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Macron’s France: Four Police Officers Stabbed to Death in Paris HQ

Four police officers have been stabbed to death at a headquarters building near the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, France.

The perpetrator “was involved in an argument with someone and then erupted in anger, targeting other police colleagues before being neutralised,” according to a source …


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Big Pharma gets seasonal flu shot strains wrong AGAIN – how is this considered “evidence-based medicine?”

(Natural News) It’s “flu season” again, which means you’re likely to encounter life-sized grim reapers holding vaccine syringes at your local CVS pharmacy, as well as actual flu shots that, as always, don’t actually work.

According to reports, the latest batch of flu shots for the 2019-2020 flu season contain viral strains that don’t even match the ones that health “experts” anticipate will circulate – meaning tens of millions of people are going to be jabbed with chemical cocktails…


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Ilhan Omar’s Husband No Longer Works for Minneapolis Councilwoman. Sources Say Omar Asked for Him to Be Fired.

On August 27, Dr. Beth Mynett filed for divorce from Democratic political consultant Tim Mynett. Dr. Mynett’s filing -- submitted under penalty of perjury -- included claims that raised the gossipy open secret of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s extramarital affair with Tim Mynett to a more serious matter of public corruption.

The divorce filing suggested serial campaign finance violations by Rep. Omar. (Questionable finances have been a recurring theme with Omar; in June of this year she was found…


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California Senate passes resolution calling on Christians to embrace LGBT

The California Senate is calling on Christians, specifically religious workers and leaders, to embrace the LGBT lifestyle:

CBN NEWS – California Senate passed a resolution telling Christian clergy to accept and support LGBTQ ideology, even if doing so violates their Christian beliefs.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99 (ACR-99) was introduced by Democratic state Assemblyman Evan Low of San Jose on June 4 as a way to gather support for LGBTQ identity and behaviors.



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Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) Reveals Their True God, Places Pagan Deity in Sanctuary

The Sviatovid sculpture placed in the sanctuary of a New York presbyterian church is a modern artistic rendition of an ancient Pagan god unique to Eastern Europe and was worshiped as the god of war. The sculpture, which is placed in the sanctuary of Binghampton Presbyterian Church in New York, is on display during a festival called the Luma Festival. According to the sculpture’s website, Sviatovid “is inspired by both a ninth-century Slavic deity, and a medieval sculpture of the same name,…


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UK Gender Clinic to Offer Sex Change to Kids as Young as 3 — Online

The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), run by the Tavistock and Portman National Health Service (NHS) Trust in the UK is offering appointments, diagnosis, and even medication for children who are "transitioning" because they suffer from gender dysphoria. The children in question can be as young as three years old.

The Daily Mail reported, "last year 2,590 children were referred to the clinic, a rise of more than 400 per cent since 2013, leading to a two-year…


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GANGS of THUGS are beating up and robbing people in Minneapolis (largest Somali American population in the United States)

This is truly disgusting. Minneapolis is debating how to deal with mobs of thugs that are attacking people and robbing them in vicious brutal videos.

This is brazen, they are not scared of being caught at all. In fact, they are videotaping it themselves – that means they’re getting together with their friends to…


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San Diego College Instructs Students on “Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation”

The push by mainstream media and leftist academics to normalize pedophilia as an acceptable sexual identity appears to be reaching a new level of intensity, as an American student shared a powerpoint slide from a college class describing pedophilia in strikingly ambiguous terms on Friday.

Alex Malazza, a self-identifying Catholic student of San Diego, posted evidence of the sick propaganda on his Twitter account. He specified that the “lesson” took place at a state university- while…


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Clown Show 3 - This Is Not A Game Show

ABC News Politics


Sen. Amy Klobuchar: "I may not be the loudest person up here, but I think we've already got that in the White House. Houston, we have a problem. We have a guy there that is literally running our country like a game show" https://abcn.ws/DemDebate #DemDebate

Embedded video

5:07 PM - Sep 12, 2019

And almost immediately after that, Andrew Yang served the chaser in his opening…


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Diversity Inventory forces kids to list gender identity and sexual preference.

Imagine being a teenager in high school. You know, those awkward years when everything is embarrassing and you’re positive your parents’ goal in life is to humiliate you in front of your friends. Now imagine being in a classroom and the teacher presents this assignment: Tell me and everyone in this room your name, gender identity, sexual preference, religion, and socio-economic standing – and those of your family members, too. A wacky afterschool special on cable TV? No. This happened at…


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Rashida Tlaib attacks former ICE chief as “ruthless and inhumane”

Today (9/11/19) in a hearing on medical deferred action of illegals, socialist squad member Rashida Tlaib launched a nasty attack at former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan, slandering him as “ruthless and inhumane” without him giving him the chance to respond:

Below are Tlaib’s nasty comments to Homan:

Mr. Homan, as a fellow American I just want you to know your contribution as acting director of ICE under this administration will always be remembered…


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Bush Sr. And 9/11

Conveniently for the culprits being investigated, the two WTC airplane strikes were direct hits on the largest traders of U.S. Securities, which were the only trades that were made on the morning of 9/11. The FBI center holding the records of the investigations exploded before the first plane struck. Rescue teams had already reached the FBI offices before the first plane struck.  Towers 7, 4 and 6 all exploded, and the records in those towers were also destroyed. The $2.3 trillion that…


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On this day back in 1833 President Andrew Jackson shuts down Second Bank Of The U.S.

President Andrew Jackson announces that the government will no longer use the Second Bank of the United States, the country’s national bank, on September 10, 1833. He then used his executive power to remove all federal funds from the bank, in the final salvo of what is referred to as the “Bank War.”

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NOT Satire: Michigan Just Approved the Charter for Nation’s First GAY Credit Union

Superbia Credit Union will soon open as a funding source specializing in helping gay Americans financially afford purchases that other lending institutions will not finance…

…like sex-change operations.

The State of Michigan approved the charter on Monday.

Here’s more from Forbes:

Do lesbian, gay, bisexual and…


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Belgium MP climbs atop Antwerp’s City Hall to demand “an end to Islamic occupation”

Filip Dewinter, a well-known Flemish MP and city councilor, climbed the roof of Antwerp’s 500-year-old city hall building to call for an end to what he referred to as the “occupation of the city by Islam”.

The leader of the right-wing populist Vlaams Belang party in the Flanders part of Belgium, Filip Dewinter, posted a video on Twitter of himself delivering an Islam-critical message while he stands on top of Antwerp’s city hall roof beside a golden eagle.



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Queen Elizabeth approves law seeking to block October 31 no-deal Brexit

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s Queen Elizabeth on Monday gave final approval to a piece of legislation which seeks to prevent Prime Minister Boris Johnson from taking the country out of the European Union without an exit deal on Oct. 31.

The step, known as Royal Assent, is effectively a rubber-stamp from the monarch for the law which passed through parliament last week despite opposition from the government. The Royal Assent was announced in parliament’s upper chamber,…


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Summerfield homeowner injured, kills 2 intruders with AR-15 - There Were 4 Intruders And 1 61-Year Old Homeowner - Why You Need The Ability To Shoot Multiple Shots

Correction: Robert John Hamilton, 19, of Ocala, does not have a pending drug case. This was incorrectly reported in an earlier version of this article.

SUMMERFIELD — Marion County sheriff’s officials say a homeowner armed with an AR-15 shot and killed two intruders and was injured himself during a home invasion robbery in Summerfield Wednesday night.

Two other robbery suspects — Robert John Hamilton, 19, of Ocala, and Seth Adam Rodriguez, 22, of Belleview — were detained near the…


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Portland: “Cops Say It’s Legal” For Homeless to Defecate in Public

Shocked onlookers watch man pooping on sidewalk.

A post featured on the r/Portland Reddit thread claimed that police said it was legal for the homeless to defecate in public after shocked onlookers saw a man with his butt in the air “depositing a 6-8″ turd onto the sidewalk.”

Yes, really.

Titled ‘Is it really legal to take a dump on the sidewalk?’ – the Reddit user explains in the post how he was on his way to lunch when he…


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Satanic Temple Vows to 'Fight to the Death' for the Gay Community

Current debates pit LGBT activism against the religious freedom of conservative Christians, who often wish to opt out of endorsing same-sex marriage, refusing to lend their artistic talents to celebrate a gay wedding. Yet the Satanic Temple once planned to legalize gay marriage using religious freedom.

In July, the Satanic Temple released Hail Satan?, a documentary about the secularist group that portrays itself as a religious entity. In the documentary, co-founder…


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BREAKING: Ilhan Omar’s Husband Wants A Divorce!

From The New York Post:

MINNEAPOLIS — Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage appears to be headed for the rocks, a longtime friend of the couple told The Post.

The congresswoman’s husband, Ahmed Hirsi, the source said, is poised to file for divorce after the revelation in a bombshell court filing that she allegedly had an affair with DC political consultant Tim Mynett.

The Minnesota congresswoman and her husband allegedly separated in March, and Omar asked Hirsi to divorce her…


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