Notice of 2016 Storage Limit and Pricing Plan Changes Ning

We appreciate your business and the opportunity to bring social media services at competitive rates.  However, like all companies, we face increases in costs each year.  We have a percentage of uniquely successful customers with large numbers of memberships that require the storage and delivery of large amounts of content.  As a result, it has become necessary to increase rates on those networks requiring larger storage space on our servers.  

In order to continue providing the best service to our top tier customers and our network as a whole, we are compelled to adjust our subscription plans in 2016 to address the increasing costs associated with maintaining our Ning infrastructure. As a result, we are taking the following actions:

  • Instituting a 100,000 membership cap and a 500 GB data storage limit on the Ning 2.0 Pro plan
  • Instituting a 1 GB data storage limit on the Ning 3.0 Basic plan
  • Instituting a 10 GB data storage limit on the Ning 3.0 Performance plan
  • Instituting a 500 GB data storage limit on the Ning 3.0 Ultimate plan
  • Implementing a new tier of subscription plans to support our top tier networks

As of January 1, 2016 the new subscription plans will go into effect for both Ning 2.0 and Ning 3.0 networks and our subscription plan structure will be as follows:

Ning 2.0 




Business Plus


Price  (Monthly)






Price (Annually) $19.95 $239.90 $599.90 $5,000 $10,000

Member Limit




100K - 1M

1M ­ 1.5M

Storage Limit

1 GB

10 GB

500 GB

501 GB - 1 TB

1 TB - 3 TB

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Our web host ning is doubling our cost for 2016. This isnt a free site like facebook... we WILL be asking for your financial help soon.

Which plan is going to work - Pro, Business Plus, or CORP. With 6711 members @ $2.00 each we should have this under control. I'll have to send cash as I have no bank accounts, debt cards or investment plans ( world accepted plans that is)... but I can get a couple bucks in the mail! Or a dozen eggs perhaps?

Pro 59.95 should do it, hope so...based on size of site being over 10gig

i would think so, 500GB w/ 100,000 member not bad, be a minute before 100K got on here, and 10 times the storage space being used now..The fiat dollar will prolly die first ;0



46.75 GB

all help welcomed thanks

1ST month of 12 already donated....woot - THANKS FROM US ALL!

lemme get this newspaper building wired (gotta buy a few 1000 feet of cat5, and RJ45 fittings, etc) then I'll toss a load your way ...after I get mine ;)


Should we do another GoFundMe drive here soon?

Hi I would not assume those who made prior financial commitments will double their offering.

BTW ADMINS Above notice has been on 12160 admin dashboard a month...all priority ning messages there.



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