Trump lawyer says James Comey made ‘unauthorized disclosures’ of privileged talks

WASHINGTON — While President Trump stayed unusually silent on James Comey, his lawyer stressed Thursday that Comey's testimony proved that Trump did not collude with Russia during last year's election, and he went on to accuse the former FBI director of directing unauthorized news leaks to intentionally damage the president.

"Mr. Comey’s testimony also makes clear that the president never sought to impede the investigation into attempted Russian interference in the 2016 election," his attorney Marc Kasowitz said.

"And in fact, according to Mr. Comey, the president told Mr. Comey 'it would be good to find out” in that investigation if there were “some ‘satellite’ associates of his who did something wrong.'"

Kasowitz criticized Comey for his testimony, though, noting the ex-director "admitted that he unilaterally and surreptitiously made unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the president."

Trump's lawyer was referring to the memos Comey kept on conversations he had with the president.

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"Now Adolf Satan Trump hired a lawyer to go after Honorable Comey to further block him from investigating his Russia ties! If that isn't absolute proof that Russia did steal the election for Trump, what is?"

-- The Clinton News Network (CNN)


The Anti-Bush, Try to step out of that subreality of your's. Trump is not Hitler, nor Satan and there is very little honor in politics and government. What about all the illegal immigrants and the dead who voted for Hillary Raping Billary?

You're an idiot, your parents are idiots, everyone that thinks like you is an idiot! Look in the mirror and you will see an idiot!

I fuckin' hate idiots who lack the capacity to recognize satire. I think their parents are idiots too. I wish they'd look in a mirror.

My reply was meant for Anti Bush sorry if you misunderstood

Anti Bush? That stupid penguin doesn't know jack shit about satire.

I wanna troll...

me too :) troll hunting on liveleak is easy but they are sooks and cry then block you, so satisfying aaaa

nothing they say can be taken two ways lol its hysterical

I figure if something can be taken two ways and one pisses me off i assume they meant the other way, who wants to be pissed off? lol:)



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