George Orwell demonstrated in his book; 1984, how the dictionary was getting thinner and thinner by each edition and the language becoming less useful for communication. The fewer words you have the less precisely you can express ideas. Isn't it obvious that the lack of words also cripples all thought processes in the first place?

Another social engineering tool for crippling the formulation of ideas and communication is changing the meaning of words and using hidden meanings for the select. This will make it possible to speak about one thing while thinking of another. This is very common in the political circles where lying to the public has become a state of the art.

"War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength" George Orwell, "1984"

Then there are those modernized words with foggy meanings replacing the once established concepts. Confusing concepts and a lack of words are a basis for a confused mindset designed for the useless eaters heading for a big cull.

Profanities and vulgar expressions adding nothing meaningful into discussion are promoted by pushing decadence in art, music, literature and the film industry. They make the communication more cumbersome with irrelevance and charge it with negative feelings. This can be heard in many social justice warriors' (SJW) and other brainwashed Zombies' verbal assaults on anyone criticizing their views.

The SJW and Zombie outbursts are often personal attacks with profanities and name calling having little to do with the actual subject matter. Heavy use of vocabulary revolving around subnavel activities, organs, body cavities and their products indicates a low advancement of mind. A crybully resorting to expressions like that is of no interest to any intelligent person and will probably be left alone to spew out profanities or silenced by force.


The human race is on a brink of a total moral and intellectual collapse due to thousands of years of abuse and manipulation by a very cunning lot of criminal psychopathic lowlifes who regard themselves the best of the best. Their undeniable intelligence has been used to rip off and deceive by scams like the usurious banking practices effectively confiscating all property into their pockets. But using intelligence for purely egoistic ends has lead the mankind short of potentially glorious achievements by the mere waste of human creativity and energy for evil purposes.

The merciless greed is behind today's misery and a long history of wars and destruction. Hundreds of millions of people have perished in wars and revolutions during the last hundred years only. And all this was financed by the usury cabal and controlled by their secret societies, tax exempt foundations  and think tanks deeply involved in the occult, all kinds of abuse, pedophilia and human sacrifice.

The usury cabal running this world of a failed social experiment does not want a clear minded population that can think for themselves or bring up the real problems in conversations and especially not in public. They would rather have us using the distorted and confused vocabulary provided for advancement of confusion and conflicts.

Finally, the use of a corrupt vocabulary tends to guide the discussion into a territory premeditated by social engineers in charge. Therefore, we need to have our minds focused and our concepts clear cut and defined with logic. Otherwise it is very hard to think out of the box and not to fall into parroting the prechewn slogans and a small talk without substance. The fate of humanity does not exclusively depend on what the self acclaimed elite prefers, but also on the rest of humanity.


It is time to get the corruption of language exposed and to start to define the words and concepts with logic again. In many cases this means reverting back to the original meaning as defined eg. in the Encyclopedia Britannica before it was acquired  by the Rockefeller family in the beginning of the twentieth century. Anyone having the nineteenth century version of the encyclopedia has a great advantage and access to the precorruption definitions. Other sources from that time are also valuable in case they were less corrupt.

The undertaking, Less Prone Individual's Dictionary of the Great Deception, is aiming for reconstruction of the most corrupt part of the English language, not the language as a whole but for the vocabulary directly related to the propaganda and manipulation of the masses. This will include exposure of the new world order (NWO) vocabulary, hidden meanings, exposure of confusing definitions, modernized words exposed, barriers concepts defined, and illusions exposed among other things.

Not all words of our modern vocabulary are corrupt, only the ones selected by the usury cabal to manipulate and control the masses. As an example; apples are still apples, colors remain the same, the sky is the sky and the earth remains the earth.


All members of 12160 are invited to participate in making the new uncorrupted dictionary. As we are still in the beginning there are lots and lots of words and concepts to be defined.  The words are defined in individual blogs that will at minimum define the word but can have and article, pictures and video as well as discussion following.

Using the site's search function the words can be found easily. To make the search function work every blog entry to the dictionary must have the following tags; the word, its common variants, and an acronym DOGDEC. The acronym is added for filtering purposes and is a short for Dictionary Of the Great Deception. So far, there are no entries with that acronym in 12160.

I'll be collecting the data in a separate database including the definition of the word  or concept with a name of the contributor. Any word or concept can have several definitions each given by a different person. The database will have a ranking for alternative definitions. By using the database it will be possible to create customized dictionaries that can be saves as digital documents or printed on paper.

This is an undertaking of enormous importance and when successful will be remembered for ever.

Words are buildings blocks of ideas. Corrupt words can only build corrupt ideas.


American suicide
barrier concept

false news
gate keeper
hybrid war
social engineering
social justice warrior, SJW
stock market
smart phone
smart grid
white supremacist

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