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Triggered: NLP An Inside Perspective

"NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the language of our subconscious and is a primary component of mind control and Psychological Warfare. Psych Warfare is viciously being waged against u.s. all by those Shadow Government globalists who lost control this past election. Our best defense against Psych Warfare is knowledge, and understanding NLP is key."



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Alleged Crimes of Ilja Janitskin – Crime 2: Crowdfunding

The Finnish government is jealous of anyone getting financial benefits from anything. Everybody should stay poor because that guarantees submission under the corrupt authorities. If someone is collecting money for common benefit of the people, namely for spreading the truth, exposing the corrupt government,  or legal expenses, that is a crime. This is how the cookie crumbles.

"One of the alleged crimes Mr Ilja Janitskin is accused of is crowdfunding.

The Finnish police suspect…


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Alleged Crimes of Ilja Janitskin – Crime 1: Going Public with the Accusations Against Him

"Mr. Janitskin's biggest crime seems to be that he wants the proceedings to be as public and transparent as possible."

Mr. Ilja Janitskin, the editor in chief of an alternative Finnish MV news site is in the cross hairs of the Finnish corrupt political system. The Finnish politicians and public disservants have been working hard to bankrupt the country, get its original people in debt slavery and finally be replaced by more controllable Subsaharan and Middle Eastern religious zealots.…


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Images: Refugee children pursue their victims from the bus: "We'll fxck!"

Published August 16, 2017 at 17.09 / Fria Tider

"A couple of young women were persecuted by refugees when they left the bus. One of the so-called children attacked one woman and took her on the breasts and between the legs while holding a lighter in front of her and declaring that he would "fuck" the woman. However,…


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White Supremacist - Dictionary of the Great Deception

White Supremacist - a concept to discredit the opposers of the cultural Marxism propaganda and trends designed to destroy the western way of life. It is applied with a wide brush on all protesters  even with reasonable claims. The actual racist ideology of white supremacy is supported by a tiny minority.

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Fifteen Youngster Got Rabies from A Sick Donkey, Guess How and Where.

Fifteen youngsters between the ages of 7 and 15 received medical care against rabies infection at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital for one week. The infection was not caused by bites of the donkey but by the zoophilic acts with the sick animal. They recorded it all in a video. The poor animal got no treatment at all but was slaughtered and…


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Politically Witch-Hunted Editor-in-Chief Ilja Janitskin Arrested and in Hospital in Andorra

Mr Ilja Janitskin, the editor in chief of a Finnish MV news site, was taken into custody by Interpol agents at his home in Andorra, Spain on Friday morning and transported to a court hearing. Based on an international Interpol arrest warrant, the local court ordered Mr Janitskin to be held in custody pending his possible extradition to Finland.…


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Millions of eggs recalled in Europe over toxicity fears

"Consumers in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have been warned to avoid specific batches of eggs.

The Dutch food safety authority has stopped production at 180 poultry companies.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, almost 200 laying hen farms have now been closed as traces of toxicity were found in their products, which could lead to liver or kidney damage."

Poisonous food?! Imagine my total lack of surprise. In the upper criminal cabal circles they…


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Finland's Immigration Crisis

"The Tapanila gang-rape shocked the quiet Helsinki suburb, and all of Finland. Many wondered why these second-generation Somalis, citizens of Finland, would carry out such a savage attack.

The rapists were eventually brought to trial. One was sentenced to a year and four months imprisonment, two were given one-year prison sentences and two others were acquitted. Penalties were softened due to the age of the rapists.

"1,010 rapes were reported to the police in 2014, according to…


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US nuclear arsenal controlled by 1970s computers with 8in floppy disks

"A report into the state of the US government, released by congressional investigators, has revealed that the country is spending around $60bn (£40.8bn) to maintain museum-ready computers, which many do not even know how to operate any more, as their creators retire."


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No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

This is going break havoc in the lines of the SJW Zombies.

"Raheem Kassam, a courageous reporter and editor at Breitbart.com, takes us where few journalists have dared to tread—inside the No Go Zones, revealing areas that Western governments, including the United States, don't want to admit exist within their own borders."


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ISIS Fears Mean Finland, The World's Safest Country, Is Raising Its Threat Level

"The Finnish Security Intelligence Service, or SUPO, said it had obtained knowledge of extremism-related plans being made in the country. In response, it raised the threat from ‘low’ to ‘elevated.’"

It's a matter of time when there will be a terrorist act in Finland.


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Complete Exposure

Thanks to the Internet, the World's New Gutenberg Press, the Ruling Cabal has now been completely exposed to a select population of Internet users who are aggressive truth-seekers.


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Who does not want to be integrated must go

"The Serge Menga, who came from the Congo, was known for a fury after the Silbersternacht in Cologne. Now he wants to go to politics - as an impartial candidate. He says, "Do not worry, do not worry."

Could you have imagined that it takes a black immigrant man to defend the original German culture and society? The treasonous politicians at helm have made it very difficult for the…


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Allahu Snack Bar - A Health Food Product From the ISIS Rebels

"Globe tribune.Info has started its own ad agency, in order to raise badly needed funds. In our desperation, we are willing to take on clients that some of our readers might not like. The following is an ad for the Allahu Snackbar, a nutrition supplement of jihadis in the run.Because let’s face it. Every jihadi wants a jihottie."


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Germany: Police Powerless Against Middle Eastern Crime Gangs


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A Swedish Police Officer Exposes the Real State of His Country

Peter Springare, March 8, 2017 ·

Now I've got the time to reach for a post. To all of you have been so worried about me and wondering if the militant left activists with their hatred propaganda and attacks on my person, as well as my bosses who want to conceal me crimes on a regular basis, managed to…


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What Sadiq Khan Really Thinks

“Also of note, in the piece from the BBC above I can’t help but notice the statement from Sadiq Khan that it was a ‘deliberate and cowardly attack’. Its very ambiguous because he’s not coming out and saying it was ‘wrong’, or ‘evil’. Instead the ambiguity suggests that he could think it was okay, if it had been done different, or that he is at least sympathetic to it.”

What else can you expect from a representative of the religion of peace?…


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Islamonausea, not Islamophobia

"We should stop using Muslims’ self-chosen word — “Islamophobia” — by which they paint themselves into a corner of being feared: it destroys communication. Instead of such a divisive term, we should insert a more approachable and factual word that preserves opportunities for bridge-building and learning: “Islamonausea.” This does not render communication impossible, but enables visitors to our Western cultures to notice aspects of their behavior that make us sick."

You can't have…


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Antiracist Karim Alaa Hussain Gives a Multicult Lesson to the Racist Swedes

Karim Alaa Hussain's indignation for train conductor asking a Muslim woman for her ticket twice led to him stabbing a man several times and starting to look for more "racists" in the train. He considers his actions justified and self defense. See why some immigrants are best kept out? Now he has been given the Swedish nationality and cannot be expelled for any reason. Another lesson here? Don't give the nationality to potential terrorists until they have proven their good will, learned the…


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