A Red Guards Reflection on the Recent “White Lives Matter” Protest

As organized fascists have been attempting to make a presence and gain traction here in Austin, communists and otherwise revolutionary-minded folks have been ramping up our antifascist work. Aside from issuing a call for heightened antifascist organizing among the organizations that already exist, we have also managed to form a coalition of antifascists, which we so desperately need in this time and place. This coalition has served as a nexus for antifascists of all ideological traditions (the overwhelming majority of them being revolutionary communists) to come together in an effort to stop fascism from gaining any support and hinder the ability of fascists to organize. The coalition was formed as a direct response to a planned protest by “White Lives Matter,” a neo-nazi front that announced their plans for protest at the Texas state capitol on November 19, 2016. Antifascists immediately hit the pavement, rallying the masses of Austin to unite in a counter-protest against this public display of white supremacy. This broad grassroots work proved to be fruitful, as those who intended to drown out the fascists outnumbered them by the hundreds and effectively stifled their ability to be seen or heard, surrounding them from all sides and drowning out their pitiful attempts at chants

This counter-protest was rightfully more militant and angry than ones we have seen over the past few weeks since Trump’s electoral win. Since this counter-protest was organized by revolutionaries and not the liberals who have seemingly run out of steam after their week-long run of protests, we were able to reach the parts of the community that aren’t as organized—and aren’t as liberal. Organizations such as Serve the People – Austin, Revolutionary Student Front, Revolutionary Alliance of Trans People Against Capitalism (RATPAC), Palestinian Solidarity Committee, and members of Austin Socialist Collective were some of the most active and militant of counter-protesters.Read on at

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There's a WLM's??? ....

After reading the article it seems clear this is more of the same - 'Divide and conquer'. We are so divided now that two people cannot even have a civil conversation in amerika if there is the slightest 'non-alignment' of words and meanings, ideas and solutions. Why does love and understanding hide so well?

The red live in another world of illusion even deeper in fantasy than those believing in democracy or other kosher -isms; liberalism, socialism, fascism, collectivism etc.. Reds are communists and communism has been proven to be a failure. It took seventy years for the Russian people to get rid of the shackles of communism.  Soros is now trying to repeat the Wall Street supported  Bolshevik revolution in the US. He is a traitor.



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