Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)


I am only allocated 140 characters with respect to the:

'Latest Activity' - 'What Am I Up To' - feature on my profile.

That's clearly not enough (unless you're an illiterate Neanderthal).

Go Twitter!!

So I am initiating this FREE FLOW of 'Deep Space' thoughts in blog format,

(to outwit the character restraints).

This is raw, fertile ground to ferment material for my YouTube Channel

Deep Space



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Comment by Deep Space on Monday

4D Chess to me, means if you fuck up and make a catastrophic mistake there's somehow, someway some grand intelligence behind it all.

#Delusion #trump #Russia #Syria

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

Keep sending your checks to the IRS. Cause if you don't, all of this madness will end.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

It's over a million dollars for just one of those POS tomahawk missiles. +1 for the Deep State. US taxpayer loses again. Still no health care or infrastructure.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

:) Welcome to my World

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I have a birthmark on my head. It kinda looks like a '665' or a '667' if you squint your eyes. But it's definitely not a '666'. So I feel good about that.

So apparently I'm not the anti-Christ. What a load off my mind. 
Missed it by one digit.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I know I'm not the only gun owner who thought about this kind of shit.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I really hope no one ever breaks into my house & forces me to have to blow their brains out. I have a Rug Doctor but I never tested it out on human blood before. I'm just guessing I'd probably have to replace the carpet. 

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

So the stupid hicks I was talking to didn't understand why Russia's military tech is decades ahead of the US. It's because (I explained) the primary goal of the US military industrial complex is to drain as much money & wealth from the taxpayers as possible. Whereas the Russian military's primary goal is to make really good shit that works.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I was at a local liquor store in Connecticut. It's a beautiful state but there's a lot of stupid people here & our government is dogshit. Anyway I said to the guys, "I give Putin a lot of credit for not nuking this entire country, cause I probably would have. We should honor the man having restraint and then the whole conversation descended into Hell. I told them about Samart 2, a Russian nuclear missile that can destroy an area the size of Texas & their hypersonic glide missile & how America's $1.5 trillion F-35 is a POS. They didn't wanna hear it. Beautiful state but lots of stupid people. I can't recommend CT. Look elsewhere if you're gonna move.

Comment by Deep Space on Saturday

Wouldn't it be funny if Ivanka got raped and beheaded by one of trump's jihadi mercenaries that he's funding in Syria? I mean it wouldn't be totally funny, but it would be a little funny.


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