Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)



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Comment by Deep Space on Friday

If I was a pedophile I wouldn't risk going to jail. I'd just bang an 18 year old who looks like she's 12 & keep law enforcement out of the situation. But I guess pedophiles don't really think ahead like I do.

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

Amazon stopped selling Child Sex Dolls. Fuck you Amazon! Not all of us pedophiles are rich multi-billionaire dollar elites who rule humanity. Not everyone can afford the real thing. Check your rich, elite pedophile privilege.

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

Someone on twatter called me a 'bot'. And I replied, "Bot I am not. Bot not."

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

I dig the 'Downtown Julie Brown' accent.

Comment by DTOM on Friday

@Deep Space

Very few people in England actually speak with a Received Pronunciation (RP or Queen's English) - apart from the Establishment and actors - and in no way does this convey or guarantee that they are smarter. - See Boris (the Turk) Johnson MP and any actor (spouting their left wing ideology) of your choice.

The remaining regional English accents are increasingly degenerating into a series of grunts, and basic words and the mandatory interrogative at the end of each spoken sentence - not quite the Newspeak as Orwell foresaw, but much the same effect.

Stay the way you are...I would promote you to others as a Rich Hall / Hicks/ Carlin and Stanhope melange.

Sam Clemens - is indeed - the man.

Yes, you should go professional.

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

My biggest gripe with Hitler is that he dumped the fake parasitic jews in Germany onto the Palestinians.

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

Mark Twain. Luv you. You & George Orwell. I think you two would have gotten along.

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

I wish I had an English accent so people would think I'm smarter than I actually am.

The Aussie accent doesn't convey intelligence & snobiness like the English accent does.

Whenever I hear an Aussie talk all I think about is kangaroos & crocodiles & a stingray impaling Steve Irwin's heart with its tail.

Now let's be real here. The worst, most off-putting accent on planet earth is the American deep south accent.

Whenever I hear that accent I think of Burt Reynolds shooting a homosexual rapist, out in the sticks, with an arrow or somebody hanging a black guy who lives in a trailer with a Dixie Flag on his pick-up truck.

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

I don't feel sorry for fat people. If you're fat, you chose the wrong addiction. (food). You shoulda chosen something like crystal meth or Oxycontin. Then you wouldn't be fat. You gotta take responsibility for the choices you make.

Comment by Deep Space on Friday

Orangutan finds magic trick hilarious 


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