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Not All Americans Are Fat, Lazy, Stupid, and Spoiled. Original Content.

I wrote this almost two years ago before I got laid off and went on unemployment. I still think it is relevant. I did some minor editing before posting.

By some pure accident of fate, I was born in the United States. I have live most of my life in lower Alabama, although I have lived in other states, and even other countries. I know that when overseas I was shocked to find people in there didn't view the world the same as Americans. They saw things from a different perspective. I…


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Michael Brown - The Big Picture

    The tendency to pick sides has never been as obvious as it is now. As far as the latest news goes, people are unbelievably blinded by their preconceived ideas and need to be on the winning side. The tragedy in Ferguson is no different. When the incident first happened, the residents of the area were understandably upset.


    The majority of residents are black. If the circumstances were the same except for Michael Brown being a young white man in a polo shirt, the…


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When Your Choices Affect Me - Original Content

I want to speak to all the substance abusers out there. Not the ones who go to the club once a week and have a few in a responsible way. Not the ones who have a little wine in the evening. Not the people who smoke a joint sometimes after a long hard day at work. I want to say something to the people who can't exist without mind altering substances. You are ruining other people's lives. What right do you have?

The guy that smokes pot several times a day every day. He can't hold a job…


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My Awakening - Original Content

Sometime between 1995 and 1997 my sister loaned me a book. Until that time I read a lot, but mostly science fiction novels. The title of the book was "En Route To Global Occupation" and was like nothing I had ever read. It was written from a Christian perspective, but that was OK because at the time I was a believing Christian. I now have my own religious beliefs, but take good things from many different religions. Reading that book was like dipping my toe in a pool to test the water before…


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Consent Not Required (Original Content)

With the threat of war looming over our heads once again like a recurring nightmare, many Americans are wondering how these slaughters keep happening. Haven't we been protesting? Writing our congressmen? Making and showing videos and posting our discontent on social media? Now that the congress has agreed to at least pretend to debate the issue, surely we won't bomb another country to oblivion for some secret agenda. But wait a minute. There is a missing piece of the puzzle most people are…


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Power Grid Failure and Attacks, The Government Reaction and Plans - Part One- Original Content

Much has been speculated about the possibility of a power grid failure and the role of the government in any such scenario. I am going to try to plow through the speculation. I would like to report on what is being said by both reliable sources and the fear porn industry. Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I suspect to find some truth. Government mouthpieces are notorious for telling bold faced lies to the public to further their agendas. Sometimes one must look beyond the obvious and…


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False Flag Attack – Pearl Harbor Original Content

A couple of the most controversial and inflammatory words thrown about the alternative news community are False Flag. Every time something newsworthy and terrible happens, glory-seeking attention grabbers are making claims of a false flag attack to anyone who will listen. I would like to sit back, take a breath, and examine some of the things we know about the concept. What does it mean? Who would do such a thing? Do we have any examples of concrete evidence? When one hears a term over and…


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Disconnect (Original Content)

This is not my usual blog material. I am not able to write on those subjects at the moment. It is more of a personal observation. It's is, however, about one of the forbidden subjects: Religion.

I am having a hard time reconciling things I see on the news and the internet with what I have seen with my own eyes. I see…


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Excerpt from The Series - The Amazing Vision of David Gould

This is an excerpt from The eBook I have talked about, and gives an idea of the type of information to be found there.

How many of you have a Social Security Number? Why? I don’t, and I would never dream of having one (I did at one time, of course). Are you aware that the first Social Security Numbers (they weren’t called that then, but were 9 digit identification numbers) were issued in the 1870s--to black slaves registering as citizens of the United States?

And how many of…


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My Get To Know The Site Night (Original Content)

A few weeks ago I decided to become an active participant in 12160. I realized today that I knew very little about it, what features it had, how to find things I was interested in or answers to my questions. So I spent several hours poking around. I looked at Site Tips+ Help. The link for that is WAY down at the bottom of every page on the right side. I investigated Groups, including 12160 Community & Help Groups. I read things written by site administrators. I clicked on a lot of the…


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Stop Making Us Look Like IDIOTS! Original Content

If there is one thing in the truth movement that makes me cringe in shock and embarrassment, it is the wild stories told as the next conspiracy. I understand that so many lies are told to us that it becomes difficult to know what is real. There really are terrible things that happen under suspicious circumstances. We don't need to exaggerate when investigating. The world is bad enough.

When the 777 crashed in San Francisco I heard the wildest theories about what really happened.…


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False Flag Operations – A Prologue Original Content

Does our government carry out false flag operations? The average conspiracy theorist yells a resounding "YES." But how do you know? Because you read it somewhere? Because the last terrible thing that happened surely looked like it, or there was an emergency drill nearby? Sometime the best answers come from asking questions and not just believing a story because we like the source that told it.

Let's go back in time and try to see what the government track record is concerning false…


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This is a highly paraphrased transcript of a video about CoIntelPro I shared from one of my WT friends today. In the video, the guy starts by explaining CoIntelPro, what and who it is. He gives examples and history. Then he talks about internet CoIntelPro methods. This is what held the most interest for me, but I would suggest watching the whole video if you are new to the subject. So here goes:


CLUTTER SEARCH ENGINES By making fake conspiracy vids and sites. They…


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Essay on Personal Rights, Growth, and Lifepath. Original Content

Most people agree that everyone has a right to their own point of view. However, most people also feel compelled to tell others why their viewpoint is the best, and how messed up anyone is that doesn't feel the same way they do. Day after day I see people ridiculing, persecuting, and generally being rude to others over religion, sexual orientation, politics, history, aliens, and almost anything else people feel strongly about.

I don't think all of that bad behavior is because there are…


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Another Blog Nobody Will Read, or - People Need to Change Their Minds...Really! Original Content

Somewhere in America, a young mother nurses her child. The television is on, playing some mindless reality show. She doesn't notice her baby's eyes searching for her own. She is too engrossed in the drama unfolding on the screen. Her baby finally closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep without the intimate contact of looking in his mother's eyes.

At the same time, a man reclines in his favorite chair. His laptop on his legs shows one of his internet games. He is proud of reaching level…


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Documented Evidence Concerning the Attack on the USS Liberty - Original Content

The USS Liberty is one of the most egregious examples of war crimes committed against US citizens with the knowledge of the US government on record. After decades of forced silence about the attack, veterans began telling their stories. That our government would be complicit in the coverup is so shocking, so horrible, that many refuse to believe it. However, there is ample evidence of outright lies told in official documents. Our leaders helped perpetuate the story the Israeli government…


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80 Years of Domestic and International Spying-Original Content

With all of the commotion stirred up lately by whistle blower Edward Snowden, this is a good time to review documents released by the US government concerning programs used to spy on the public. While Mr.Snowden did reveal the PRISM program, the US has had programs and facilities for decades that are used to collect private information. As times passes, the programs grow and become ever more invasive. Because of the lack of repercussions, the government is even more emboldened to peer into…


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Struggle to Find the Truth - From the Horse' mouth Original content

The struggle to find out the truth about the condition of our world is like walking a path covered by obstacles. Even if you are able to get passed the stumbling blocks, there are so many deceptive paths crossing your own, luring you on wild goose chases. The names of people in the truth movement are familiar to us all. Julian Assage, Edward Snowden, Adam Kokesh, and Alex Jones are all famous for revealing shocking information about The Powers That Be. The controversy that surrounds them is…


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"Destroying the New World Order"


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