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Islamic/Antifa links of Florida Mass Shooter was CAIR Follower, “Allahu Akbar” #BLM

The mass murderer was immersed in Islamic and leftwing hate.

Nicolas Cruz has been arrested after opening fire on a Florida high school on Ash Wednesday, leaving as many as 17 dead and up to 50 injured. According to a former math teacher of Cruz at the school, he had been previously…


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President Trump: Fighting the ‘Morlocks’ One Battle at a Time

The President just established a new Federal Office…with the express purpose of enabling the American citizen to have recourse against mandatory vaccines. As incredible as that sounds, it is accurate. This information was posted by Jim Stone at Tapestry, and here is an excerpt, taken from the website of U.S. Dept. of HHS that Stone references:

“The Conscience and Religious Freedom Division has been established to restore federal enforcement of our nation’s laws that protect the…


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BREAKING: Senate Judiciary Committee to Release Memo on FBI, Christopher Steele and Russia Dossier

Media was set ablaze after the House Intelligence Committee released their classified FISA memo on Friday morning.

The Deep State and Dems are in a panic as the world sees the FBI was weaponized to target Trump’s political campaign.

It turns out the Senate Judiciary Committee also has a memo on Christopher Steele, the FBI and Russia dossier they are working to declassify. Their memo is set to be released including FBI redactions shortly.

Here comes the tsunami.



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“Tip of The Iceberg” – The Intelligence Memo is The Beginning, Not The End…

There continue to be questions about the substance behind the pending release of the House Intelligence Committee memo. With that release in mind, today it is worthwhile remembering this is the beginning of exposing the corruption within the DOJ not the end.

For several years the U.S. justice department has maintained an attitude of non-accountability within its ranks. The Obama years elevated that attitude and provided multiple examples of a DOJ gone rogue.

A complicit media…


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Republican memo likely to be released Thursday: White House official

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Republican memo alleging anti-Trump bias at the FBI and U.S. Justice department is likely to be released on Thursday, a White House official said on Wednesday.

The FBI said earlier on Wednesday it had “grave concerns” about the accuracy of the top-secret House Intelligence Committee memo, challenging President Donald Trump’s pledge to release it.…


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White House Chief Of Staff: FISA Memo Will Be Released ‘Quickly’

The White House will release a classified memo compiled by House Republicans on the intelligence committee, Chief of Staff John Kelly said on Fox News Radio Wednesday.

The memo — assembled by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes — allegedly illustrates broad abuse of surveillance powers by the Department of Justice and the FBI.

“It will be released here pretty quick, I think, and then the whole world can see it,” Kelly declared, adding that he had read the…


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Australian government's worst-ever state-secrets leak: accidentally selling filing cabinets full of classified docs in a surplus store

Australian national broadcaster ABC has gotten hold of a massive trove of state secrets that were inadvertently sold off in a pair of cheap, locked filing cabinets purchased from a Canberra junk-shop that specialises in government surplus furniture.

ABC has inventoried and summarised the intelligence to be found in these cases, including memos detailing the mass-scale loss of hundreds of (different) secret files by the Australian Federal Police, which apparently was covered up with no…


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House Intel Committee Votes To Release Spy Memo

The House Intelligence Committee voted on Monday to release a four-page memo that alleges that top officials in the FBI and Justice Department misled a federal surveillance court in order to obtain a spy warrant against a former Trump campaign adviser.

California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the panel, announced the result of the vote to reporters.

The committee, which has 13 Republicans and 9 Democrats, voted along party lines to release the memo. The White House…


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Andrew McCabe’s Resignation Brings Early End To Tumultuous Relationship With White House

Andrew McCabe’s Resignation Brings Early End To Tumultuous Relationship With White House

Andrew McCabe’s decision to step down as deputy director of the FBI rocked the political world on Monday. But the move is not entirely surprising given McCabe’s central position in several controversies that have raised questions about political bias at the top levels of the bureau.

McCabe, 49, had planned to retire from the bureau in a couple of months, but Monday’s move, first…


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The real Women’s March: German women will protest against migrant violence on Sunday

After an explosion of migrant violence, a lot of Germans are done with it and have started protesting.

Last weekend a group of 2,500 people protested against migrant violence in Cottbus and this Sunday women want to protest in Kandel. The city is a symbolic place, because a 15-year-old girl was brutally…


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BREAKING: FBI Releases Docs Claiming RT Founder Beat Himself to Death in His Hotel Room

Washington D.C. — In November 2015, the Free Thought Project reported that Mikhail Lesin, the former head of media affairs for the Russian government, and the founder of Russia Today (RT), was found dead in the hotel room that he was staying at in Washington DC.

Originally, authorities announced that Lesin died from a heart attack. However, the results of his autopsy released months later indicated a far more sinister cause of death and the heavily redacted FBI documents that were just…


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Ministry of Truth: UK Govt to Set up ‘Rapid Response’ Fake News Unit

British Prime Minister Theresa May is to agree to the creation of a “rapid response” government unit to fight perceived fake news, it has been reported.

The team will aim to identify and challenge stories they judge to be misleading or damaging, and will be based in the Cabinet Office, claims The…


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65 Republican Lawmakers Call For ‘Immediate’ Release Of FISA Memo

65 Republican Lawmakers Call For ‘Immediate’ Release Of FISA Memo

Posted By Chuck Ross On 8:20 PM 01/19/2018 In | No Comments

A group of 65 Republican lawmakers are calling on the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee for the “immediate” public release of a memo alleging widespread surveillance warrant abuses by the Justice Department and FBI.

“After reading the document, we were shocked and frustrated, but it has deepened our belief in the vital importance of…


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‘Worse Than Watergate’: ‘Shocking’ House Intel Memo Allegedly Reveals FISA Abuse by Senior DOJ and FBI Officials

Members of the House on Thursday said they viewed a “shocking” classified memo allegedly detailing abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by senior Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigations officials in relation to the investigation of the Trump campaign and called for it to be declassified and available to the public immediately.

“It’s troubling. It is shocking,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Fox News. “Part of me wishes that I didn’t read it because I…


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Armed Antifa Prof Admits Chasing Charlottesville Driver — Before Deadly Crash!

An Antifa leader admitted on social media to chasing down the Charlottesville driver with a rifle, causing him to ram into a group of counterprotesters.

University of North Carolina anthropology professor Dwayne Dixon is the leader of armed Antifa group Redneck Revolt, who admitted…


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San Francisco Is A Literal S***hole, Public Defecation Map Reveals

San Francisco Is A Literal S***hole, Public Defecation Map Reveals

Posted By Benny Johnson On 5:32 PM 01/15/2018 In | No Comments

There is an ongoing debate currently going on in the country about what locations can be classified as shitholes. The debate sprung from a report that Donald Trump referred to some third world countries as “shitholes” in a meeting with lawmakers last week.

While the debate might rage on as to what constitutes a “shithole” of a country, one…


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Women taking their right to go topless to state’s high court

Photo of Heidi Lilley

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — In a case that pits freedom of expression and equality against public decency, three women are challenging a New Hampshire city ordinance prohibiting public nudity and taking it to the state’s highest court.

Heidi Lilley, Kia Sinclair and Ginger Pierro were ticketed in…


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‘Arrest him’: Pro-Trump protesters storm London Mayor’s speech

Pro-Trump protesters stormed a speech being made by Sadiq Khan, shouting pro-Brexit slogans and calling for the London Mayor’s arrest. The disruption led to the temporary suspension of the speech.

READ MORE: Britain’s hilarious reaction as Trump shuns London... including a lookalike statue

Khan had just begun his address at a conference for the Fabian Society, a socialist group, in London when demonstrators in the audience started calling for his arrest. Some of the group held US…


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Dem Running For Illinois AG Robbed At Gunpoint During Chicago Photo Shoot

Dem Running For Illinois AG Robbed At Gunpoint During Chicago Photo Shoot

Posted By Will Racke On 1:44 PM 01/12/2018 In | No Comments

A Democratic candidate for Illinois attorney general was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight on Thursday, receiving an unpleasant surprise during an afternoon campaign photo shoot on Chicago’s northwest side.

Aaron Goldstein, 42, and several members of his campaign team were in the middle of taking promotional photos when they were robbed…


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Does the gender “spectrum” also include pedophilia? Canadian group announces “naked swim day” at public pool, encourages children to attend

Natural News) Local Calgarians are expressing deep concern about an upcoming event at a public recreation center in Calgary, Canada, where individuals both young and old will be swimming in the nude together at a “naked swim day” that many feel has overtones of encouraging pedophilia.

According to reports, the group “Calgary Nude Recreation” decided to rent out the Southland Leisure Centre for a nudist experience to be held on January 14, at which children under the age of 18 are being…


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