I've been thinking about an alternative society outside this ultra controlled sick system that is emerging around us. At the moment we are playing the game created by some sick sociopaths who aim to control everything. I'm not talking about just one country, because this is a global problem.

There may be other ways to escape the system but I have one idea. Why not collect a hundred or so like minded individuals and families to form a corporation that would purchase arable land away from the existing population centers? With a relatively modest investment of each participant multiplied by one hundred the company could purchase land and divide it in lots for each investor.

According to Mini Farmimg, by Brett L. Markman, you only need a quarter of an acre to support your family, the rest of the arable area would be for commercial production. The company could sell the agricultural products to the market or the individual investors could do the same, which is something to be agreed between the share holders. Consider this, it would not be done without work. Everybody would have to work for their living, to produce something real. Isn't it wonderful? The parasites would be completely eliminated.

It is not only agricultural production that I'm talking about. A society needs all kinds of products to survive. This is a great opportunity for people of creative minds. You would also need to think about alternatives for money. Independent individuals exchanging products to other products would have only their federal conscience to deal with. If you had 200 pounds of meat to exchange for construction materials, who would you inform of the transaction that took place? The tax officials of course, hah.

I understand that under the current circumstances this may be just a dream.  However, I’m talking about something greater than our life on earth. I’m talking about liberty and freedom of choice. This is a question of what is right and what is wrong and weather you are ready to defend something that is right.

There will be a confrontation between the good and evil. The evil side is pushing their agenda internationally and in all countries to control and to enslave. We need to reclaim our God given freedom. We are free, and we don’t have to accept any bullying from ”above”. We are FREE.

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We Are free


It takes courage to defend what is left. But it takes even more courage to create something new.

As for currency beyond barter; a local currency would suffice (many types exist such as Ithaca Hours) if the amount of currency does not exceed the amount of real wealth that can be produced per year via the land or products people make. There a re some exceptions to this, but on the whole it would work pretty good.

The best business is business without money.

Barter trade was abandoned because it was not practical to carry around your merchandise and look for something you need. There were marketplaces where you could exchange the goods but that is small scale business. We have the internet to exchange information of what we can offer and what we seek to have. People posting wish lists and offer lists can exchange their goods more easily. The merchandise can be kept in the store room until a trade is agreed upon. The wish lists and the offer lists can then be updated with no explanations. You can always say that your thousand pounds of potatoes just rotted away. Individuals can make contracts where goods are paid with other goods or work. Services can be exchanged for services and goods, without money. Certainly there would be some goods that would be more sought after than the others and could be used like money by posting them on your offer list.

I know of a place similar to this. It is a 400 some odd acres of property, 30 or less people live on. They are allowed 90 days before construction beings. You have to pay $25,000.00 to the trust. It goes to the trust fund to be used as voted on by the people who received one share of stock for their money. (Note, recently because of some conflict of selling off a residence it was found the trust was structured more like a corporation) You are assigned a lot to use, you never own the land only the structure on the land. Building is only allowed on one side of a mile long lake that sits on the property. The other side of the lake is left to wild life. Nothing is produced from this place but it could be done with some work. It has the basic structure but is far from what would be needed for people to survive a world changing event what ever it may come in the form of. People would have to agree on a lot of issues within a structure such as this. If we could ever find that many like minded people it would be a miracle. Then it would be a struggle to keep the government off the doorstep. The first thing I figure the government would cry would be cult or commune. That"s a whole other issue unto itself. 

The more people come to think about this the more real it will become. A society of a hundred families is much more difficult to bully than mere individuals.

You then have to consider the government, how would the people stop the government?

People have to become part of the government, honest and free people, non-puppets. Whether there is enough time left to change or stop the government is irrelevant. If we let the evil agenda to unfold we'll be decimated anyway, like vermin. They are already feeding pesticides like fluoride and other poisons to us. It is time for everybody to rise up and reclaim his right for freedom and life. Then, at least you have tried.

There is of course a possibility to move out to a country where the abuse system is less advanced. Then you don't have to wait for the confrontation with the evil in the near future. However, the system is global. Moving to another country should be used to regroup the forces of good and decent people together. There will be blood and guts on the streets.




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