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Destruction of the Last Beacon of Light


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Have we finally reached the precipice of total propaganda saturation to where the official version of the news is complete tripe, only theories that might be plausible are prominent, and conjecture becomes more substantial than it really is? What are the facts as we know them to be? We know that through an evolution of the press that it has been largely compromised when one realizes that of the 4,000 prominent news reporters and…


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More Rats in Your Skull Over the Ukraine Crisis? Can you say Operation Northwoods?

Dirty Bombs, Dirty Generals

 By Anna Von Reitz

Right now, we know for a fact that there is at least one “dirty” M Class Nuclear Device (or, as Inspector Clusoe would say, “a bimb” moving restlessly back and forth in the vicinity of New York City.  

That  thing is wandering around like a migrating opossum, traveling irresolutely around the Eastern Seaboard in some kind of truck.  Northern New Jersey, down to Baltimore, back up the pike to…


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How History Repeats Itself in the US, China, Russia, and Germany & the True Cause

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It’s been said over and over again and apparently it has encountered deaf ears or indoctrinated minds. Remember that old arcane expression, “when the lessons of history are ignored history is doomed to repeat itself.” In the last two years since President Trump was unseated by massive election fraud we have seen America slide back into a pit of vipers selling out our country and its people. Every time evil is used to attain a goal of…


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More Historic Similarities to the Ukraine Crisis

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The year is 1938 and on September 29th Hitler who has demanded the annexation of the Sudeten Land to bring it under German control, forcing France and Great Britain to acquiesce under the aegis of the Munich agreement. The Fuhrer now knows that the League of Nations will avoid war at any cost, and in coming months will take Austria without a fight and begin a massive military offensive against Poland. Still, the allies do…


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Precise Parallels between the Current Situation and Pre-World War II

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War in the Ukraine with Russia, a Canadian Communist police state, Taiwan threatened by Communist China, not to mention tensions in the South China Sea between the US Navy and Chinese aggression, and what do you have? A plausible analogy of a previous equivalent in history, the beginning of World War II. In this I will draw exact parallels that are disturbingly like the buildup of international tensions that precipitated war. As much as I…


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The Liars of the Biden Regime-Don’t Believe Anything They Say

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In December as the sudden and botched withdrawal operation of the Biden clown house we heard all kinds of lies such as “No Americans left behind enemy line!” “We will assist the Afghans with military support” “We will not allow the Taliban to dictate terms to the US”, was this supposed to be funny or simply another insult to our intelligence? What actually happened?

Image result for Afghan tragedy

Proof is in the…


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Anna Von Reitz Weighs in On The Ukrainian Crisis but I don't Completely Agree

What I Expect

 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember a year or so ago I told you that Turkey is the key to the Ukraine and Eastern Mediterranean?  Remember why? 

Because Turkey has a million man Army and the Turks are among the most ferocious fighters in the world. 

So if you want to know who kicks butt — it’s the Turks and the Greeks and only secondarily the Russians. This is the way it is and the way it has always been, though the…


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Mistress of Fate

Image result for Lost Lovers. Size: 136 x 100. Source: <a href= .

Mistress of Fate

I tried to make you into something you never could be

Kind, considerate, and drama free

I might as well have been adrift at sea

You never lived up to your words that you loved me,

Love and life so much like glass

Smooth and shiny like those who…


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The Illusion of Debt and How Unaccountable Bureaucrats Have Defrauded Us by Anna Von Reitz

There Is No Debt. Joe's Hamburger Shop 2.0

 By Anna Von Reitz…


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Is a World War II Scenario Playing Out With China and Russia?

Ukraine is apparently ripe for the picking now as Russian forces move into the country. Putin, obviously untrifled by Head Clown Biden’s ineffectual sanctions on limited regions of the Ukraine territory much like Hitler in 1939 and the Sudetenland, will have little resistance to deal with if any. Thanks to Joe…


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Could America Become Like the Canadian Police State?

Image result for Tea Party political

Waiting for the next shoe to drop? Wondering when America takes the socialist totalitarian dive? Well, it’s already here, ladies and gentlemen, when the Tea Party first began expressing their rage over out of control spending by Obama and the Democrats they found that federal agencies could be used to target them. Lois Lerner of the IRS sent hateful e-mails concerning the Tea Party within her IRS offices, and the Obama White House began…


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She's Monkey Branching

Image result for women monkey branching

She’s Monkey Branching


Here she comes she’s monkey branching to me

Monkey branching from another man to be free

She’s on her way no reason to commit or stay

She’s monkey branching it’s always been her way,…


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Reflections on a Sunday

Image result for images of a Sunday afternoon

Reflections on a Sunday

A quiet Sunday afternoon sitting in this room

Contemplating why all the gloom?

Just as peaceful as a tomb

And as silent as an opaque moon,

When does it all end?

Will I ever find another friend?

Where are those messages she sends?

Broken hearts don't ever quite mend,…


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The Biden Administration and its Wrong Priorities

You might just want to ask yourself that how it is that Joe Biden is so worried about Russia crossing the Ukraine border while he had already allowed some 2 million illegal aliens from 150 foreign countries to brazenly trespass over the US southern border, has interfered with Governor Abbot’s efforts to secure the…


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A Brilliant and Timely Song With the Ukraine Tensions in Current Mode

A really excellent band back when real music and real musicians were being recorded Sandy Denny was an uncanny female vocialist original and talented in the band Fotheringay formerly Fairport Convention. Interestingly Cat Steven's Drummer plays on this tune and does an superb job. At a time during the Vietnam War this song typifies the futility of couples in love caught in the jaws of war even though this song is set in the 19th Century during Great…


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Just What Happened to Your Constitutional Republic?

Image result for Benjamin Franklin

In 1776 when asked by a woman as the Continental Congress adjourned after drafting the US Constitution, Benjamin Franklin replied, “A Constitutional Republic if you can keep it.”

Image result for Vietnam War

Failure of Americans

He was prophetic in his response. Ben Franklin might have had doubts in future generations of Americans to keep the fire of freedom and liberty burning. Even in 1960 when President Eisenhower…


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Sarah Palin refused Justice Once Again

Below, you will see how conservatives are typically treated by the mainstream press. Before Jurors could even arrive at a verdict the judge presiding, a Hillary Clinton appointee, had already stated that he would throw out the case! Hence, the New York Times and other sources of fake news lauded by the Democrats are exonerated and given the go signal to continue assassinating the character of Republicans, conservatives, and Christians.…


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Why the Government Constantly Insults Our Intelligence

Image result for fake news


You see it on the news and on the radio almost every single day. Some new distraction from actions that would provoke prosecution for a normal citizen but results in no consequences for those in power. The government counts heavily upon your ignorance, your inability to connect the dots, and your willingness to accept their absurd explanations. The news agencies have degenerated to simply talking parrots,…


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Anna Von Reitz Reveals Why Government is Counterproductive and Refuses to Listen to the People

A Simple Explanation of how our governments have been converted to a corrupt business model that has no interest in providing for the people other than profiting off them and using taxation as a way of profiteering as well off the people.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

A Message to…


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All Over a Tease

See the source image

All Over a Tease

Didn't intend to be a loner you see

But the loss of all my loved ones drained me

I guess I was destined to be set adrift in the sea

What those that you trust will do to you, almost funny,

Trying to think about things that are a bit more sunny…


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