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Translation Of Pakistani Video - This Is The Truth - Osama Died In 2001

This is a translation of the video linked at the bottom and was translated by my friend Khan Taashk. THANK YOU my dear friend. I wish there were a way for ALL Americans to read this translation.


Anchor: Welcome back, Mohammad Bashir is a resident of Abboottabad's Bilal Town. Muhammad Bashir might seem an ordinary guy but he is no ordinary guy. Muhammad Bashir lives in front of Osama Ben Laden's house in Bilal Town Abbottabad. On 2nd of May,…


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The Pharma Reich


For anyone who has ever wanted to see just how deep the rabbit-hole goes, nothing unearths the big picture like investigating pharmaceutical companies. The same usual suspects keep appearing time and time again, joining the dots to the matrix of deceit which enslaves and poisons humanity. A majority of modern day big pharma companies all derive from one source.

Financed by Wall St, in 1925 a super corporation was created in Germany from six…

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I'n the 18-century in place of Parliamment,the right to keep and bear arims continues to exist.specifically,following the American Revolution in 1776,one of the first legislative acts undertaken by each of the newly indepenent statses was to adopt a''reception statute''that gave legal effect to the extent American legislation or the constitution had not xeplicitly rejected English common law.but  British traditions such as the monarchy were rejected by the us constitution;but many English…


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I Believe That I have A Solution To Everyones Problems

If you've been on this planet for any length of time, you know that mankind has a very difficult time of living a peaceful existence. And you know that there are, basically, two types of humans living here - violent and non-violent (and I'm not all sure where 'the hybrids', the Star Children, The Indigos or even the 'walk-ins' belong but that's for another time.) Yep, there are

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A Million Vets Struggling Stateside, U.S. Risks Bioterror Accident


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Fusion Center Director: We Don’t Spy on All Americans, Just Anti-Government Americans

Law enforcement intelligence-processing fusion centers have long come under attack for spying on Americans. The Arkansas director wanted to clarify the truth: centers only spies on some Americans – those who appear to be a threat to the government.

In trying to clear up the ‘misconceptions’ about the conduct of fusion centers, Arkansas State Fusion Center Director Richard Davis simply confirmed Americans’ fears: the…


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By Chuck Baldwin

March 28, 2013


Without a doubt, Daniel Webster is America’s most notable jurist. And while I…


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Federal (and State) Firearm Laws are Unconstitutional

Time to repair the Constitution


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Obama White House allows sequester as excuse to release of criminal illegal aliens

By Doc Vega


In complete character with the continued assault plan on the American populace as a reprisal for the President not getting his way over the sequester, under White House orders Janet Napolitano approved the release of hardened criminals among the ICE prisoners to be…


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How the Democrat Party has doomed America to Marixism

By Doc Vega

With record trillions in national debt, Democrats failure to adopt a budget plan, and job prospects still in a downward spiral, what will it take to wake up Americans who are the very victims of this plague? One reason for this inherent denial is the US mass media which have behaved just like…


Added by Doc Vega on March 29, 2013 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

Trinidad Says Handguns are Their Weapons of Mass Destruction

Dookeran: Handguns T&T's own weapons of mass destruction

SMALL ARMS, including handguns and rifles, are weapons of mass destruction in this country, said Foreign Affairs Minister Winston…


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Obama White House lies over unemployment figures



By Doc Vega

As Democrats rejoice over reported unemployment reduction from 7.9% to 7.7% saying that this is a reflection of President Obama’s economic policies, we need to more closely examine reality concerning the true unemployment…


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Guyana’s opposition blocks gun control laws

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has lamented that while critical steps are being taken in the international arena to hammer out an Arms Trade Treaty, locally the opposition has voted down a bill that seeks to strengthen this country’s fight against illicit arms.

Negotiators from around 150 countries gathered in New York at the United Nations for a final push to hammer out a binding international treaty to end unregulated conventional arms sales, a pact that a powerful U. S. pro-gun…


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Senator Harry Reid blames sequester for Marine Deaths in Utah

By Doc…


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Leftist groups trying to oust Sheriff Joe from office

By Doc Vega

A dedicated Sheriff and widely supported authority comes under fire from the left trying to dislodge lawful enforcement in Arizona

Most of us know of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his valiant battle for the law not only in Maricopa County, but to head the privately…


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Uncovering the Benghazi conspiracy-Hillary Lied!

By Doc Vega

For those of us waiting for justice over the killing of Americans in Benghazi, Libya which was sanctioned by a White House ordered stand down, perhaps a break has occurred in the case. It seems one Hillary Rodham Clinton may have perjured herself under oath.…


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Esquire Magazine sued for trying to blackout Obama eligibility news

By Doc Vega


If ever you wanted proof that the major news networks and broadcasting giants behind them are trying to suppress the facts about President Obama’s questionable eligibility under Constitutional law, this article will demonstrate it. World Net Daily, a…


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How to get that Lady Gaga tune out of your head

Scientists to the rescue. According to writer Richard Gray, scientists have found a way to dislodge those annoying tunes that play on an endless loop inside our heads.

"The solution can be to solve some tricky anagrams to force the intrusive music out of your working memory allowing the music to be replaced with other more amenable thoughts. 'The key is to find something that will give the right level of challenge,' says Dr Ira Hyman, a music psychologist at Western Washington… Continue

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Drone industry worries about privacy backlash

Originally published Friday, March 29, 2013 at 4:05 AM

It's a good bet that in the not-so-distant future aerial drones will be part of Americans' everyday lives, performing countless useful functions.

By JOAN LOWY Associated Press

WASHINGTON —It's a good bet that in the not-so-distant future aerial drones will be part of Americans' everyday lives, performing countless useful functions.

A far cry from the killing machines whose missiles incinerate terrorists,… Continue

Added by Burbia on March 29, 2013 at 1:36pm — 1 Comment

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5 Reasons Christians Love Putin!!!

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Barrie Trower - The Dangers of Microwave Technology

Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services. Mr Trower is a conscionable whistle-blower who lectures around the world on hidden dangers from microwave…
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5 Reasons Christians Love Putin!!!

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Jimmy Savile - Tavistock Bagman For A Trauma Based Mind Control Operation

Most of the information in this is gleaned from Jasun Horsley's "Vice Of Kings", on Savile, the Fabians & Crowley. Available for a tenner on Kindle, I highly...
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Australia: 95-year-old taser victim dies in hospital | 7NEWS

"Special place in Hell for heartless cowards that carry out the Stalinist agenda of eliminating the…"

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