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Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)



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Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

The thing I've noticed about comedy is that it hurts.Your mind just starts to go crazy making up jokes as a defense mechanism against pain & that's not funny.

I just made a joke about how comedy isn't funny. That's deep shit.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

Porn is such a waste of time. We're gonna do a new position. I'm gonna fuck you on the couch with your right leg sticking up in the air & we're still gonna be totally depressed people who make like minimum wage. 

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

I've watched a lot of porn & my conclusion is that people who are addicted to sex are total dirtbags. It's just another addiction. How long does an orgasm last? 3 seconds max. Alcohol lasts like weeks or years even.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

So I have 3 sisters I totally open up to them about the fact I drink too much. One of my sisters is advising me to go SMART recovery. Which makes sense cause I don't like AA. It doesn't resonant for me. I do not the like idea of identifying with a disease or a disorder. I find that very disempowering. 

I'm looking into to it.

She's says I need support.

But I'm an introvert & introverts don't seek support from other people because by nature we just don't like other people or rely on them.

(my girlfriend is a psychologist & she's totally gonna bitch me out about that last joke)

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

I'm not an alcoholic. I choose not to identity my entire sense of beingness with a problem. Alcohol is a shit drug. I don't recommend it for anyone. If you're gonna get hooked on a drug pot is the way to go. It's so benign & tame. Not like meth or coke or opioids.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

I don't know if you noticed but 95% of the posts I post on this blog I'm drunk.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

My girlfriend's house is awesome but I'm too scared to give her the power of being able to kick me out anytime she wants.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

And it's a basement unit so it gets very humid in the summer time. Between the fact I smoke & have a cat it stinks.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

The next door neighbor at my condo unit fucked up the hook-up to their washing machine & my place got flooded. This isn't the first time that has happened. A gay couple on the 3rd floor fucked up the hook up to their ice machine on their refrigerator. I got flooded. And then there another time someone on the 6th floor burnt something which set off the sprinklers. 6 floors got drenched. And then there's about a half dozen times people's air conditioning units clogged up & leaked into my unit. And sometimes the drain (it's a common drain clogs that floods my unit too). I'm sick & tired of this shit. The only reason why I keep this rathole is cause I don't wanna live with my girlfriend 100% of the time. That's actually the secret to our success as far as relationships go. Space works & is very healthy but also can get very wet.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

So I was thinking about what the hottest race is. White people are the prettiest race. Black people. I'm sorry but you're not a very good looking race. Don't it take it personally. Asians? There's some hot Asians but unfortunately they all look alike. Indians. I love Indian women. Indian women are gorgeous. They're just not as hot as white women. But they can't help it. It's just a DNA flaw.


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