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Comment by Deep Space on September 24, 2018 at 1:02am

Judaism. Sadly that's another top major religion of psychosis.

The jews are into this Old Testament crap about a dickhead God that hates your fucking guts & if you stray a little to the right or left you spend eternity in Hell experiencing pure pain & torture that never ends.

Which tells me that the israelis don't really believe this crap either; because if they did, they wouldn't be genociding the Palestinians & stealing their Land; cause that Angry God that they purport to love so much would punish them for being major fucking assholes.

So I can easily toss Judaism into the trashbin of psychosis, along with Islam & Christianity (which has a zombie for a Messiah)

That's cool. One less major religion to even considering taking seriously...

What's left?

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on September 24, 2018 at 12:54am

There is no word 'religion' in the bible. Religions are man-made for the purpose of control.

Comment by Deep Space on September 24, 2018 at 12:30am

Christians believe that Jesus was God's son because he rose from the dead. But what if he was just a fucking zombie? That would kinda throw a monkey wrench into one of the world's top major religions.

I have no way to tell if Jesus was a zombie or not. but with one-hundred percent certainty it's been established that Muhammad was a pedophile, so that's at least one major religion of psychosis I can easily negate & wipe clean from my radar to take seriously ...

Comment by Deep Space on September 23, 2018 at 4:06pm

Alex Jones is one of those blind trumptarded zombies who consistently makes excuses for trump, regardless no matter what the fuck he does wrong (like funding ISIS & israel with your stolen tax dollars).

Hey Alex! I voted for trump too!

But he turned out to be just another NWO zionist war-mongering puppet, just like yourself.

Why won't you admit that the israeli Mossad pulled off 911 & the controlled demolitions of WTC1 WTC2 & WTC7? 

Do you really believe the Saudis did that?

Alex Jones is really stupid or a zionist sell-out.

Comment by Deep Space on September 23, 2018 at 2:59pm

And what is the government gonna do with the $300 difference I gotta pay for that refrigerator? Kick it back to you in the form of shit like health care or something positive?


They're just gonna use it to keep funding ISIS & the illegitimate, genocidal terrorist state of israel. (for starters)...

Comment by Deep Space on September 23, 2018 at 2:54pm

I gotta buy a fucking refrigerator. The one I want is $900. If I wait for Drumph's retarded tariffs to take effect, it's gonna be $1200...

Comment by Deep Space on September 23, 2018 at 2:49pm

Had an awesome convo with a Chinese guy who owns a local Chinese restaurant I frequent.

I started off by saying North & South Korea wanna re-unify & kick out the evil war-mongering Americans.

I'll paraphrase him: he said; “Most everyone wants peace; it's just a few *psychopaths* in control who want perpetual war. Not everyone else.”

[He didn't actually use the the word “psychopath”. He used the word “psychos”.]

Nice to know that I'm not the only one to realize our governments are batshit crazy Satanic vessels & most of Us just wanna live in Harmony...

Too bad dipshit, clueless zio-controlled, Drumpf (who supports ISIS & bitches about Iran who hasn't started a war in over 200 years while israel is butchering Palestinians left & right & stealing their Land & bombing Syria, who is fighting ISIS & let's not forget israel PULLED OFF 9/11 FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!)

has no idea what I'm talking about...

He fucking appointed the likes of Satanic, NWO zionist minions like *JOHN FUCKING BOLTON" & "NIKKI FUCKING HALEY"...

(big fucking deep-ass sigh)

Why did we waste our time pimping this trump pig?

We all might as well have stayed home on election day & let Hillary take it...

Same fucking difference.

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on September 23, 2018 at 1:33pm

Looks like you are the best military strategist around.

Comment by Deep Space on September 23, 2018 at 1:19pm

I'm no military strategist, but I think Putin should nuke tel aviv & ease all the tensions in the Middle East once & for All.

If the NWO zionist, PNAC war-mongers in the US military industrial complex, wanna nuke the whole planet & Humanity into oblivion as a response;

because what needed to be done; was done; to achieve Global Equilibrium & Peace; than so be it.

There's nothing to lose at that Point.

The thousand or so of those Satanic zionist blood-suckers go deep into their bunkers; live out the last remaining five, maybe ten years of their lives (15 if they're lucky) in a hole & Mother Nature picks a new species to dominate the Earth. Just like she did with the dinosaurs...

I personally would be really interested to see what comes after human beings...

Maybe like a really smart monkey-dinosaur hybrid that's not evil like the jews or muslims.

That would be cool.

If they had wings & could fly that would be a total plus.

Comment by Deep Space on September 23, 2018 at 12:29pm

I am equally appalled by the trumptards who blindly defend him for his incompetency & stupidity (like supporting ISIS & the terrorist apartheid state of israel (with your fucking stolen tax dollars) as I am those who blindly hate him for all the wrong reasons...

(No he is NOT a fucking racist who sucks Putin's cock)

Very few people seem capable of accessing actual issues (one-by-one) & separating them from their own emotions & attachments & the Cult Of Personality...

Most people don't hate or love trump for the right reasons.

Most people are braindead, brainwashed zombies who haven't a clue about what's occurring in this world Right Now...

Most people are asleep & easily manipulated.

I know that there's nothing I personally can do to change that fact;

except to know that I am not like that.

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