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Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

The dinosaurs used to rule this planet & then the rug got pulled out from underneath their feet & then the mammals took over. And then the jews took over & I'm just waitin' for the next asteroid hit to take out the jews & see what comes next...

Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

I'm gonna do that thing where you get blown & hover by a huge powerful fan that simulates sky diving. It's $20 for one minute. I don't know. Seems like a waste of money cause I can get a blow job for $20 in one minute. But I'm open to new experiences.

Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

I was sober for 3.8 days & now I'm ready to trash that record.

Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

I still have faith in humanity. So what if mentally challenged people voted for mentally challenged demented people like Maxine Waters & Nancy Pelosi (for example)
Me personally I would never vote for retarded mentally deficient pill-popping hags year after year.
But then again, that's just me.
I'm just guessing it's a Californian thing or vote-fixing.

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on Thursday

Grand Fakery all the way.

Comment by Less Prone on Thursday

Most everything in this insane world is fake, except the real old fashioned common sense people who have their eyes and mind open.

Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

The Saudis throw homosexuals off of buildings & the Chinese slaughtered tens of thousands at Tiananmen Square.   

Your government is evil. 

Just ask anyone who lives in Yemen. 

Keep sending money to the IRS.

Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

Doesn't it suck to be an American or an israeli? Face it. You're the bad guy now.

Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

Everyone on this forum is totally pissed. I get it. But at some Point being pissed can become a liability with respect to soul evolution . Even if you're a Palestinian. Cause this is all a temporary holographic theater.  

No one controls you.

Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

Some stupid chick put an engagement ring in a chocolate egg & shoved it up her cunt & then the egg got jammed up her cunt. Unfortunately it was chemically manufactured chocolate that wouldn't melt at body temperature so she had to get it surgically removed in an emergency room. 

I'm not one to take omens seriously. But if I were; I would say the Gods are telling them, they shouldn't get married.

Either that or don't stick chocolate eggs up your vagina.

It could go either way. Who knows?


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