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Fair Play - Unfair Attacks on Trump Create More Support

Americans have an inherent sense of fair play, and the more the establishment attacks Trump, the more people support him. Donald Trump is a giant middle finger by the American people to the status quo! t/y Michael Rivero

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The Family Institution is LOST:

Read the article for yourself...

In the past 30 years, intact two-parent households have grown smaller and both adults increasingly work outside the home.

The birth rate has been in gradual decline, sliding from an average of three children per family to two children.

61 percent of all married women are in…


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Hillary Clinton Received Secret Memo Stating Obama Admin ‘Support’ for ISIS

Hillary Clinton Received Secret Memo Stating Obama Admin ‘Support’ for ISIS


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Jack Welch, Bill Maher, Lindsey Graham: We support Obama's NSA

Real Time with Bill Maher 2013.06.07


Bill Maher: Reagan the Original Tea Bagger




Jack Welch, Bill Maher, Lindsey Graham: We support Obama’s NSA…


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UK Undercover Police Had Children With Activists They Were Spying On

Bob Lambert. Photo: CSTPV

Paul Lewis and Rob Evans report for the Guardian:

Two undercover police officers secretly fathered children with political…


Added by Marklar on January 22, 2012 at 8:33am — 2 Comments

Romney Sinking, Ron Paul Surging In New Hampshire

Romney losing two percentage points a day, Paul shows huge gains

Paul Joseph Watson

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The very latest polls out of New Hampshire ahead of next week’s primary show that despite his frontrunner status, Mitt Romney’s support is sinking at a rate of two percentage points a day, whereas support for second placed Ron Paul has surged.

“Our daily tracking shows it all: Romney losing two points in the…


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Singer Kelly Clarkson Sees 192% Increase in Album Sales After Tweeting Support of Ron Paul

Jonathon M. Seidl

The Blaze

December 30, 2011

Pop singer Kelly Clarkson, the first contestant to win “American Idol,” took a lot of heat this week after she sent a message on Twitter saying she supported Ron Paul and would vote for him if he got the GOP nomination. She was skewered for those remarks. But now…


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UNBELIEVABLE! Two Iraqis Living in Kentucky Indicted on WMD Charges

Editors note:
It's scary when they change the meaning of words. When they, redefine terms. Semantical warfare hit it's peak upon the drafting of that wonderful piece of legislation required to protect our freedoms known as the "patriot act" where they redefined the term domestic terrorism to mean, and I quote:…

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Spreading the love for the Wall Street Occupiers

I do love it when things start to get interesting.



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Anti-Israel sentiment grows in US

Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:51AM…


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Message from July 10, 2010 10:09:12 PM : BELIEVE....THEN YOU RECEIVE‏ !


July 10,…

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AIPAC Confronts Its Worst Fear-Daylight

By Philip Weiss

In that radical handbook on the workings of American society, the Wizard of Oz never recovered once Dorothy pulled back the curtain of her own innocence. One would like to believe that AIPAC will never recover from a brutal spring that has exposed its real interests to the American public. Even supporters of the Jewish state have criticized the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for fully taking…

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"10 American Support Fund

Haiti Support Fund

If you would like to donate to the legal fund for the church volunteers being held in Haiti, you can contact the church office at 208-888-4189 (someone will return your call) or go to your local US Bank and give to the "10 American Support Fund".

11 Feb 2010



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Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama: We, the Palestinian people, are fed up!

An open letter to Barack Obama

Haidar Eid, a professor of English, political commentator and resident of Gaza City, asks whether the president of the United States remembers anything from his long-ago meeting with the late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said.

Dear Mr. President:

You will probably not read this letter due to your busy schedule and the huge number of messages you receive from presidents, kings, princes, sheiks and prime ministers. Who is a… Continue

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A former Guantánamo guard who had flown to the UK to address a support group for inmates of the camp is to be deported back to the US this morning after being denied entry on arrival at Heathrow

Guantánamo guard held at Heathrow

Outspoken critic of US policy was due to address prisoner support group

Ben Quinn

The Observer, Sunday 30 August 2009

A former Guantánamo guard who had flown to the UK to address a support group for inmates of the camp is to be deported back to the US this morning after being denied entry on arrival at Heathrow airport yesterday.

Terry Holdbrooks, who has been an outspoken critic of the US government over the… Continue

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