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Flashback: Scalia says there’s nothing unconstitutional about executing the innocent.

Almost two decades ago, Troy Anthony Davis was convicted of murder and sentenced to die. Since then, seven of the witnesses against him have recanted their testimony, and some have even implicated Sylvester “Redd” Coles, a witness who testified that Davis was the shooter. In light of the very real evidence that Davis could be innocent of the crime that placed him on death row, the Supreme Court today invoked a rarely used procedure giving Davis an opportunity to challenge his conviction.…


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Download /Torrent :"CitizenFour" Complete Laura Poitras Documentary about Edward Snowden,

 In January 2013, Laura Poitras started receiving anonymous encrypted e-mails from "CITIZENFOUR," who claimed to have evidence of illegal covert surveillance programs run by the NSA in collaboration with other intelligence agencies worldwide. Five months later, she and reporters Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill flew to Hong…


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Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) will confiscate infant if entire family doesn’t get flu shots

Agency will confiscate infant if entire family doesn’t get flu shots

A foster mom takes a stand against medical mandates imposed on her family.


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What do you really know about your own religion? Why You Think Like You do!

What do you really know about your own religion? One that was imposed on you normally due wherever you so happen to be born and when “they” first make “their” claim on you by giving you a number that remains with you for the rest of your life, - your name can change, but never your number.

Most of you understand that technically whoever is…


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20 Hurt in Simi Valley Fireworks Explosion: Police

14 Hurt in SoCal Fireworks Explosion: Police

NBC Southern California-

More than a dozen Fourth of July celebrants were injured Thursday night in a…


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10 signs you’re about to be living under Tyranny

10 signs you’re about to be living under Tyranny:

  1. The highest elected Official and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces does NOT have the highest security clearance. No other elected officials have oversight.

  2. The names of bills and groups have the opposite of their meaning, such as the Patriot Act, Tea Party and Citizens United.

  3. Due process is removed under the guise of safety and national security. The label of Terrorists removes all of…


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Vt. police: Man angry about arrest used tractor like monster truck to crush 7 cop vehicles

MONTPELIER, Vt. - Working in a stout former bank building with windows closed and air conditioners humming, Orleans County sheriff's deputies didn't know what was happening in their parking lot until a neighbour called 911.

A man…


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Europol chief warns about 'lone wolf' jihadist threat

24 Mar 2012

With France's deadly attacks, Islamic [sic] terror has apparently struck once more in the heart of Europe - and authorities say there's a dangerous twist: the emergence of homegrown extremists operating independent of any known networks, making them hard to track and stop. "We have a different kind of jihadist threat emerging and it's getting stronger," Europol chief Rob Wainwright…


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Where is Sabina Eriksson M6 Motorway Madness Killer - MKULTRA - Super Strength Soldier? Part II©

Where is Sabina Eriksson?…

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Who’s tracking you online? Interview with Mozilla’s Mark Surman

Excerpt from a TV interview with Mozilla’s Executive Director, Mark Surman, about Mozilla’s Collusion add-on, aired on Public Television Ontario (TVO).

Full interview is here.…


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Army Considering Reprimanding Soldier Who Appeared With Ron Paul

Fresh figures once again show Paul received more military donations than all other candidates combined

Steve Watson

January 5, 2012

Ron Paul

The US Army said Wednesday that it is considering disciplining Reserve Corporal Jesse Thorsen, the soldier who spoke out against a militaristic foreign policy at Ron Paul’s post-Iowa caucuses rally.

After being cut short during a CNN…


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Why The Globalist Agenda Is Backfiring

Zen Gardner

Before Its News

December 21, 2011

Think about it. The more people who lose their homes and material wealth in this manipulated downturn, the more people who stop, think and re-evalute. The more people who realize the financial and political situation is engineered for the good of a very few and not the people, the more…


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Gingrich Labels Ron Paul’s Entire Support Base As “People Who Want To Legalize Drugs”

Newt boils down Congressman’s message in snipe attack

Steve Watson

December 23, 2011

Ron Paul

The allegation is clear, Newt Gingrich’s latest assertion that Ron Paul’s “volunteer base is people who want to legalize drugs” is designed to create the impression that anyone who votes for Paul is at best socially irresponsible or at worst a crack addled junkie.

The former speaker…


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Why Iceland Should Be in the News But Is Not

By Deena Stryker

An Italian radio program’s story about Iceland’s on-going revolution is a stunning example of how little…


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UC Davis professor demands chancellor resign over pepper-spraying of students

A University of California, Davis professor is calling for the chancellor to step down, saying she is to blame for police pepper-spraying students during an Occupy protest on campus.

"You are responsible for it because this is what happens when UC Chancellors order police onto our campuses to disperse peaceful…


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(work in progress)





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Anyone not in Japan thats fearful about fallout hitting them is a complete idiot, heres why.


Nuclear program start date

21 October 1939
First nuclear weapon test 16 July 1945
First fusion weapon test 1 November 1952
Last nuclear test 23 September 1992…

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