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Georgia Law OKs Guns In Schools, Churches...

Georgians will now be able to carry firearms in such places as schools, bars, churches and government buildings under a sweeping new law signed by the governor on Wednesday.The , also known to critics as the "Guns Everywhere Bill," was signed by Gov. Nathan Deal, who said it will allow "people who follow the rules [to] protect themselves and their families from people who don't follow the rules."The Second Amendment should never be an afterthought. It should reside at the forefronts of our…See More
18 minutes ago
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Tsa pat down 2 & 6 year old

Tsa pat down my 2 and 6 year old because they touch me & I was selected as usual for ssss security check because my name Can they do that? when I ask why my ...
22 minutes ago
Nobody Will Observe commented on Tara's video

Tsa pat down 2 & 6 year old

"Tara, Terrorists start young.   Get a grip ;)!"
5 hours ago
HonestLee commented on Tara's video

Tsa pat down 2 & 6 year old

"It is about conditioning and getting us to submit. Touching someone against their will is rape! If they can get you to submit to a raping, will be so easy for them, to get you to submit, to the next thing they have planned for you!"
6 hours ago
HonestLee commented on Tara's video

Tsa pat down 2 & 6 year old

"Very well said! Amaterasu Solar! Spot on! nuf said!"
7 hours ago
Amaterasu Solar commented on Tara's video

Tsa pat down 2 & 6 year old

"I DO think it's unreasonable, Consciencious Objector.  Why?  Because there is no more (or less) of the behavior.  In all these years They have identified ZERO "terrorists" out of millions upon millions groped,…"
7 hours ago
Tara commented on Tara's video

Tsa pat down 2 & 6 year old

"@ Opt... The Congress might believe in their little fairy tales that they are above the law and we are surfs on their terrain... but they've got another thing coming ;) "
9 hours ago
Tara favorited H●ȴȴɣwͼͽd's discussion The Wizard of Oswald: JFK Assassination Documentary (2013) Full
10 hours ago

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I am a lover of truth and what is right. Though at times I have fallen short of my aspirations and lost my way on the path towards freedom, I am not alone. I seek shelter knowing that there are others who share my experiences and understand that we all bleed the same, smile the same, weep the same and laugh the same.

We all need to lean on one another in times like these. Without reaching out to connect to our fellow brothers and sisters, we are alone and our own personal and universal power ceases to exist. Positive energy breeds the same and freedom flourishes, negative energy breeds fire and destroys. The more of us that come together in the truth, the less evil has a way with us.




BY Khalil Gibran

And an orator said, "Speak to us of Freedom."

And he answered:

At the city gate and by your fireside I have seen you prostrate yourself and worship your own freedom,

Even as slaves humble themselves before a tyrant and praise him though he slays them.

Ay, in the grove of the temple and in the shadow of the citadel I have seen the freest among you wear their freedom as a yoke and a handcuff.

And my heart bled within me; for you can only be free when even the desire of seeking freedom becomes a harness to you, and when you cease to speak of freedom as a goal and a fulfillment.

You shall be free indeed when your days are not without a care nor your nights without a want and a grief,

But rather when these things girdle your life and yet you rise above them naked and unbound.

And how shall you rise beyond your days and nights unless you break the chains which you at the dawn of your understanding have fastened around your noon hour?

In truth that which you call freedom is the strongest of these chains, though its links glitter in the sun and dazzle the eyes.

And what is it but fragments of your own self you would discard that you may become free?

If it is an unjust law you would abolish, that law was written with your own hand upon your own forehead.

You cannot erase it by burning your law books nor by washing the foreheads of your judges, though you pour the sea upon them.

And if it is a despot you would dethrone, see first that his throne erected within you is destroyed.

For how can a tyrant rule the free and the proud, but for a tyranny in their own freedom and a shame in their won pride?

And if it is a care you would cast off, that care has been chosen by you rather than imposed upon you.

And if it is a fear you would dispel, the seat of that fear is in your heart and not in the hand of the feared.

Verily all things move within your being in constant half embrace, the desired and the dreaded, the repugnant and the cherished, the pursued and that which you would escape.

These things move within you as lights and shadows in pairs that cling.

And when the shadow fades and is no more, the light that lingers becomes a shadow to another light.

And thus your freedom when it loses its fetters becomes itself the fetter of a greater freedom.

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At 9:33am on April 17, 2014, Frances Farmer said…

Heard this & thought of you!

At 7:24pm on April 16, 2014, Jon MacLaren said…

HI Tara,

Thanks for sending the friend request and asking about my music. I wrote this a few weeks ago:



At 6:43pm on April 15, 2014, H●ȴȴɣwͼͽd said…

kickass poem GF, very nice...thank you muchlys ;)

At 5:33pm on April 13, 2014, Dee said…

All good my talented sista! So happy and excited for you! Let the good times roll indeed! Can't wait to hear those vocals girl!! :)

At 2:03pm on April 13, 2014, Dee said…
Hey my sista! My pleasure and thank you! I've always loved this site! Much love back at ya!
At 12:23pm on April 13, 2014, Christopher-Peter: said…

All is well, and thanks for asking Tara - been pretty busy at work, and have only recently been able to spend some time here - still catching up on other emails and such online tasks - its amazing how quickly the messages add up, and how time consuming it can be to get caught up.

The information age is catching up with me...feeling old. 

At 10:15pm on April 10, 2014, Justin A Horne said…

Hey sister, how have you been? I have not heard from you in quite awhile; I hope all is well. I see this site is still up and kicking and I refer a lot of my friends to this site because it was good to me even when I was a snot nose, all of 20 years old. My writing is taking off and I am in the process of writing a book. I hope to hear from you sometime, take care and be aware. Peace!

At 4:07pm on March 19, 2014, James μολὼν λαβέ said…
At 1:57am on March 10, 2014, Nobody Will Observe said…

At 4:05am on March 9, 2014, Nobody Will Observe said…

The Meaning of Aloha

We all know the word Aloha to be associated to the Island of Hawaii. It is used day to day to say hello, goodbye, and I love you. What the natives know is that Aloha is more than that. There is more meaning behind each letter of this word. People that practice Aloha know that it is a state of mind that anyone can achieve, native Hawaiian or not.

A = AO

1. Light - In our behavior, one of the things that we need to do is to look to see that all of our behavior moves us toward the light. Therefore always ask: does my behavior lead me toward earth-ing my energy or toward enlightenment? So we should be acting in a way that leads others and ourselves toward the light, in the direction of the light with watchful alertness.

2. To look -HO'O AO to look for right time and right place. To pay attention to what's happening around you, look outside self, being circumscribed (meaning appropriate in all occasions). Someone not circumscribed will act silly and talk, talk, talk... And then we talk we're not listening. Interesting people like to overwhelm us. Interested people listen to us. So, look around and take everything in. Pay attention!! You have to choose whether it is the right timing to say what you have to say out loud or not.


Oneness. Oneness among us. All is one. We need to support the people that are with us on the path. Anything less than 100% support is sabotage. Oneness requires being PONO and ONE with everybody. PONO means, if you've got something with me, come and tell me. The process can be done inside self and outside in person. Get together and talk it out. (KUKA KUKA) If you are "inside" you can't look to the other person to see if you're PONO. This is why it is very important to know how to listen and look across rather than talk and look inside.


I'O = truth. Tell the truth. Most of us are too polite to tell each other the truth and by this action we actually don't participate totally in the process of constructing our Universe. Despite the fact that we put this message out as being all right, we hold back a part of us and we don't have total truth. Therefore we can't have Oneness. Withholding something back is just not allowing us to be one with anyone.


Means to be humble. HA'A HA'A is a very important concept in being aware. Ego is a big trap in the spiritual evolution. The minute you think you know something, you're ruined in spiritual matters. The only reason you're not saying the truth is ego. "He doesn't deserve the truth". If you play the game of power you'll always have to know more than others. If you're playing the game of showing off, you'll always have to have more than others to show.

On the other hand, the more you're putting out there in terms of sharing with others, the more is coming back to you, and accordingly you get more and more energy coming to you. Remember to remain humble. If you think you know more than others, then you have to prove it, and the minute you have to prove it, it becomes power and the minute it's power it's not the last A ...
which is:

A = Aloha

Absolute, true love. The minute you think you're better than somebody else, the minute you make comparisons, judgments, and spiritual judgments, you separate yourself from the true Love. In that moment you give up the spark of divine essence that comes from pure spirit, the love that we are, all of us. The minute we make comparisons, we're not HA'A HA'A. According to the research, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, wr



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