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London's Mayor Declares Intense New 'Knife Control' Policies To Stop Epidemic Of Stabbings

The police will now stop and frisk people believed to be carrying knives.

An epidemic of stabbings and acid attacks in London has gotten so bad that London mayor Sadiq Khan is announcing broad new "knife control" policies designed to keep these weapons of war out of the hands of Londoners looking to cause others harm.
The "tough, immediate" measures involve an incredible police crackdown, a ban on home deliveries of knives and acid, and expanding law enforcement stop-and-search powers so that police may stop anyone they believe to be a threat, or planning a knife or acid attack.

Khan announced Friday that the city has created a "violent crime taskforce of 120 officers" tasked with rooting out knife-wielding individuals in public spaces, and is pumping nearly $50 million dollars into the Metropolitan Police department, so that they can better arm themselves against knife attacks. He's also empowering the Met Police to introduce "targeted patrols with extra stop and search powers for areas worst-affected," according to a statement.
The mayor took to Twitter to announce his new policies.

Strangely enough, Khan is responsible to decreasing the number of stop-and-searches, having previously declared the tactic racist and potentially Islamophobic. It's also not clear what local Londoners will now use to cut their food.
Parliament is also set to take up heavy "knife control" legislation when it resumes this week. The UK government is expected to introduce a ban on online knife sales and home knife deliveries, declare it "illegal to possess zombie knives and knuckledusters in private" -- "zombie knifes" are those defined as being manufactured for the purpose of being used as a person-to-person weapon -- and ban sales of caustic materials to anyone under the age of 18, the Independent reports.

London has seen a dramatic uptick in murder rates, surpassing even New York City in number of homicides every month since the beginning of 2018. It has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world, and, technically, knives carried "without good reason" are off limits to anyone under the age of 18.

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The police will now stop and frisk people believed to be carrying knives.

They've has that power for years - they won't use it on those who actually carry out knife crime because (((wacism))).

But the police in the UK will quite happily hassle those legitimately carrying items like a Victorinox pen knife, a multi-tool, chef's knives* , tools (in general) - in a tool know for work purposes**.

Strange how you can go to most other European countries and buy knives and other weapons of all types - hunting, military, martial arts etc -  not just in shops, but at open air street markets -  and there is NO violent crime in areas populated by ethnic Europeans...hmmm, so whatever could be the cause of this outbreak of violence in recent times?

The UK government is expected to introduce a ban on online knife sales and home knife deliveries, declare it "illegal to possess zombie knives and knuckledusters in private"

Those engaged in knife crime in the UK use the cheapest blades they can get their hands on - most are kitchen knives - or other items stolen in burglaries.

The interesting knives that the UK police always display in the MSM hit pieces, are inevitably items that have been voluntarily handed in, or confiscated from collectors.

As always THEY have engineered this, as THEY want the native people of the UK totally disarmed and perpetually helpless - (self defense is not a valid excuse in court) - and this serves as the perfect excuse to create more laws, more policing, more surveillance, more prisons - the criminals / cultural enrichers are the ones that engage exclusively in this form of violence and they aren't going to pay any heed to any laws, the Government or the police - in fact they will revel in this attention and notoriety, they will become bolder and more violent.

Ban sales of caustic materials to anyone under the age of 18

And with that *poof* - the acid attacks and other vitriolage ceased...

No, they won't and those who are underage who employ this weapon will simply stock-up before any new laws are imposed.

Edged weapons are at the bottom of their inventory of violence - wait until they start showing their true colors as per Sweden, and start with the gun and grenade attacks.

But fear not! No doubt a bill is being drafted by the UK Govt at this very moment - and an act licensing an approved version of a plastic 'spork' to replace all of those nasty sharp things will be in place by next year.

Just remember to queue up - Brits love to stand in line - and place all of your evil knives and tools into the official police collection boxes first.

Spork license mate? That'll be 50 quid***


Yeah, great, that'll sort it.

* An acquaintance who was walking to work at a prominent London restaurant, dressed in chefs whites and carrying those knives as a set in the expensive attache case they came in.

Yes, really! 

The Plod are indeed this fucking stupid and worthy of total and utter contempt.

** Do I have experience of this?  I couldn't possibly comment...

*** The British police are so contemptuous of the native population now that they don't even keep up the pretense of calling the subjects / serfs / civilians 'Sir' or 'Madam'.

Could it be that the cultural enrichment primates are exempt of these searches, concentrate on the evil white people instead?

@ Less Prone

That was what I was trying to get across...that was policy in the 90s, mustn't upset the enrichers, still hasn't changed.

In Response To Growing Number Of Fistfights, London Mayor Bans Hands (Satire)
April 9, 2018

LONDON—In response to a recent outbreak in fistfights, London mayor Sadiq Khan announced Monday a sweeping ban of hands in the city, effective immediately.

“No excuses: there is never a reason to have hands in a modern, civil society. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law,” Khan said at a press conference announcing the new policy during which he revealed that he has had his own hands surgically removed as a good-faith move to jump-start the new regulations.
Along with the new hand-control measures, Khan announced a new task force focused on purging the city of hands, as well as an expanded police presence focused on stopping and searching citizens who they think may have failed to have their hands removed from their person.
At publishing time, rumors were swirling that the mayor was planning on banning feet after two handless men got into a quarrel and began kicking each other.

The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.

What if they start headbutting not having any arms?.....

Given THEY opened the doors for the Islamization of the UK and THEIR puppets in the British Govt, the civil service and the police seem openly intent of pushing Shariah on the native people of Britain...

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter- Qur'an 5:33

Now extrapolate...




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