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Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)



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Comment by Deep Space on Friday

What about the little tiny poisonous jelly fish you can barely see that can kill a person with one sting? 

Irukandji jellyfish


Comment by Bananaman on Friday

its the sting rays ya gotta watch lol,


I want to know how the cunt got past the fucking Baby!

Comment by Bananaman on Friday

No Crocs round here, fucking sharks ate em all

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

I figured you being Australian, your dad woulda taught you how to wrestle a crocodile. But I know that's just me being a racist who believes everything on main stream media.

Comment by Bananaman on Friday

What ya want and what ya get, two very different things. Thats what my ol' man taught me

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

Chump says he wants Russia to get out of Syria. Hey Stupid! The Russians were invited by Syria to kill the ISIS terrorists you're supporting. You're the illegal invaders. YOU get the fuck out!

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

You're not a body. You're not a separate self (ego) & you're definitely not the mind. 

Any belief that suggests the contrary to the above truths will invariably always be a source of great suffering & depression. 


Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

Nothing is imperfect. The Laws that allowed this experience to manifest are perfectly flawless. There's nothing wrong with the laws. They're working perfectly fine. No one is a victim (though it may appear to be that way). But We created this mess... 

Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

Anyone who frequents this site; we all have one thing in common. We're all acutely aware that the world is shit.

That said, what are your coping strategies for dealing with the fact that the world is shit?

Me personally, I pour a shitload of vodka & sarcasm on my brain until I'm so numb I don't give a shit anymore.

It's totally not healthy. I don't recommend it.

But yeah, how do you guys cope?

Yoga? Cycling, weight-lifting, cheap prostitutes; I'm kinda curious... What's your strategy for being grounded & not going completely crazy in this shithole matrix...?

Comment by Deep Space on Thursday

I have a video on Pornhub. I'm not at liberty to offer a direct link, for privacy reasons, but I'm the old fat guy screwing a hot prostitute. You can't miss it. If you have the time, give me a 'thumbs up'.


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