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PNG detains two Australian bankers

A controversial Papua New Guinea businessman denies that intimidation is behind the detaining of two Australian bankers in Port Moresby but says more arrests may be imminent.

Australians Robin Fleming and John Maddison, senior executives of one of PNG's leading financial institution, Bank South Pacific (BSP),… Continue

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Govt accused of rorting Parliament system

The State Opposition says the majority of state Labor MP's are manipulating the system to receive thousands of dollars in extra pay.

Premier Kristina Keneally recently appointed four new parliamentary secretaries, bringing the total to 13.

This includes the Member for Wollongong Noreen Hay and the Member for Shellharbour, Lylea McMahon.

Opposition spokesman Chris Hartcher says the Government is manipulating the parliamentary allowance system.

"What… Continue

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link to Peter Spencer Hunger Strike and letter to Mr Rudd

Peter Spencer Hunger Strike

Driven To Drastic Measures By The Australian Government And The Banks…


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GGRRR My Hotmail address of pet_erb_dunn@hotmail has been deleted

Grrr for the info of others i got an e mail this morning warning me that i may lose my e mail account if i didnt supply the windows live team with my details so i did and ,... this afternoon my e mail account and associated live space page is unaccessable by myself as they say my password is invalid when it workd this morning ??? so i created another account,

AND THAT DOESNT WORK NOW EITHER FFS oh well they must find me and the associated info i had posted a threat. so… Continue

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Law and disorder SBS Documertary (Life in australia for the ordinary flok)Episode 3

This episode moves away from the spotlight of national politics to reveal the drama of ordinary people who have been dragged into blowing the whistle when confronted with situations, which demand to be exposed.

It follows the experiences and impact of three whistleblowers to show the need for reform in how wrongdoing and corrupt behaviour is acknowledged.

Simon Illingworth, the policeman caught in the world of organized crime and corrupt cops at the height of the… Continue

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Yeeeahhaarrr!! Australian Senate Rejects Rudds E T S

The Senate has rejected the government's emissions trading scheme a second time, giving Labor a trigger for a double dissolution election.

The Senate voted 41 to 33 to reject legislation setting up the carbon pollution reduction scheme.

Read more: Abbott's Chinese power… Continue

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Queen, CHOGM to come to Perth in 2011

West Australia Premier Colin Barnett says the 2011 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) will be the biggest event to hit Perth since the America's Cup 22 years ago.

And the city's lord mayor, Lisa Scaffidi, says it will be a "dream opportunity" for Perth to show off its "elegance" and "many natural… Continue

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CSIRO scientist faces punishment (australia)

The CSIRO will punish one of its scientists after he published a paper on climate change that criticised the government's emissions trading scheme.

It has accused Dr Clive Spash of breaching protocol by releasing the paper before it was vetted by the peak science body.

"These breaches of… Continue

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Life in Australia For Whistelblowers the Allan Kessing story

click on this link and watch episode 2

Episode 2: Episode 2

Allan Kessing has fought for years to clear his name, after he says he was wrongly convicted of leaking customs reports to the media about major security flaws at Sydney airport. Read More…


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my Abc contribute site rejecting my blogs

every blog i attempt to share, with inform my fellow australians, in relation to the global warming Scam and the Hacked E mails and their contents, are being rejected by the, therby they are ,.. joining in on the turning away (pin k floyde song) and our politicians over here are about to agree to the ETS Scheme with some exemptions. If one section of industry or production is exempt re whatever reason , if its good enough for… Continue

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A poem, The devils messiah


Who asked you to lie to me, Decieve Me and Trick me,

The Cordial soaked into the Chalk, At Ingesting Flouride, alluminim and Sterilants, Id'e Balk

The Controlling Elitists and their Predictive programming. Your believing the lies they are telling you

and Buying the products they're selling to you. The Black ballons and the cordial in the chalk

at drinking flouride, alliminum and sterilants, Id'e Balk.

An… Continue

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Blame crisis on corporate greed: Rudd (Australia)

Rampant corporate greed caused the global financial crisis, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says.

Speaking at a function for the Brotherhood of St Laurence in Melbourne, exactly a year after he announced the first emergency measures to combat the local effects of the global meltdown, Mr Rudd blamed corporate executives for creating the worst economic downturn in 75 years.

"Tonight, around the world there are tens… Continue

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Link to Australian scientists win Wi fi Case in a texas court

Above is a lint to an ABC catalyst programme i saw re our Aussie scientists finally getting their due royalties for their Wi Fi inventioin used worldwide.

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A NWO resistanc poem (penned 11pm 7/9/09)

Scientific investigation beats, poliotiical dogma, every time,

here we go with a resistance rhyme, come on people I think its time

to wake up to the criminal, murdering, drug dealing, New world Order Swine

Have you heard of Codex Aleminterius and Majika,

The New World Order want to decieve and trick ya,

J.P. Holdren and his Geo Eugenics book

Madoff and his banker mates, a crook is a crook, well at least in my books… Continue

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Australian Property Dealer McGurk Shot Owed milions Had tape of corrupt politicians

Businessman Mark McGurk was shot dead last Thursday. (AAP)

A Sydney businessman shot dead in front of his young son was a heavy cocaine user who dabbled in prostitution and had financial problems, reports claim.

The Sun-Herald reports Mark McGurk was involved in a prostitution ring that supplied girls to high-profile public figures, including sports stars.

The newspaper also details Mr McGurk's million-dollar debts and his heavy alcohol and cocaine… Continue

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Things are bad and getting worse

Well,... Hi there , after my attendance at a tribunal before a registrar and having my due process denied,,,, yesterday, my son attended the Port kembla court re an Apprehended Violence Order his ex girlfriend took out against him, as she took his cash card, and he used reasonable force to have same returned to him, so after her complaint to Police re his actions, he was charged with 4 counts of assault 2 of which were indictable, all because the alledged victim had minor bruises on her person… Continue

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Turkey virus identical to human Flu

Chilean health officials have confirmed that a flu outbreak detected on two turkey farms is identical to the pandemic influenza A(H1N1) virus and was transmitted by humans.

The outbreak was initially reported late on Thursday in two farms in the Valparaiso region, 160km west of the capital of Santiago, by the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service.

"Preliminary results from the analysis showed that the virus (found in the turkeys) is the same as that in Chile" during… Continue

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Phew Some common sense Down Under Climate bill told NO,25197,25679882-26103,00.html

This article is a day or so old but at least there are some people who are awake and saying no to the Insanity.. Were on the March,,,

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Fears for 30 as Hendra virus hits Rockhampton Qld Australia,23739,25911105-3102,00.html

UP to 30 people may have been exposed to the potentially deadly Hendra virus after tests confirmed it killed a horse on a stud near Rockhampton.

Veterinary staff and workers at the Cawarral horse stud at the centre of the latest outbreak face an anxious wait of several days to learn if they are infected. Queensland Health began testing yesterday and results are… Continue

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Diseased african monkeys used to create swine flu


From: W.G.E.N.

Diseased African Monkeys Used to Make Swine Flu

Vaccines; Private Military Contractor Holds Key Patents

(NaturalNews) To most people, vaccines sound medically harmless.

"They're good for you!" say the doctors and drug companies, but they

never really talk about what's in those vaccines. There's a good

reason for… Continue

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"Destroying the New World Order"


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