Alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world… the orchestrated assault on your mind, your country and your president is approaching its final chapter

Alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world… the orchestrated assault on your mind, your country and your president is approaching its final chapter

Image: Alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world… the orchestrated assault on your mind, your country and your president is approaching its final chapter

(Natural News) An urgent alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world.

New information has come to light that indicates the “final solution” of the globalist agenda to destroy America and enslave its citizens is drawing near.

The entire corporate-run media is a fact-free mental poisoning operation that fabricates fake news on a daily basis to lie about vaccines, GMOs, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and everything else that’s poisoning your body and mind. The lies about President Trump go even beyond the “usual” lies, consisting of wholly fabricated delusions about Russia that utterly lack any shred of evidence or factual basis. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, BuzzFeed and all the rest are committing orchestrated treason against America, and they’re following orders from a rogue branch of the CIA which has, for decades, specialized in toppling foreign regimes and installing political puppets as “leaders.”

For the last two years, their goal has been to carry out a political coup against President Trump, no matter what the cost. The media has sacrificed every last shred of credibility to achieve this goal and now exists as nothing more than a delusions factory that produces daily fiction rigorously mislabeled “news.”

Roger Stone describes the full plan in this important story from InfoWars:

Political strategist Roger Stone says that the deep state is planning to remove both President Trump and VP Mike Pence from office so that they can install Nancy Pelosi as President as part of a coup that will eventually see Hillary Clinton return as President.

“The deep state seeks to fabricate some misdeed by the Trump campaign that is sold as Russian collusion,” said Stone.

“That way they can remove both Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, paving the way for Nancy Pelosi to become president.”

“Pelosi will then appoint Hillary Clinton to the vacant Vice Presidency after which Pelosi would resign as president allowing Hillary to take the White House which alluded her grasp in 2016.”

A plan will be initiated to arrest and handcuff President Trump, staged for CNN cameras

The media hacks have been ordered by globalist controllers to demand the impeachment of President Trump. With the help of anti-Trump insiders, they are planning to stage a physical coup to arrest and handcuff the President, then “perp walk” him in front of CNN’s cameras in a staged, theatrical ploy to make the president look guilty even when it’s the treasonous traitors who are the guilty ones.

The imminent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has accelerated the timeline of the anti-Trumpers throughout the deep state and the poisonous media. They have been ordered to pull out all the stops and do anything and everything necessary to eliminate Trump before Ginsburg is removed from the Supreme Court. Rumors are circulating that Ginsburg is already dead and that her death is being covered up to provide enough time for the deep state to arrest and remove President Trump from office, but those rumors have not been confirmed and may be mere conjecture. In any case, Ginsburg’s passing is very near, and this has underscored the perceived emergency on the Left which is willing to do absolutely anything to maintain authoritarian power over the American people.

Simultaneously, the evil tech giants have gone into full-blown censorship mode and have transformed into rogue tech companies that conspire to silence all pro-America, pro-Trump speech across the ‘net. It has become an urgent national security matter to now arrest the CEOs of Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other tech giants, as they are now committing treason on a daily basis, conspiring to see America’s democracy overturned while demanding that America itself be overrun with communists and illegal aliens in a mass land invasion.

Google, Apple and Facebook, in particular, have become the true “enemies of the state” and now answer solely to Communist China. These rogue corporate monstrosities must be dismantled and prevented from ever rising up again. They now operate as criminal enterprises in total violation of basic human humans, freedom of speech and the rule of law. Google is an enemy of America and must be destroyed if America is to survive.

Prepare to descend upon Washington to defend your nation, your president and your future

Action item for all Americans: If this political coup is triggered, descend upon Washington and start taking action to defend your nation with every means available. Defend your President. Defend your Constitution. Defend your borders. Under authorization from the Constitution itself, seek out and arrest the treasonous actors throughout the deep state and the CIA-run media who have orchestrated this planned destruction of our great nation.

It is now abundantly clear that the deep state cannot be defeated from within. It has become too strong, too dangerous and too bold to be restrained through any normal channel of law or regulation. The deep state must be halted in the physical world, through processes outside the control of the corrupt bureaucracy. This can only happen through direct action in the “3D world,” as it’s called, and it is the President himself who can initiate the authorization for citizens to carry out this action.

There are two trigger events that provide authorization for the citizens of America to rise up in the 3D world and converge on Washington D.C. to take their country back from the deep state traitors who are systematically destroying it:

Trigger event #1) An arrest or assassination of President Trump. This would be proof of an illegal coup which would trigger the Second Amendment defense of America.

Trigger event #2) President Trump announces authorization for citizens’ action against the deep state traitors, effectively “deputizing” millions of Americans to locate and round up deep state traitors named by the President.

Will Trump declassify damning evidence during his upcoming State of the Union address?

The upcoming State of the Union address may turn out to be President Trump reading and releasing previously-classified documents and calling for the mass arrest of traitors going all the way up to Barack Obama, a treasonous actor who conspired to destroy America while weaponizing the intelligence community to criminalize the incoming Trump administration. (The FBI actually inserted spies / actors into the Trump campaign in order to claim his campaign was “working with the Russians.”)

Haven’t you wondered why Nancy Pelosi is so desperate to stop Trump from speaking in a live, televised event?

My sources tell me an attempt at removing Trump from office will be made before the SOTU speech.

Should such an attempt take place, that is your authorization to take emergency action to save your nation from falling to the hands of the globalists and the poison-pushing news cartels that are now 100% aligned against our constitutional republic.

Pray for America and pray for your President. Just as importantly, prepare for emergency action in the 3D world, because that appears to be the last remaining option for saving America from the poisoners, the propagandists, the globalists, the media liars and the political assassins.

Stay informed. Read or

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Wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake to watch the worst criminals in U.S. history handcuff the president and take him to jail. Considering what they have gotten away with so far it sounds plausible. It would also be the best way to trigger the response that they want in order to justify Martial Law and make use of those FEMA camps. 

Totally plausible and consider Soros's recent comment about Trump going away by 2020 or sooner.

All the crazy stories, incidents etc in our recent history seem to support this "narrative".

Donald J. Trump

I will be making a major announcement concerning the Humanitarian Crisis on our Southern Border, and the Shutdown, tomorrow afternoon at 3 P.M., live from the @WhiteHouse.

It makes one wonder if the announcement will be about the border or something else.

He's got a terrible poker face, he's chomping at the bit, he's dying to spill the beans about the uppercut rope-a-dope, knock-out punch he's about to deliver to the demoRat bastiches tomorrow after announcing, "The wall's a go, and the shut-downs now over."


(I hope)

Rachel Acenas

Follow Follow @RachelAcenas
#UPDATE Pres. Trump's major announcement about the humanitarian crisis at the southern border & the shutdown has been changed to 4 PM ET today. Stay tuned to #OANN for coverage of the announcement from the White House

Tweet from Donna Brazile (18 Jan 2019)

Donna Brazile Retweeted TIME

today shortly thereafter is underway Keep Hope Alive!

Could you please provide a link to this 3D world of which yo speak?

The request for a link to the 3d world was just a joke Chris.

You can almost feel the tension in the atmosphere, they are brewing a storm. I believe even before election day we may have civil war. Oh, how I dread this. Thanks, brother, sharing this.

You might recall that during Vietnam before any big US military push especially bombings of strategic targets the CIA was tipping off the Communists before the attack which usually cost a lot of pilots and soldiers their lives!


"Destroying the New World Order"

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