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November 2011 Blog Posts (285)

Interest and Inflation Free Money - Margrit Kennedy

EVERY DAY almost everyone on this planet uses money. Yet few people understand how money works and affects their lives directly and indirectly. Let us, therefore, take a closer look at what money is and what would happen without it.

First, the good news: Money is one of the most ingenious inventions of humankind, as it helps the exchange of goods and services and overcomes the limits of barter, that is, the direct exchange of goods and services. For example, if you live in a village…


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Chris Martenson’s presentation at the Gold & Silver Meeting in Madrid + (TL;DR)

(by GoldMoneyNews)

This video was recorded on November 16 at the Gold & Silver Meeting 2011 in Madrid.

It’s Official: The Economy Is Set To Starve

Nov 23, serves as intro

Once a year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) releases…


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Obama Rothschilds Choice (Full Movie) Americas Jewish President.mp4



 Obama Rothschilds Choice (Full Movie) Americas Jewish…


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Robert Kennedy’s Assassin Claims He Was Under Mind Control

Robert Kennedy’s Assassin Claims He Was Under Mind Control


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‘Occupy Camps of the World’; until you address this, then all else is fruitless…

People of the world, and particularly those in the present ‘occupy camps’ around the world;  'best wishes to you all' - though you need to understand, the most fundamental objective of this, should be taken full advantage of, which is to make sure the people of the world, - who many are kicking off in various parts of the planet; get their voices heard, - and as importantly; - ‘their demands known of’.  As presenlty not so many people seem to be coming out with to many concrete ideas, - as…


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The war being waged upon our US Constitution

For us to understand our relationship with our very own federal government, we must know the essence of our very founding document that defines not only our freedom, but the role of our government in our lives. It is of the utmost importance that Americans know that this document was intended by our forefathers to prevent the overreach of a tyrannical central government in our lives. Yet, today we see a progressive movement consisting of liberals who are dedicated to moving not…


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Ariz. gun club offers Santa shoot

Want to improve the caliber of your family’s Christmas card this year? How about having your picture taken with Santa Claus and your choice of machine guns?

For a fee of $5 for members and $10 for non-members,…


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Russia Denies Warships Sent to Mediterranean In Defense of Syria

Navy task force part of routine exercise, claims General

Paul Joseph Watson

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Russian General Staff chief Nikolai Makarov today denied that Russia had sent warships to the Mediterranean Sea in defense of Syria, claiming instead that the dispatch of a Russian Navy task force was part of a routine exercise.

Nikolai Makarov

“We are not sending anything…


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Comedian Patrice O’Neal Passes Away

Kurt Nimmo

November 29, 2011

photo Patrice O’Neal.

Patrice O’Neal, a stand-up comedian who appeared in several films and made regular appearances on the The Opie & Anthony Show, has passed away at the age of 41 after suffering a stroke last month. He was a diabetic.

His agent,…


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Prosecutor: Advocating jury nullification ‘not protected by the First Amendment’


Flashback: Jury Nullification : Peers Refuse to Convict Disabled Vet in Pot Bust



By Stephen C. Webster

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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How will we thrive if we need too?

If you have not watched it do watch Thrive.  Don't watch it as a movie plugging itself.  Watch it so you can learn how to spot problems with our society, and with the Government.   THRIVE  can be turned into a valuable tool.  It can show you all the things at once that are wrong in our world.  It can be a tool you give a person that has no clue as to what is going on.  But be sure to point…


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hersh syria

just  to remind  folks  that Goodman  was  eager to kill Gaddaffi maybe she  was  just  stupid has she come to her senses does she know what Nato is up to?

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Wifi-enabled laptops may be nuking sperm


The digital age has left men's nether parts in a squeeze, if you believe the latest science on semen, laptops and wireless connections.


In a report in the venerable medical journal Fertility and…


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Solyndra Investigator Gary Andres Worked Both Sides Of Loan

WASHINGTON -- When the House Energy and Commerce Committee met in October to decide what Solyndra-related documents to subpoena from the White House, the panel's lead staffer, Gary Andres, as ever, was in the closed-door meeting.

Just three years earlier, Andres was on the opposite side. In 2008, he was a top lobbyist with Dutko Worldwide,…


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Gangsters run the world

Our world is run by small groups of gangs, which in turn are run by bigger groups of gangsters, – and not by the kind of men we’ve come to expect,- such as those like Al Capone, Bugs-Moran, Jack Legs-Diamond, Ronnie and Reggie Kray or even Pablo Escobar, nor any of today’s modern day villains, who I’m not even going to give credence to by mentioning any of their names, – as basically, one – there’s just too many of them, and two – most of them are just a bunch of individual wanker’s, – and…


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Police State Britain: Army to Man Airports During Strike

Julie Henry and Robert Watts

The Telegraph

November 27, 2011

Soldiers will be deployed if enough civil service volunteers cannot be found to keep Britain open for business, according to Damian Green, the Immigration Minister.

In an escalation of rhetoric, he warned that the strikes by public service workers – including…


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Pakistan orders US to leave airbase following NATO massacre of 24 soldiers

Saeed Shah


November 27, 2011

Pakistan has given the US 15 days to vacate an airbase used as a key launchpad for drone strikes in Afghanistan in retaliation for a mistaken attack on a Pakistani border outpost that killed at least 24 soldiers and injured 13.

American forces were told to leave the remote Shamsi airbase, secretly…


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Congress to Vote Next Week on EXPLICITLY Creating a Police State

If You Thought Police Brutality Was Bad … Wait Until You See What Congress Wants to Do Next Week


Washington’s Blog

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The police brutality against peaceful protesters in Berkeley, …


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