Darwin, Human Nature, and Aggression Part III

According to the science of anthropology, Home Sapiens, the current incarnation of modern man, appeared very suddenly in the fossil record and almost immediately out competed all comers, including Neanderthal, who closely resembles man in DNA makeup. There were other upright walking primates in other parts of the world as well and were overcome quite handily by the Homo sapien species. Denisovans and Neanderthals were either defeated, overwhelmed, or absorbed through cross breeding by Homo sapiens.

New kid on the block

Compared to prior fossil records it took thousands of years for each successive species of ancient upright walking quasi-man prototypes to evolve and become prominent over large land masses. Yet, Home sapiens appeared quickly and simply eclipsed all others in record time. Why? Was it simply having a superior brain that allowed for quicker thinking and more resourceful actions? With the recent discovery of as yet unidentified DNA that some Bigfoot researchers claim is proof of the existence of an unidentified primate of the Himalayas, the Ural Mountains of Russia, and the Pacific Northwest some anthropologists point out that modern man was not as powerful or well suited to the rough terrain of this planet, yet managed to wrestle control out of the hands of other species who were.

Vague evidence of another presence

With some scientists convinced that there is a powerful, fast, massive, nocturnal primate with some amazing capabilities researchers ask if this is true, how did mankind, as we know it today, overcome this race of super primates?  Was mankind more cunning, was he better organized, was he more aggressive though not as physically strong as his competitors? It seems even in the North American folklore legend, drawings, totem poles, that for hundreds of years Native American tribes dealt with hairy giants were who were powerful, fast, stayed well hidden, and were mainly nocturnal, but the tribes also considered them to be cannibals who often took the women and children by day from the villages while the warriors were out hunting.

Primitive warfare

There are several legends of certain Indian tribes cooperating with each other to coordinate a literal war against these “Wild Hairy Men” who dwelled in caves and among rocky terrain and then descend into the forested valleys to hunt deer and even people. What the Indians did was use spears, bow and arrows, and fire! First, they drove the hairy giants into their caves then built fires outside of the entrances and smoked them out then used their arrows and spears to decimate these huge cannibals!

Literary mention

There is mention of these hairy wild men in newspapers of the 1850’s and even earlier mentioning encounters in 1798 with these beings. In one case a Spanish Missionary sent a diplomatic report to the royalty describing these people which he considered to be feral. His descriptions are much as they are today only at that time there were no terms used as “Bigfoot”. It seems the settlers were well aware of these beasts and were often forced to fight them off. Reportedly, they were prowling through small towns out of curiosity or foraging for food. In one case several hunters brandishing single shot game rifles encountered one of the  creatures, wounded it in the upper torso, and enraged the man-like entity so much that the men dropped their weapons and ran down the mountain slope terrified and refusing later on to go and collect their firearms.

Remaining hidden

It seems that man has always had the capability to manage territory, exploit resources, and outfight even species that are more deadly than man. Yet, it seems Homo sapiens prevail. Apparently organizing, improvising, and having unrelenting determination helped mankind in the past outnumber through reproduction, his potential competition. Even in the 21st Century in new species of very small humans were discovered by anthropologists. The way they had remained unknown was to live and operate much as the alleged Bigfoot, using stealth, preferring to avoid human encounters, and hunting at night. Even in South America where isolated tribes of Head Hunters, Pygmies, etc. can remain amazingly hidden from aircraft, thermal image surveillance, and still remain within relatively close proximity of modern humans.

Official denial

One Army Ranger who has tracked troop maneuvers, animals indigenous to certain regions admitted that Sasquatch was not only superior in covering rugged terrain in terms of speed, but also was too quick to be hunted down by well-trained reconnaissance units using sophisticated electronic night optics or thermal cameras. Yet, rather than announce their presence, allow casual encounters to occur, or be less wary is not what these animals want to do. As man begins infringing on their wilderness territory they will threaten and intimidate or eventually simply vacate the area all together. For years stories of accidental encounters come from loggers, foresters, and park rangers, but official acknowledgement has never been made public. The State of Washington does list Sasquatch as an indigenous species in park literature though.

Capacity for stealth

So, it seems as modern Homo sapiens impose their ever reaching influence into parks, game preserves, and other wilderness sanctuaries 4 possibilities occur. 1) Accidental encounters 2) Attempts to threaten people with intimidation if caught out in the open 3) Simply vacate all together 4) human disappearances may occur during the first 2 phases. Little do most people realize that with all the human development seemingly encroaching upon the wilderness only 6% of the North American continent is actually occupied and permanently inhabited by man. That leaves a large area for an undiscovered or officially unknown primate to retreat into with superior terrain handling and nocturnal movement. One thing is repeatedly mentioned by those who claim to have frequent or regular contact is that the Sasquatch is territorial, very protective of the young, and aggressive if accidentally confronted.

Elusive proof

The resiliency, and determined human development of modern civilization presents a threat to a wide variety species as a whole but to any other biped in particular because Homo sapien is persistent enough to pressure any competing species into retreat or withdrawal. Even today as anthropologists argue over how to procure a specimen either through intentional hunting or trapping or through surveillance and irrefutable visual evidence, the nature of mankind will not relent! The pressure upon undeveloped territory will continue with the unofficial species grudgingly giving way and territory. Well known anthropologist, Grover Krantz once announced that killing an individual and recovering the body would be the only way science would ever really make a serious effort at identification and classification. Until then, it remains conjecture and urban legend to most scientists!

Man’s instinctive conduct

The point to all this is simply that human nature is of such that Homo sapiens are virulent, offensive, imperialistic, expansionistic, and oppressive. No physically superior animal seems to be able to stand up to the onslaught that man has imposed upon other species not to mention his own kind. In realizing this man must be further pacified, further oriented toward peaceful co-existence if that is even possible without relying upon tyrannical government action to do so. Here again is the omnipresent problem with man with government only reflects the frailty of humankind only on an institutionalized level. It would seem that if our species were known by extraterrestrials that we might definitely be on the quarantine list so as not to allow too much of our brand of colonization infect other worlds in the future. It seems we make hell on earth a foregone conclusion here already.


In all the criticism of human nature aforementioned there is absolutely no justification in attempting to tame humanity on a massive global government effort treating peoples or cultures as though they are a threat to planet earth and must be controlled like livestock, sterilized, or managed like farm animals by an all knowing, omnipotent global government. Ethics and morality must be the ultimate pacifier of the Home sapien species. The US Constitution based upon Biblical principal here to fore has been the most humane and freedom oriented system of government, and it’s no wonder such a government represents such a threat to the collectivists who just can’t stand to be held in check. The fact that Homo sapien appeared in the fossil record suddenly and dominated the earth so quickly points more to creationism than it does evolutionary explanation. Therefore, intelligent design seems to be the process than we being descended from apes.


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Comment by Less Prone on November 24, 2019 at 1:18am

Golgafrinchans, a fantacy species in Douglas Adams', "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series of novels.

The Golgafrinchan Theory

We are being controlled much like the Golgafrinchans controlled the others by stories and illusions they made up.

The Big one -  The Money / Debt Scam

“The few who could understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” John Sherman, Protege of the Rothschild banking family


Comment by James Roberts on November 23, 2019 at 8:25am

Less Prone - What about the Golgafrinchams?

Comment by Less Prone on November 23, 2019 at 3:07am

Homo Sapiens, who likes to call himself the wise man, is dominated by a mentally very different subspecies, a parasitic Homo Avarus – the greedy man. How did we in all our "wisdom" give power to those sick creatures? It's because we are not actually Homo Sapiens but Homo Gullibilius... 

Nowadays every day is April fool's day.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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