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Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

Yeah. Voting doesn't work.

Of all the times I've ever voted, only once did the person I voted for ever won.
And that was trump.

And he turned out to be a zionist Deep State cock-sucker.

So yeah, I'm pretty fucking jaded when it comes to voting.

I thought I won the lotto when trump got elected;

but then they stiffed me on the pay-out.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

I think the nigga shoulda hired two white guys instead of two black guys to make the story more believable.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

That Jussie Smollett isn't really good at racist false flags.
If he was, he woulda hired two white guys to beat him up instead of two black guys.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

Jussie Smollett Refuses to Meet Chicago Police, Hires Crisis Management Firm

Yeah that's what I would do if I had nothing to hide. - DS

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

Alex Jones is selling energy drinks & protein bars now. He told me l should buy his shit to fund his operation to fight the globalists, but I have reservations. Cause when I told him that the globalists were zionists he hung up on me.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

It's kinda funny that US tax payer dollars pay AIPAC to pay US politicians to fund fake Ashkenazi jews to slaughter & genocide Palestinians in occupied Palestine.

I'm not a zionist.
I don't see the pay-off.

Someone please enlighten me...

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

We all have to eventually face Reality (eventually)
I personally think it's probably easier to face It sooner, rather than later. :)

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

You want peace & comfort? You ain't gonna find it in this world/matrix. You gotta dive deep withIn to catch that Drift.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I say ship all the fake jew Askenazis currently occupying Palestine to California. Californians love foreign invader parasites.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

Hello? Is anyone here?

The fake jews currently occupying Palestine aren't even Semites.
They're fucking Ashkenazi converts from Khazar.

Just look at 'em.

You don't even have to have a degree in genetics to tell that they're not from the Middle East.

They were implanted like that slimy parasite thing in the movie 'Alien' in someone's stomach.

The Palestinians are true, genuine, authentic Semites.

But shitloads of money pumped into US politicians' bank accounts from AIPAC can kinda fuck up people's perception of reality.

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