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Memorial Day WWII Recall-Tank Duels

Image result for images of WWII American tanks

The year is late 1944 and after American military intelligence has noted repeated slaughters of M-4 Sherman tank crews at the hands of the Nazis and their Panzer IV, Tiger 1, Tiger 2's, and Super Tiger tanks. The M-4 Sherman was a medium tank never intended to go head to head with the mighty German armor. It was intended for troop support. An old saying of the Germans was, "10 US tanks are not as good as 1 German tank, but there's always…


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Fauci Architect of the Covid 19 Pandemic

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After 18 months of misleading statements, denial of cheap effective drugs such as hydroxychlorolquine, trying to misdirect the origin of the corona virus origin from Wuhan, and even first telling the American people not to worry about the looming crisis into trying to prevent states from opening up and removing the masked mandates, Anthony Fauci has been far from being a trustworthy authority. Why aren't the Democrats asking why would…


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California Cafe Charges Patrons $5 for Wearing Masks: ‘It’s Their Choice’

SOURCE: Breitbart

Fiddleheads Cafe

Courtesy of Chris Castleman


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Ministry of Truth 2.0

Ministry of Truth 2.0

Source: the epoch times

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is reportedly considering the development of tools that would help America’s children discern…


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Pristine Intentions

Image result for images of tragic clowns

Pristine Intentions

The pristine intentions of a clown

You always thought your judgment was sound

In reality you were floundering around

No wonder you were always earthbound,

Love was supposedly a sacred thing

Failure of human nature and shortlived flings

Broken hearts and tarnished…


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Vaccinated Massage Therapist a Covid Spreader

May 27, 2021


"My experience is that people who get Covid injections become vectors of contagion to the un-injected."…


Added by Chris of the family Masters on May 28, 2021 at 3:47pm — 4 Comments

Crystalline recollections

Image result for images of a lonely night

Crystalline recollections

A library becomes isolation row

A place to lay my mortal soul

Books certainly won't console

Where I play in the fatalistic role,

A collection of knowledge they say

Perhaps a good place to run away

Not like an empty house in…


Added by Doc Vega on May 28, 2021 at 3:30pm — 2 Comments

Wish I had succeeded

Image result for images of abandoned parents

Wish I had succeeded

The moonlight obscured by the trees

The starlight I can't even see

Praying to the Lord on bended knee

Will anything ever save me?

Once I thought it could be love

Some princess dreams are made of

But for the world of push and shove

No miracles it seems to rise above,…


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The Official Rachel Maddow Melt Down on MSNBC

Image result for wacky images of Rachel Maddow

Wednesday night on May 26th man look-a-like leftist brain trust and so called TV Journalist for MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, a vehement hater of President Trump and conservative values went on record as disapproving of the effort to audit suspected vote fraud. In the 5 battle ground states that as opposed to all others that fell like dominoes to Trump during election night, mysteriously, they displayed delays and irregular procedures or had last…


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The Conspiracy To Destabilize the US Dollar

Image result for images of a failing US Dollar

There are already so many possible ways for our enemies foreign and domestic to put America into an unrecoverable flat spin that could never have happened had "We the People" been more patriotic and better informed, or had the Democrats been acting in good faith as a Constitutional political party, but this has not happened. Joe Biden acting as a lame duck president with those in the shadows dictating all the damaging policies is now the…


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If You Think Being Vaxed is a Good Idea

Image result for funny images of covid vax


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CDC Issues Warning to Doctors to Report Cases of Heart Problems from Kids After Covid Shot!

Image result for images of CDC covid 19

CDC Bulletin on WBAP Radio in Dallas

While driving this morning around 10:30 AM I listened to consevrative talk radio AM 820 when this news item was released. Accordign to the CDC an alert has been issued to all doctors asking them to report cases of young children complaining of chest pains after having been vaccinated with the Covod 19 shot. This condition cames from hardening of the arteries,…


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UFO Sky Watching Party Reveals Amazing Footage

Eceti Skywatch Mothership?

Added by Doc Vega on May 25, 2021 at 1:47pm — No Comments

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