a small city south of Minneapolis. Palmerissued a statement indicating he did kill Cecil as part of a hunting trip, but that he was relying on local guides and did not realize the lion’s significance.

“I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt. I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt,” he wrote. “I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion.”

Two men involved in the hunt were arrested earlier this month and charged with poaching, though Palmer wrote that he had not been contacted by any authorities over the killing. But justice-thirsty Cecil fans have taken matters into their own hands to ensure Palmer is punished for killing the lion, flooding his cosmetic dentistry business’s Yelp page with vitriolic reviews and comments:

The website for the business, River Bluff Dental, has also been offline most of the day due to traffic overloading the server. Other people have created fake business pages on Facebook to further shame Palmer, who has a well-documented history of big game bow hunting.

It’s all probably unnecessary: the story has grown so big that anyone Googling Palmer’s name or the name of his business will find reams of stories about the killing long before the Yelp page appears. But most likely, the people posting the Yelp comments are just seeking the same thing anyone writing a nasty review is searching for: pure, unadulterated catharsis.

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Killing a lion attracts more attention than killing a million human beings.

Cecil Rhodes, Rhodesia, diamonds and Anglo American Establishment linked to the NWO

Anglo American Establishment pdf by Carroll Quigley

minnesota guy here. this little ass-hat that shot the lion paid the "guides" to bait and lure the lion out of park boundrys.. he was clearly collard for observation. no way to miss this. he was being observed bye several different conservation groups.. he wanted this lion. he knew exactly what he was doing.
and wich lion it was. there are many game farms out there desighned for safari hunts. the licensing and rules are very strict.....this same guy was busted in wisconsin several years back for the exact same thing. they baited a black bear known to be living in a state park. and waited for days until the bear appeared and they shot it.fucker.
whats worse about the lion kill is that the great white hunter from bloomington minnesota first shot it with a bow......it ran for over forty hours before they could locate it and use a proper rifle.
i hope they extradite this pussy and give him time in a sweet little forieghn prison and makes some friends. if your not going to eat it or protect yourself from it.or manage population leave it be.
this is a fine example of self rightous entitlement mentality that is really nauseating.
he has since closed his practice and is in hiding.
he knows hes in trouble. so yah. i hope they destroy his yelp account its the least that should happen to him.

Jewish life matters...

I Wanna Shoot & Stuff All Cowardly Big Game Trophy Hunters

Please listen to the above vid because he is not agreeing on shooting big game animals but pointing out how so many humans get their panties in a twist over an animal being killed, but 'God' forbid the thousands upon thousands of humans killed because of religion, war, poverty, etc... I guess that doesn't matter much anymore. Have humans become numb to it all or is it that they just don't care? I love animals too but I will never put their lives above humans... just saying.

Yes it's because people are numb to people being killed. And animals hold a very dear soft spot to a lot of people because they don't judge.

i think the vid posted below is important.. cops killing us etc. what gets me is when something, an animal or child for that matter. is harmed bye someone that is in complete control and capable of making life or death decisions upon another is just a demented control freak.

its deserving of equal time... its all important.


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