Famous Russian Pundit on Top Talk Show: There Will be War With America (Video, Satanovsky)

Famous Russian Pundit on Top Talk Show: There Will be War With America (Video, Satanovsky)


Satanovsky is a Jewish Russian pundit and academic who is very highly respected. He is a fixture on the nation's top political talk shows and has his own radio show.

Despite this choppy translation, he is worth listening to.

He explains how the current situation is reminiscent of Vietnam, why negotiations are a waste of time, how the US defense establishment will use Russia's new weapons to extract maximum funds from the budget, how well-informed Pompeo is (not very), how the US is in trouble in Afghanistan, and why he believes that US belligerence will end up in a military conflict with Russia either in Syria or the Ukraine, and that the US will lose, and only then realize its weakness and be willing to negotiate

Full transcript below:


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Comment by Doc Vega on April 12, 2018 at 10:44am

The US Navy and US Army have two Trump cards 1) magnetic rail projectiles that travel at 14,000 mph and hit a target with such velocity they don't need a detonation payload. 2) Missiles carrying particle beam weapons that can hit several targets at once kind of like the now obsolete F-14 Tomcat only from suborbital height as described by Philip J. Corso in his book Day After Roswell which supposedly allowed us to gain parody with hostile alien invaders. As for the Reagan era Star Wars Defense System do you think that was really a hoax or has it been fine tuned ever since. 

And by the way, you claim that General Mattis was a war criminal. I'd like to see the proof. Dick

Comment by Deep Space on March 31, 2018 at 2:49pm

Hey Dick! (I mean 'Doc' - not much difference either way) before criticizing my grammar, you might wanna verify if it was my grammar to begin within?  I posted an article. I didn't write the article. But you felt the need to criticize "my" grammar, which wasn't even my grammar, cause you're a natural born buzzkill. Nothing wrong with being anti-social; 'Dick'; but you don't have to be a dick about it. Have a nice day, 'Sunshine'.

PS: I bet you don't get invited to, too many parties. (just a hunch)

Comment by Bananaman on March 30, 2018 at 10:10pm

Cheers Doc, Could you add some links to the star wars ICBM killer with limitless capability with a demonstration of the type Putin gave us with the hypersonic missiles air to ground type.

THe Navy is now no longer very relevant. I'll explain. They were good when they could hit targets further than anyone else by launching planes and attacking enemies from a long way away. Now the sunburn missile among others out range the aircraft carriers, game over. The US navy just provide an easy target, i wouldn't want to be on one in a hot war.  

The strength of an adversary depends on his goals. Russia isn't the aggressor here and have a home team advantage. I doubt Putin will do a Suddam Hussain and sit around picking his arse for six months while THe US slowly and laboriously congregates weapons and troops on his border.

Could Russia attack and win a land war on US soil, of course not but i get the feeling they know how to protect there own. Think napoleon, Hitler etc...

Careful what you wish for Doc and i'd suggest don't get too cocky, The population of Moscow have equipped and supplied Nuclear shelters, You don't, and neither do I.

Finally Russia doesn't buy weapons they develop them and build them using the natural resources abundant to their country. The economy is of a lesser concern when you don't need to buy weapons for trillions of dollars, the trillions that don't get lost that is lol.

Comment by Elyag Reed...We are Legion on March 30, 2018 at 6:45pm

One of Many..

The Aftermath...

So Who Won?

We are Legion and Growing..

Comment by Doc Vega on March 30, 2018 at 2:19pm

1) Improve your grammar. 2) I don't agree with you at all. Nuclear war is obviously the worst option that could be taken, but there are things you have no idea about that are already in place!

Russia is weak. No longer the major super power it once was the  state of Texas has an economy bigger than Russia! Russia lacks the ability to economically support a war. There production of operable aircraft and hardware is down. 

The US has the Star Wars capability of orbital defense that can pick off ICBM's with the best directed particle beam weapons there are! North Korea at best has WWII technology and inaccurate missiles along with starving troops! The US having the largest Naval Fleet and air force on the world not only had numerical but tactical superiority! America has Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and most the UN as its allies! 

China has about 1/3 the economy of the US a tiny navy in comparison and a lot of poorly trained troops that are supposed to swarm an adversary and make them use up their ammunition in order to win which means they would have a lot of casualties! 

I don't know where you get off with your assumptions and prognostications about such strategic comprehension, but you're way off! Also calling General Mattis a warm criminal was bullshit too!  Nobody wants a war, but the successive capitulation of several administrations has put it all on Trump's shoulders now so if it does happen it won't be because trump ignited a global conflict with his arrogance and stupidity you can thank Obama, Bush, and Clinton for the current crisis!


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