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The 9-11 Disaster Revisited The 9-11 Disaster Revisited

Ash Covered Man Lies Down In Deli

Few tragedies have gripped the American people as the 9-11 event did. Such fatal historic incidents as Pear Harbor, the Kennedy Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 are all drenched in conspiracy theory and regret. Today, the official news media plays it all off as a retelling of the tragic sequence of events with witnesses recalling where they were and what they were doing just prior to the collision of aircraft into the…


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It's Only Life

It's Only Life…

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You've Been Lied To Your Entire Life!

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Your entire life has been subject to government sanctioned disinformation. Vaccinations are good for you, JFK was assassinated by a lone disturbed gunman, socialism is compatible with American society, women are superior to men, and one of the biggest lies, government has your best interests in mind. Since you were a little kid in…


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How Can This Be?

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How Can This Be?

How can you love or even be free?

Knowing what you know how can it be?

From the hills unto the sea

The Dark Lord of the machinery,

There will be…


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In Exile

In Exile

Do you ever think of me don't know why I care

Wishing for something that's no longer there

Sadly my memory gives me no choice

You could have…


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Realizations on a Sunday Morning

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Realizations on a Sunday Morning

Taking time to see what is left in life I can find

The Rabbit Hole is not silver lined

The wrath of a woman is more than unkind

Even a child's playground is mined,…


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Let's Talk About the Juxtaposed Reality You are Supposed to Accept

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You are watching TV and a commercial comes on empowering women just because they wear anti-leakage disposable underwear, and they'll stomp their feet all at once leading us to believe just like Jesus would do the same after he returns to earth witnessing the evil that has gone on since his departure only when he stamps his foot earthquakes will arise! There is an…


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Converting America to the Global Government Tyranny!

How could the most mighty nation on the face of the earth be defeated? It can't be overtaken by foreign armies, can't be overwhelmed by international commerce as our nation has a huge consumer driven market, and cannot be proven wrong by sheer results and facts! Yet, there is one thing that can turn the tide against…


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Shadow of a Man

Shadow of a Man

Although I'm in need of a happy fairy tale

I've spent my time too close to hell

Time to run time to hide

Some might want to commit…


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The End Time

The keeper of the dark keeps the world coming apart

Suppressing the spirit of freedom and the arts

Once they captured the truth off the charts

Then they buried everyone I thought was smart!…


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A Paranormal July 4th Part II

The Fourth of July in America should be a sacred time where we acknowledge our veterans, we remember the colonial fighters who destroyed a malignant British monarchy that would have milked America like any  other of their colonial conquests, but we as a free people with great leaders saw through such tyranny and we participated in building a…


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A Paranormal 4th of July

For those of us who even bother to think back and reflect on the sacrifices made by patriots who envisioned the greatness of America, July 4th has meaning! It's more than just Barbecue, Beer, and fireworks. It signifies Independence Day when the 13 Colonies finally defeated the King George Monarchy of England with the most powerful army in the world. A…


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Transhumanism The Genetic Singularity and Super Soldiers

The designs of the globalist elites are becoming more and more frighteningly clear. Through science, industry, and a political agenda to subjugate the world we are witnessing an increasing trajectory to the final horrific solution! Technology and biomedical synthesis is moving ahead without…


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The Tear of the Wench

The Tear of the Wench

You keep telling me how good my life was with you then why is it Baby I got nothing…


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Did UFO's Influence US Fighter Jet Design Part II?

The question has been posed by aircraft designers, insiders, and former military pilots who have all asked just how much did the evasive and mysterious UFO actually affect military jet development? Why wouldn't it? The federal government spends billions in air defense, in weaponry, and in ensuring that America has air…


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The X22 Report How BLM, Twitter, the Deep State and multi-decade Democrats are Working Together

Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, Biden from 33 years to 60 year terms of office and nothing got done including Obama and Eric Holder, the two highest ranking executive officers in the US government who happened to be black and got nothing done but racial unrest in our supposedly racist society! Now they are pushing the mail in ballet! Get their drift? Subpoena testimony under oath by the federal government prosecution is being readied.…


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A Way to Reclaim Your America Through Personal Knowledge" />

Mark Emery Joins forces with Anna Von…


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Did UFO's Actually Influence Modern Jet Fighter Design?

The year is 1954 two years after the great UFO Flap of 1952 where hundreds of flying saucer sightings were reported all across the nation. Even White House forbidden air space was violated with impunity by unknown aerial objects. Stealth capability might have been demonstrated as well as radar screen targets being…


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