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Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I gotta buy a fucking refrigerator. The one I want is $900. If I wait for Drumph's retarded tariffs to take effect, it's gonna be $1200...

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

Had an awesome convo with a Chinese guy who owns a local Chinese restaurant I frequent.

I started off by saying North & South Korea wanna re-unify & kick out the evil war-mongering Americans.

I'll paraphrase him: he said; “Most everyone wants peace; it's just a few *psychopaths* in control who want perpetual war. Not everyone else.”

[He didn't actually use the the word “psychopath”. He used the word “psychos”.]

Nice to know that I'm not the only one to realize our governments are batshit crazy Satanic vessels & most of Us just wanna live in Harmony...

Too bad dipshit, clueless zio-controlled, Drumpf (who supports ISIS & bitches about Iran who hasn't started a war in over 200 years while israel is butchering Palestinians left & right & stealing their Land & bombing Syria, who is fighting ISIS & let's not forget israel PULLED OFF 9/11 FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!)

has no idea what I'm talking about...

He fucking appointed the likes of Satanic, NWO zionist minions like *JOHN FUCKING BOLTON" & "NIKKI FUCKING HALEY"...

(big fucking deep-ass sigh)

Why did we waste our time pimping this trump pig?

We all might as well have stayed home on election day & let Hillary take it...

Same fucking difference.

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on Sunday

Looks like you are the best military strategist around.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I'm no military strategist, but I think Putin should nuke tel aviv & ease all the tensions in the Middle East once & for All.

If the NWO zionist, PNAC war-mongers in the US military industrial complex, wanna nuke the whole planet & Humanity into oblivion as a response;

because what needed to be done; was done; to achieve Global Equilibrium & Peace; than so be it.

There's nothing to lose at that Point.

The thousand or so of those Satanic zionist blood-suckers go deep into their bunkers; live out the last remaining five, maybe ten years of their lives (15 if they're lucky) in a hole & Mother Nature picks a new species to dominate the Earth. Just like she did with the dinosaurs...

I personally would be really interested to see what comes after human beings...

Maybe like a really smart monkey-dinosaur hybrid that's not evil like the jews or muslims.

That would be cool.

If they had wings & could fly that would be a total plus.

Comment by Deep Space on Sunday

I am equally appalled by the trumptards who blindly defend him for his incompetency & stupidity (like supporting ISIS & the terrorist apartheid state of israel (with your fucking stolen tax dollars) as I am those who blindly hate him for all the wrong reasons...

(No he is NOT a fucking racist who sucks Putin's cock)

Very few people seem capable of accessing actual issues (one-by-one) & separating them from their own emotions & attachments & the Cult Of Personality...

Most people don't hate or love trump for the right reasons.

Most people are braindead, brainwashed zombies who haven't a clue about what's occurring in this world Right Now...

Most people are asleep & easily manipulated.

I know that there's nothing I personally can do to change that fact;

except to know that I am not like that.

Comment by Deep Space on September 9, 2018 at 5:59am

The US is such a joke. We don't have competent people running the govt. We got narcissistic idiots like the Bushes, the Clintons, Obama & Drumph. It's embarrassing. Why can't we have real authentic high IQ leaders like a President Putin? Seriously.

Comment by Deep Space on September 8, 2018 at 9:14pm

I personally regret what I said about Nikki Haley on Twatter. My apologies to fascist censorist, Jack Dorsey.

I think a throat-slashing is too lenient for a zionist, neocon, war-mongering cunt like Nikki Haley... 

There's gotta be better options...

Comment by Deep Space on September 8, 2018 at 9:01pm

For the record; when I got perma-banned on Twatter, I never said I would slash Nikki Haley's throat.

I only said, I *HOPED* somebody *ELSE* would slash Nikki Halely's throat. 

There's a big difference there. ROCKS

Headin' towards Critical Mass ...

Comment by cheeki kea on September 7, 2018 at 7:29am

Hi ds, big families comes in all faiths and cultures. Your mum deserves a medal for her loving commitment to each one. Some people only give a token gesture to population increase -like me, say, done my bit, good, now can take up smoking again. See, little commitment. Make it a big medal for her.

Comment by Deep Space on September 7, 2018 at 7:00am

I'm not exaggerating. Not even for one second in my entire life did the thought pass through my head,
“Hey! I would like to breed more people into this shithole matrix!”

My mother belted out six kids like a hamster litter, cause my parents were catholic & thought condoms were bad.

One time, when I was a kid I asked a priest at my local church why condoms were so bad & he said, “They go against God's Will.”

And then I followed up by asking, “Well then how do you prevent unwanted pregnancies?”

And he was like, “I can only tell you how we catholic priests deal with that dilemma. You're not a catholic priest, so this won't apply to you... but our strategy is that we rape little boys.”

And I was like, "Well that sounds a little extravagant for my taste. I think I'd rather just commit a sin by using a rubber with an adult woman in a mutually consensual framework."



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