Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)


I am only allocated 140 characters with respect to the:

'Latest Activity' - 'What Am I Up To' - feature on my profile.

That's clearly not enough (unless you're an illiterate Neanderthal).

Go Twitter!!

So I am initiating this FREE FLOW of 'Deep Space' thoughts in blog format,

(to outwit the character restraints).

This is raw, fertile ground to ferment material for my YouTube Channel

Deep Space



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Comment by Deep Space on Monday

There's fake vaginas embedded in flashlights for guys to fuck. I'm not making this up. I give up I hate the human species,

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

20% off. Hard to pass that up. I think I'd rather get a RealDoll! Just kidding. I like real pussy.

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

I think the scientists will eventually make robots that simulate great sex. But not in my lifetime. So I'm still gonna have to suck up to women & buy 'em drinks & shit. At least the ones that don't like to get slapped around. They're easier to work with.

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

Not that I'm into beating women. I'm not. But if I was, it would have to consensual & it would have to be Megyn Kelly. 

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

I definitely I crossed the line there. That was like an islamic joke. Beating women is not cool. Even if it's Megyn Kelly.

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

Yeah I don't beat women. I'd like to think I live in a civilized society. I'm not a muslim. 

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

What is it with the muslims, the Catholics & the kid fucking? It's like a Bermuda Triangle of evil going on there...

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

Can we all agree on one simple thing that I think could rally our species together behind one common cause? Raping children is wrong. But apparently not. We got two major religions based on that shit.

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

Buddhism is really good. They don't rape kids. If you have to have a religion I suggest Buddhism. 

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

I'll right. I'll keep going. This is your free clandestine comedy nightclub here at Just don't tell anybody about it & it will be our little secret. Kay? 


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