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(Islam in Europe) Documentary how Arab and African Immigrants Destroying Europe

I am not sure how to embed a youtube video with the tools here I have attempted in html and visual and it appears on the links shows  sorry but another youtube video worth watching how this is affecting European countries

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Why there must be WAR, in my honest opinion from age they say comes wisdom ,,yet

From years of wisdom is superseded by fear. Fear usually wins ,,but should we allow it to win? Nah,,

From what I can surmise the entire ordeal surrounding war or even the threat of war is based on the love of POWER. Power comes in a various forms, riches, wealth, royalties, which can be land, commodities or just simply cash or resources. 

Most wars are over land, and land alone is not the sole reason for war. The resources and or history, or location or commodities such as Oil…


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why Euromaiden needs more recognition :

 Well to put it mildly they had the most progressive revolt in recent history. They made a stand and prevailed. They lost lives, yet they stood up to a policed state and held their ground, even when they were tricked and lost ground, they went after it and took it back. They learned how to combat evil and unconstitutional methods of attack, which were an attempt to terrorize them into submission. Instead they rallied more support and were educated in how to combat against these unorthodox…


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It has been a while, yet I am not finished

I haven't been online very much the past half a year or so, yet I am not finished and want to update people in regard to my personal accounting.

Back in 2013 my life was sent into a whirlwind of turmoil. My son was arrested in August of 2013. Mind you I have done a fairly decent job raising him as a single mother of two mentally challenged sons. Our lives were on track until both of them were over medicated while living in Florida. They returned to PA with the attitude that they did…


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the most scary discussion most recently

On a recent excursion to the doctors with my mother an interesting conversation took place in the car ride there and then resumed on the way home.

We were discussing a message left with the doctor which was interceeded by the nurse who we presume took it upon herself to involve herself with the treatment option this of course would never have happened 30 years ago but prompted an intense discussion in regard to the current path of medical care and how it is so impersonalized yet our…


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now considering that the population at large is far more than

those employed to "control" Us.. then if we did want them there and were fed up with what is happening then we could easily resolve this once and for all couldn't we so if death by police is a serious threat there is no doubts that this can be stopped. that is if we take action before the military steps in once that happens there is little hope that we have a chance to undo the damage.. and if martial law is in place it is too late right now..

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law enforcement who have died since 1889,, compare the numbers and see

Year-by-Year Breakdown of Law Enforcement Deaths throughout U.S. History

Year Officers Year Officers

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Death by Police: the statistics will shock you

I do not know what is happening here, yet even though population per capita has increased exponentially there seems to be a shocking amount of deaths at the hands of law enforcement. Our tax money.. should not be paying those who are supposed to serve and protect us  if they are allowed to beat us or shoot us. Now I know there are justifiable and rational explanations to some situations, I am far from unreasonable, yet there seems to be far too many where the ends do not justify the means.…


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Understanding the World and making sense of the lies. It is all in the meaning of words

Alright I know I have been away from my POST lately but never forget the on going battle we are faced with. I have been busy warning people. While I was in the midst of writing a letter to a family member I decided to share that with the world as well or whomever will be interested. Click below on the link: This is where I will be posting more information as I have time to take notes in regard to this topic. The key element and basic understanding of the lies we are told can be found in the…


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The Bottom line

After serious consideration of the world events and how much war and hatred is among everyone the bottom line is that it boils down to basically this in a nut shell:

While there are a small percentage of every nationality or every culture maybe 5 - 10 % that are pure evil,

I am certain this number may vary depending on how organized due to certain events that stimulate hostility.

That being said the majority are peaceable people, wanting to work out the indifference and…


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Tired of being sick running to doctors bills being tired try this it DOES work

apple cider vinegar benefits

I was first introduced to apple cider vinegar (ACV for short) several years ago after  my mother shared with me how my grandmother managed to avoid going to the doctors for her entire lifetime.  I have been reaping the many other health benefits associated with a little ACV as a part of my daily routine. ACV has been credited for its many medicinal properties for years and it really is a cure-all remedy. While I have not used the topical suggestions to…


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One change that has hurt our society over the decades

Not everyone is going to agree with this blog, yet I am willing to go out on a limb here and put it out there, because I firmly believe that it has hurt the world and society as a whole.

The fact that man used to be considered a provider and protector has more recently been eliminated from the course which in turn has taken away their identity in a household. Women used to think of them as the "Head of a Household"; today they are just another person.

Men no longer have a value…


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I am sure I am not the first person to wonder about this and I hope not the first one to post this question: WHat if: since they have the technology and they hide so much other facets of our lives.

They are growing clone armies to come in and take us out of the picture Seems like right after "Dolly" those fema mass stacked coffins were revealed.. so who is to say they are not in the process of creating a disposable army to rid the world of the useless humans who are sucking the life…


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Recently unsealed documents concerning aliens and other facets of our world

What are most of your thoughts regarding these newly released documents, and why do you think now they are being released? is this more of the propaganda? I believe that most of the movies have a great bit of truth behind the stories and plots. Not all but most play into the unfolding of events. Part of the psychological warfare they use against us? preparation for what may be on the horizon or another way to keep us distracted and in fear of our lives.. intimidation methods?

I will…


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death of Kelly Thomas.. and many more

I have followed horrific news throughout the years and I have to say they are getting more and more gruesome with each passing year.. this was one of the most unbelieveable beatings I have seen police involved in. and he was just minding his own business and seemingly lost his way.  but on this horrible summer day in July 2011.. the day after  a holiday his life was literally taken from him and he lay in a coma for days after until he was called to the other side..…


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which theory of 9/11 do you support?

 after considering many different views this one seems to be the most compelling

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No Currency System; Part II

I find no offense in your comments or suggestion to finish the work myself, yet I am not qualified either on the creation of a complete entire system my self as I have never been in charge of anymore than 3 people let alone a complete community of people, so there fore structuring the function of one is way beyond my comprehension. I structured this rough draft from thoughts I have been tossing around in my mind over the past month or so and finally decided to put it to paper before…


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Oh my GOD check this out I stumbled onto it and cant believe what i am seeing

ITANIMULLI.COM this is illuminati back ward copy and paste into a search feild and see what web page comes up ,,, that's right the NSA  Nation Security Association.. .. WTH is going on here.. and people do not believe  that we are subject to false flags..that our government is behind some of the most heinous acts in the world and we are still allowing this to happen. Why do so  many other countries hate us so much.. why do some align…


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a step in the right direction breaking free of the chains

I plan on building a tiny home.. I am starting with a trailer camper towable for now.. with flex solar panels and an inverter to generate my own power so not to kill my batteries.

then when i can afford it I plan to purchase property and build a tiny home on it with the full green package.  then work on my own garden and nut and berry bushes and trees.  I will ask what is left of my family to join me as well,, but there are only 2 offspring that will live past  20 years and only 5…


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A World Without Currency can you Imagine?

Now this is all in the really primal stages and completely a ROUGH Draft, BUT we have to start somewhere and work together at creating a system that will function without money,, money is the reason why we war and fight and power and corruption are the end result ... which means humanity suffers the good perish and the evil and bad eggs rule it all .. so we must start somewhere .. 

A Truly FREE World

Let's imagine for a while that we could do anything we wanted (within reason of…


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"Destroying the New World Order"



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