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Hitler wasn't that smart, he never acted alone...

Get it out of your head that Hitler was that smart and clever to do what he did alone, don’t for one minute think; Mien Kampf = My Struggle = My Jihad, [Jihad is Islamic for ‘Struggle’], was written by him having some kind of Baconian moment whilst all alone in his prison cell that inspired him to write what he did, - the book’s dedicated to Dietrich Eckart, whom coached Hitler on his public speaking.  Hitler’s also accredited to have designed the Nazi…


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Reeducation: US Plan to Erase History In Afghanistan

The real US legacy: Afghanistan’s plan to rewrite the country’s history is being funded by U.S. military’s foreign aid arm

Washington Post

February 10, 2012

Educators suggested that the only solution would be to omit the period after King Mohammed Zahir Shah,…


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Chaplin's Famous 'Final Speech' Plagiarised!!

     Chaplin’s famous; ‘Final Speech’, and a fantastic powerful one at that, which comes in the last free minutes of the film The Great Dictator, which is a strong satire comedy of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. It’s been longed acclaimed that Charlie Chaplin wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film, as a satirical Hitler in charge of his Nazi military whom he is speaking to in this clip.

     In his autobiography, Chaplin insisted that he had been the sole writer of the…


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You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Something [not] to cheer to whole world up!

We, you, your children, their children, your parents and their parents and everyone else, along with their families, will be so petrified and shit scared by the devastation all around us, the diseases, famines and starvation faced by record numbers of millions of refugees, - will result in mass rioting, - looting will be common place, as will shootings, stabbings and all kinds of horrific crimes, including machete slaying murders, as some groups will want a arm here and leg there, to feed…


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“War! huh yeah, what is it good for? – Absolutely nothing, - say again y’all...”

     We’re all targets, and we’re the only ones who can do anything to stop and prevent it from getting any worse, - and believe me it’s without a doubt going to happen. - The task, our task is virtually impossible, I could well be living in ‘cuckoo land’ thinking that we can do anything to stop or even prevent it.  However, we have to draw on the strength from all the millions upon millions of innocent poor men, women and children who were unnecessarily and brutally killed in the…


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Pike’s prediction of WWIII

You know about the other two, and here you will notice the opening address is that of the same as WWII, but instead of Fascism v Zionism, [remember, don’t confuse Zionism, with ‘all Jewish people’,  Zionism is the extremist end, - any more than you can tar the same brush with ‘all Muslim people’ being supporters of the Taliban], this time it will be Illuminati/Zionism v Islamism, don’t forget Pike wrote these predictions 120 years…


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Get them when they're young!! - From Micheal Jackson to Ronan Parke!


  Legend has it, François Blanc [1806-1887], nicknamed “the magician of Homburg or the magician of Monte Carlo”, supposedly bargained with the devil to…


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Psychopaths Rule the World

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Dr Kelly-Cholera & the Ethnic-Black Bomb

You can’t beat a good old war, ‘natural’ aka a ‘manmade disaster’, or a pandemic kind of disease to help achieve maximum ‘human culling’.   And then in order to make it appear to the outside world and remaining living populations that it was not an intended human cull, agreed and sanctioned by the elite ruling families on all sides of the conflict, - they simply call it a necessary ‘legal war’, because some old despot they just sold the bomb to, - then decided to set it off, - or that it was…


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Fukushima - Top Secret film reveals ‘manmade’ Tsunami's - False Flag Operation

Operation Wigwam [1], Operation HARDTACK I & II [1a][1b] and Operation Crossroads [1c] are prime examples of how easy it is to detonate tsunami making bombs from deep under the ocean’s surface.  My reason for including these operations is to perhaps help silence those critics who say it’s impossible to create ‘manmade’…


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Mystery teen illness grows in upstate NY, more cases reported

By Amy Robach, Kevin Monahan and Christina Caron

NBC News

LeROY, N.Y. -- The mystery illness now producing Tourette’s-like symptoms in a more than a dozen girls from upstate New York is also affecting a 36-year-old who is experiencing the same tics as the teens.

Nurse practitioner Marge…


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Expendable Sacrifice...

The film shows, supported by indisputable government records, how public opinion was managed, how a women Schapelle Corby was deprived of legal aid for an extraordinary appeal,…


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Why can’t GB go 50/50 with Malvinas?

Is this all a matter of machismo and the size of the Malvinas, as after all; this sabre rattling is all about the kerching, kerching and the oil, than actaul pride and saving face over our sovereignty.  As at the end of the day, it could be argued the Malvinas islands are that tad nearer to Argentina than they are perhaps to that of the UK.… Leiv Eiriksson oil exploration rig has reached Falklands’ waters


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One’s a ‘split tin’, whilst the others a ‘bloomer’, yet still both loaves of bread...

Do you really think that among any of those gluttonous lot, who comfortably sit in the Houses of Parliament or House of Lords, or in their seats in Congress in America, - and whom not one of them did I vote for, nor did many of you, - as they stretch out and recline in their lovely plush homes at night, are worried about where the next square meal is going to come from, or how can they feed their children?  Do you think their losing sleep tossing and turning trying to work out how they can…


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SILENCE OF THE BANS...”You can’t put the cart, before the Horse...”

It’s seems as if my posts to the White House, No 10 Downing Street and most other world leaders of the main political parties Facebook pages, - are pissing them off, so much so Facebook has ban me from posting for 15 days, and will permanently ban if I continue to post in this fashion, and how they get around this, is by accusing ‘you’ of posting “spam”, when it’s far from it, as it’s the subject matter of the posts that’s causing the offence.

They banned the leader of the following…


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Free-range eggs outsell those from caged birds, according to industry estimates.

Martin Hickman

The Independent

February 6, 2012

Twenty years ago free-range eggs were rarely bought but for the first time this year they will outsell those from caged birds, according to industry estimates.

Of the 9 billion eggs laid in the UK in 2012, 49 per cent will come from free-range hens…


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9/11 Truth Movements, Wikileaks, Anonymous, We Are Change, Occupy Camps and the Freemason's...

Freemasonry whether she likes it or not, has too got to come up to scratch and modernise itself, as it is us the public, and via our voices and voluntary all inclusive ‘truth movements’, whether they be the Occupy Camps, Wikileaks, Anonymous, We Are Change, 9/11 Truthers and any other peace group or organisation; that demand a far-reaching overall; “Radical Change” of our present system of governing, - it’s laws and regulations. 

For a modern world fit for the 21st…


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Blueprint to Defeat The New World Order

February 3, 2012

Alex Announces latest offensive against the Globalists: Blueprint to defeat the New World Order.

This week, Alex is announcing the first in many road trips where he is going to give his latest presentation: “Blueprint to defeat the New World Order.” The presentation will consist of a two hour lecture explaining the true depths of the New World Order system and solutions to defeating them. Alex will also be premiering a new…


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1917: J.P. Morgan bought US corporate media to be 1%’s lying sacks of spin?

Carl Herman

Washington’s Blog

January 29, 2012

Congressman Oscar Callaway lost his Congressional election for opposing US entry into WW 1. Before he left office, he demanded investigation into JP Morgan & Co for purchasing control over America’s leading 25 newspapers in order to…


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