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web 3.9 AI tech+mess

AI methods and tech pat donovan Aug 30 2010

Oh, by the way... here's 6 stats principals (data lifted from the paper last week, (from stats.can)

relevance, accuracy, timeliness, accessibility, interpretability and coherence

SO... MATH types: quantitative qualitative descriptive inferential (IS is? See essay method below.)

Curves are topographical events. Stats map there, so does motor load + political evolution. (ignore log curves,… Continue

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web 3.0 AI a how-to

Web 3.0 - The AI machine (a how-to) pat donovan Aug 21st 2010

Know yourself, the enemy and the environment.

This will be a collection of AI stuff I've derived over the years. Good luck keeping up, as I want this short.

Software changes (and hopefully feeping creaturism makes it better) and new types come on stream.

MUCH more than event-driven programming (switch case of input in GUIs, ie., better sorts and tree-pruning.)

The programming has… Continue

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web 3.0 def

my take....

web 1.0 privacy, property and freedom of information (destruction of)

web 2.0 the open SOCIAL web: page7

DB updates, (authority), hidden, lost, wrong, + corrupt data

(read/write/correct data).

please note the SPREAD of info as the solution. (both prob and solution)

; security, commerce, ease of usage.

web 3.0 the AI web.

google total-info society (social agents)

whitelisted security (invitation… Continue

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web 3.0 horror stories

Web 3.0 by pat donovan Aug 17th 2010

(WARNING. This will be disturbing.)



. Wired.…


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www 3.0

Web-World Wonders www 3.0 pat donovan Aug 16th 2010

Today's lesson? A take-away of rare delight. Welcome to the wonders of the web.

Version 3.0, mind. Big brother has reduced the city to Tricked-out Borg, docile and compliant Zombies and gangas.

Cowboys, hustlers and thinkers.

You won't learn this stuff in bible school. (And what the girls teach you there you can't repeat in public.)

Ya GOTTA be part of a tribe, right? Any single-issue politics… Continue

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weasel way 2

The Way of the Weasel, part two: pat donovan Aug 14th 2010

(WW2 is next, NOT WWW 3.0. Don't gimme a hard time about it, OK? Do ya really wanna see a neuron-sterilized (and flesh-eating fungus) world?)

The naked ape: 90% of a monkey's free time is spent picking lice off each other.

Modern version? Thinking with your 'clit, (or equivalent), vanity or politics.'

That's the way of the weasel. It's more than life at work... or high-school.

Try… Continue

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deal with it

Deal with it. pat donovan. Aug 8th, 2010

Weird, creepy and grinding away.

Yeah, mine last blog was ' Thinking with your clit, vanity or politics'. The usual effort.

I have a low opinion of most things these days. Reality bites. Evolve with it or ostrich yourself.

Ya see, about 6 years ago, I told everyone ships would be at the north pole and 100 mile icebergs would be off New York soon. When Greenland made it's leap into the ocean.

Russian… Continue

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finkworld dismembered.

FINK WORLD Aug 5th, 2010 by pat donovan

The info-space. Surveillance society and a weasel-incorporated rat-race. Climb by slime over-achievement types.

Badnews Bessie on a slightly psychotic power trip. Lynchmob fast lane.

Clerk-world. (If it isn't in the book, it doesn't exist.)

Putting the dis in discredit on steroids. Putting spin into 'His bad, your goodness' and trivializing everything else, if you like complicating things.

Ow ow ow ow… Continue

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big brother's religion

The Religion of Big Brother.


That's a bit misleading, eh? Actually, Big brother is gonna BE the religion in our glorious future. Glorious leaders, a glorious future and youtube three minutes hates, just for fun.

I for one welcome these new and improved enhancements. Just like I welcome all the other (compulsory) additives we get these days.

Don't you? ADD, feminist, cancerous, crazy or not, right?

Getting super-bugs in your lunch… Continue

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"Destroying the New World Order"



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