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Last night, as most know, Donald Trump, surrounded by bellowing Chicken Hawk idiots like Nikki Haley and John Bolton, launched precision air strikes on Syria, based on a provable British lie.

It is claimed by idiots that Assad launched a chemical weapons attack on civilians after he had won a contested war with Islamist terrorists for control of the Damascus suburb called Douma and whilst President Trump was considering withdrawing U.S. troops from his country. This followed a week of British generated war propaganda replete with fake and incendiary images created to dupe the very stupid into believing somehow that Putin eats human flesh and Assad spends all his time torturing infants and puppies. What is most rotten about this strike is that the President joined his own worst enemies, the British and French imperialists, in a step toward war with Russia and China.

Many of the President's most fervid supporters who fought with us all week to prevent this from happening have emerged this morning to declare all is lost. That is most definitely not the case and reflects the kind of political impotence and pessimism which will doom us. Donald Trump won the election because the people revolted against a system, the Anglo-Dutch imperial political system, which Lyndon LaRouche cites as the real enemy which has taken over and ruined our country. Trump has tried to keep the promises of his election but faces a very determined enemy intent on its survival which threatens to jail and assassinate him 24 hours a day. If the people who supported an end to imperial wars, a rebirth of American creativity, manufacturing, and scientific progress, an end to the Wall Street casino economy, don't come out and fight now, if you are depending on one man to accomplish all of this without yourself engaging and organizing to create a real future, yes, all could be lost. We will be on an inexorable path to war with Russia and China and the probable extinction of the human race, because along the way we lost, as LaRouche warns, the moral fitness to survive—the unique ability of human beings to change "reality."
Think. The British lies at the center of the coup against Donald Trump, the British lies about the related Skripal poisoning, the British lies about the chemical weapons attack in Douma now stand exposed as a result of our work. Facts are now within popular knowledge about the nature of the enemy which have not been known since Franklin Roosevelt set out to end British colonialism after World War II. Blowback is now already occurring in Britain, in France, throughout the world. While the Anglo-Americans endlessly explain that those exposing these lies are agents of a foreign power, their hysteria is really that the Emperor really now no longer has any clothes. A movement is being born now to fulfill what was only mooted in the 2016 election. Our first goal is to secure a Congress of thinking human beings in the Congressional elections of 2018 while we continue to fight to expose and eliminate the Anglo-American swamp surrounding the President. Will you join us and volunteer with LaRouchePAC?

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Comment by Larry Flinchpaugh on April 14, 2018 at 1:51pm

I'm often labeled as Anti-Semitic which I am not except for Jews who are anti-Gentile.  I explain that my negative views about Israel are not criticizing the true religious Jews but rather the atheist Zionist Jews who are running the Israeli government.  These Jews cannot trace their ancestry back to the Jews in the Bible.

Comment by DTOM on April 14, 2018 at 11:59am

Britain, France and the US are controlled by a foreign transnational power, that has manipulated these countries and world politics for centuries.

Please don't say or use such generic terms as: 'The British', 'The French'  etc  - please identify the British Government / Establishment  as such.

THEY do NOT represent the people of Britain, France and the US, THEY act deliberately against the interests of their native population (going beyond subverting them, now seeking to replace them), nor are any of these governments accountable to their own people.



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