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Comment by Bananaman 3 hours ago
  • Cheers ds ive had a few issues, such is life i suppose, been a bit quiet
Comment by Deep Space 5 hours ago

Concept Of Enlightenment 

Comment by Deep Space 9 hours ago

Yo. "Banana Man"  I'm calling you out. Are you bored? I'm kinda worried about you

Comment by Deep Space 9 hours ago


Comment by Deep Space 9 hours ago

Where's that funny abrasive dude from Australia who changes his name like ever 4 weeks?

Comment by Deep Space 9 hours ago

There should definitely be term limits on all these evil cocksuckers ruining our government. Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters & even though he's dead, thank God, how did John fucking McCain get constantly re-elected for decades?

Is the whole god-damned system rigged?

Comment by Deep Space 10 hours ago

Hitler treated the fake Khazarian jews better than the fake Khazarian jews are treating the Palestinians. How's that for irony?

Comment by Deep Space 10 hours ago

I've never been one to skirt away from controversy. So here I go!

I don't hate the jews. I hate the fake Ashkenazi jews currently occupying Palestine. 

They try to brainwash you for feeling guilty for hating the jews.

But that's a total load of bullshit.

Trust your instincts. Trust your heart. They're not real jews.

They are demons trying to make you feel guilty for hating them.

They're Khazarians who illegally occupy Palestine who bought & control the entire US government.

Hitler was right about those evil racist mother fuckers.

They're not even semites.

Just look at 'em. 

They don't have any Middle Eastern DNA in them.

They tricked the whole world into feeling sorry for them.

Comment by Deep Space 19 hours ago

You wanna know what freaks me out more than 9/11? It's people who witness three obvious controlled demolitions & blame Saudi Arabia for it while giving israel a pass.

Comment by Deep Space 20 hours ago

That was almost two decades ago & if I tell anyone that 9/11 was an inside job they look at me like I'm crazy.

Brainwashing apparently works. I have to acknowledge that fact.

Something can happen right before your own two eyes & CNN can convince you; you didn't see what you saw.

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