Porn Star August Ames Kills Herself After Being Called 'Homophobic' For Not Wanting HIV/AIDS ( I wouldn't want to touch something thats been up another blokes arse either)

Porn Star August Ames Kills Herself After Being Called 'Homophobic' For Not Wanting HIV/AIDS

Chris Menahan
Dec. 07, 2017

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Comment by ĦƟǁÿWʘʘt! yesterday

just 23.....WoW, built for speed too, sad

Comment by DTOM on Monday

Anyone consider that she didn't do this herself?

That Ames / Grabowski's comments could have gained support from other 'performers' in the industry and that severe division and fallout could have occurred?

Given the considerable profits of the industry / not mention the social engineering factor it provides - it was decided that she had best disappear.

Police and Medical Examiners can be bought.

Comment by Burbia on Friday

well it sucks anytime someone is bullied to death. porn has a high rate of suicide and a disproportionate number of jewish owned businesses. see porn conspiracy for further info. august ames name happened to be mercedes grabowski, which is polish with ashenazi origin. a couple of the companies she worked for were jewish owned and looks like brazzers is arab run.  brazzers means brothers in arabic. i don't know if we can call it death before dishonor here or not. 

Comment by david james on Friday

Sad that Dumb people respond so to Idiotic Remarks. I can't blame her at all. These Gay Advocates are JUST WRONG.

Comment by Boris Badenov on Thursday

“I’M GOING TO SLEEP JUST FINE.” — LGBT Bully who helped send August Ames to an early grave


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