I am an old soldier now. I’ve long been retired from over two decades of loyal and faithful military service to my God and my country. I took a solemn oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, as a condition of my service. For me that oath was and remains sacred. When I retired from military service that oath did not retire with me. That oath lives inside of me “to my last dying breath.” 

My word and my oath is my bond.

The US constitution I swore to uphold and defend is the law of the land. It always has been for every single citizen living in our blessed country – The United States of America. We don’t defend just part of our constitution, we defend it all, all of the time. That includes our gun rights under the 2nd Amendment to our constitution. This is non-negotiable. Because it is an “inalienable right” it cannot be negotiated or legislated away. To do so is itself anti-American and unlawful. 

No man or women, not even the president, not even the entirety of the US congress has a right to deprive any law-abiding citizen of their inalienable constitutional rights; not now, not ever. 

It is incumbent upon every single patriotic American to resist any effort, by any person, who would deny another citizen any of their inalienable constitutional rights. It is incumbent upon every American, but especially all members of our armed forces and police forces, to understand that “inalienable” means that our constitutional rights are unable to be taken away or given away by the possessor or the government.” They are “duty bound” by their solemn oath to ensure that this never happens. 

Any politician, to include the President of the United States, must be removed from office, forcibly if necessary, should they ever violate their solemn oath to uphold and defend our constitution and/or deny any of our citizens the constitutional rights they are sworn to uphold and defend. Any order or directive given or issued to the contrary, by anyone, be he/she a general, a police chief, a politician, or even the President of the United States is an “unlawful order” and must be disobeyed.

I am a Christian man. I am a peaceful and law-abiding man. I am a patriot who loves his country. I am a senior citizen now. I’m also a disabled veteran. I am limited in what I am able to do, but this I can do, and this I will do - I will resist to the extent that I am able, to my last dying breath, any attempt by anyone who would deprive me or any other law-abiding patriotic American of their constitutional rights, to include their right to own and bare arms. 

This isn’t about hunting. This is about liberty. This is about our freedom. We must resist to our “last dying breaths” if need be, to protect all of our inalienable rights. 

Tyranny is the enemy of the American people. It is the duty of all Americans to resist tyranny and refuse to live under a dictator/tyrant who would deprive any law-abiding citizen of their constitutional rights. Soon, we may all be put to the test. I hope we will be as brave,as selfless, and as determined as our Founders Fathers were to fight for our constitution and our inalienable rights. Future generations of Americans will be depending on us.

Respectfully submitted,

ED COET                                                                                                                     Major, US Army (Retired)                                                                                         American Patriot – To My Last Dying Breath

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This is the kind of people the world needs, people with principles, moral and character. I'm so fed up with the spineless, lying and stealing politicians.

Thank you for your kind words Less.

So beautifully put Ed. Much respect to you sir!

Thank you Tara.

Wow, that was amazing. God Bless you Ed.

Thank you Pit Bull. Please feel free to share it if you like.

this is the stuff that keeps me going....thanx Ed

...And I thank you Hollywood.

tons of folks coming here looking up Ed Coet ...curious why

it's an awesome letter couz ;)

I agree our president should have been removed a long time ago.

Trick statement there Doc '-} this usurping Impostor bastiche isn't a PRESIDENT, all pretend to get the Alinsky Transformation machine started from within. And the illegal Muslim certainly isn't "Our's" ...lol...at least not "Mine".  I had nothing to do w/ that fiasco brother ...w00t!


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