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Off The Deep End - 'Deep Space' Free-Flow Thoughts (An Ongoing Eruption)



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Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

I can write jokes all day long. And you will never win because you're working from a foundation of flawed  logic. You wanna throw down? I can throw down. You're gonna get yer ass kicked.

Comment by Deep Space on Tuesday

So people think trump is important cause he has $4 billions dollars? Are you fucking kidding me? Mark Zuckerberg has $50 billion & he's just as big an asshole as trump is. It's not about money. It's just about being an evil asshole.

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

She's actually a very nice person. Her boyfriend is a total dick. he cheats on her all the time. None of my business. But her taste in music (and fuck partners totally suck)

Self destructive shit. I don't really care.

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

This puerto rican bitch is playing really loud music with heavy bass next door to me. She has really shitty taste in music. And I'm like 20 years older then her dirtbag boyfriend. But I'm still way hotter. 

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

So some dude on GAB was trying to tell me I'm a retard cause I pointed out that the fact that Putin's IQ is way higher than trump's.

Yes trump is an idiot & Putin is a genius.

If you can't recognize that discrepancy you're just as retarded as trump is.

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

I can do negative comedy all day long. And it's very unhealthy. I wanna do shit that's more upbeat & positive & shit. 

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

I'm not racist but the thing I don't like about black people is that they don't care about their kids. They just knock the bitch up & move on & don't pay any child support. I can't respect your race for that. You lose points with me on that bitch move. Plus rap totally sucks. It's not a legitimate artform.

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

I'm just kidding! Woman can be hot in any race. Black, white Asian, whatever. Women are awesome. I love women. I like their vaginas & tits but unfortunately if you fuck 'em; they breed. 

And I don't like kids.

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

So there's this black kinda sorta looking pureto rican chick that lives in my condo complex. And she think's she's all that. But unfortunately she's black. And my girlfriend is a hot Caucasian. I'm not racist or anything but white women are definitely hotter than black women. That's just a fact.

Comment by Deep Space on Monday

I'm Team Russia all the way. Americans are just evil zionist assholes who are into endless wars. 


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