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One Major Reason For the Ideological Division in America

Perhaps more than ever before the voter population of the United States of America seems more deeply divided between the question of conservative policy and the leftist agenda than at any time in history. What fuels this division is perhaps best characterized by journalist, Dennis Praeger, as an example of…


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Shooter at baseball Field in Alexandria 5 shot One killed Thank the Left!

A Baseball Field and the Psychotic Left in America

Wednesday morning just after 7 am shots rang out on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. Representative Steve Scalise from Louisiana was on…


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Hollywood's Subversive Contribution To US Society

Hollywood’s Leftist Contributions

Among the many non-existent virtues that the broadcasting establishment tends to attribute to Hollywood’s contribution to society is the greatness of its film…


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DC Prayer Breakfast Reflection on Obama Legacy

Jonathan Cahn: At the 2017 Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, I made the following speech

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Bye Bye James Comey Now we Know!

President Trump Exonerated

Before you allow yourself to be influenced by the lies of the majority of the US media be sure to listen to or witness the events of history before allowing them to put their warped…


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D-Day Turning Point For the World!

Anniversary of D-Day

It had been anticipated for a long time during the ravages of World War II. The final assault that would lead the Allied forces on the way to Berlin to end the bloodiest global conflict in…


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Be careful who you text with or who you think you are e-mailing

Be careful of that FB or 12160 Profile of what appears to be a gorgeous young princess or hot honey because behind that fake pic lifted from some model's photo shoot could be some appallingly sick bastard sitting in front of his computer with a jar of Vaseline and a hairy…

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Failure of Global Socialism and the Democrats

Like most of the false narratives being thrown at gullible and misled college students and the general public, the concept of allowing big government to create a gigantic welfare state to give everyone free stuff is not only economically unsound, but pure propaganda! History clearly reveals the collapse of economic stability and the creation of totalitarian stagnation. Regimes that have adopted socialism or have been overthrown by Communist rebellion have languished in poverty just as assuredly… Continue

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The True Meaning of Memorial Day all Packed In a Poem (For your edification)


Originally Titled, "JUST A COMMON SOLDIER"


by A. Lawrence Vaincourt ©1985

Reprinted By Permission

This is consistently one of the most popular pages posted on Jack's Joint


He was getting  old and paunchy and his hair was falling fast,



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The Pivotal Moments In History That Haunt US Now!

Three Major Events That Affected Mankind in the 20th Century

In human history there have been pivotal points in the affairs of society, technology, religion, economics, and in militarism that have instigated sweeping changes even epiphanies that have had an impact that…


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The Democrat Ordered Coup of the White House

It makes no difference that prior to the Obama inauguration the Junior Senator was already secretly meeting with Iranian Mullahs over the Iran Nuke Deal before he had taken office. These secret negotiations preceded the formal announcement of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran that saw billions given to the…


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Media War on Trump (Who and Why?)

The Media War Against President Trump

Ever since Donald J. Trump took office there has been a blatant war waged against the President. It has not been a war based upon facts, substantive evidence, or…


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Why President Trump Fired FBI Director Comey

FBI Director James Comey Bites The Dust Here’s Why

Under his tutelage, the FBI has been compromised for not only political reasons but due to his personal sense of importance that has led to him to being out of…


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The Liberal's Wet Dream For Your Nation

Wet Dreams of the Left For America

It is difficult to emulate the insanity of the left, but it is predictable to concoct an accurate depiction about what designs the radical liberals would have for our society. The following will be a portrayal of the kind of…


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13 Hours (The Secret Soldiers) The Truth About Benghazi

“Thirteen Hours” A Movie All Americans Should Watch

Few movies about US history, particularly the war torn pages of the past, stand up to the test of accurate depiction especially when presented by…


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Tyranny Over US Banking Revealed Part II

Federal Reserve Act of 1913 Part II

History is fraught with incidents and conspiracies that have been intentionally denied or out and out disputed by the very sources of those schemes. False flag…


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Tyranny Over US Banking Revealed Part I

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 Part I

Perhaps one of the biggest fraudulent schemes ever perpetrated upon the American people that would create more economic duress than any other blunder the government…


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Defining The One World Government That is Upon Us

The New World Order Defined

In a 1992 speech President George Bush mentioned a "New World Order" that would emerge as if this development represented a noble advancement over the individual sovereignty and individual rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. Being a former CIA Director,…


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Blood on Obama's Hands His True Legacy

Blood On His Hands Obama's True Legacy

From the very beginning of his administration, President Obama began his true legacy. As the myth of his supposedly memorable accomplishments we examine the numerous intentional actions that cost Americans their lives.…


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How They Hid The Fact That Trump Won the Popular Vote

Trump Did Win The Popular Vote

Locked in the vulnerable storage of county election offices with paper trails that have been handed off to three major corporations who tally these votes through a computerized system is a corrupt agenda politically motivated. In the wake of all the…


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