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Julian Assange - Already Forgotten?

Have we already forgotten the incredible sacrifice Julian Assange has done to bring us the truth and expose corruption? Why are they treating him like a terrorist? To give an example and to scare us. But is a slaves life worth?

The Unprecedented and Illegal…


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Republican senators urge Trump to label settlement goods as ‘Made in Israel’

When in the middle of the election fraud investication/media campagn for Biden, it is worth remembering who is calling the shots. Could it be that if Trump plays his cards right he might get the corporate media to call back their Biden propaganda? An open opposition of Israeli policies would be a political suicide in America.

"A group of Republican senators sent a letter to US President Donald Trump urging him to alter US policy that differentiates between products manufactured on…


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“Jesus Loves Me” face mask banned in school

Christianity has been a solid foundation for building the European, American and British Commonwealth societies, among others. Many of them have nowadays turned secular with the church having minimal role in everyday life. Whether it was planned by social engineering or not, it has happened. Destruction of Christianity is accelerated by mass media that has lifted decadence…


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The Kraken has been released... military planes filling the skies... it has begun

Natural News November 17, 2020

Today attorney Sidney Powell declared that "the Kraken" was released two days ago, and results are beginning to emerge. Whistleblowers from the Dominion software company are going on the record, admitting the entire system was engineered from the start to steal…


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Trump supporters advance on Washington, DC in droves ‘for biggest rally in history’

" With Donald Trump fighting Joe Biden’s proclaimed electoral win, thousands of the incumbent president’s supporters are gathering in Washington, DC. Video footage shows pickup trucks en route, decked out in Trump flags.

Promoted on social media by Trump’s supporters, the #MillionMAGAMarch is being billed as “the biggest Trump rally in history.” The march is supposed to gather thousands of Trump supporters together at Washington, DC’s Freedom Plaza at noon, to protest what they see as…


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Edmond De Rothschild Hit With $100 Million Fraud Suit By Ex-Rosneft Boss

It isn't enough that they control the money issuing bubble, own most of the worlds Uranium and have huge holdings of the natural resources, land and real estate and the souls of their coven. What can you do to your nature? Keep cheating and stealing like never before. Nothing is enough.

"A prominent Russian businessman has accused Edmond de Rothschild, the Swiss private bank, of engaging in a kickback scheme that pilfered millions of dollars from his investment fund and ultimately…


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Defeat the NWO Cabal

The NWO project rumbles on like a heavy locomotive from station to station, and each time we fall deeper in debt and slavery. We have seen false flags, political assassinations and horrifying terrorist acts, the locomotive invading humanity station after station further into a growing domain of a NWO hell on earth. The latest episode in this theater run by power hungry maniacs spreads like a cow pie under our feet. The election was stolen. There never was any meaningful support for that…


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The Acute Files

Kamala Harris, the president to be

Back-up Kamala…


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Police hunt gunmen in Vienna streets after terrorist attack

The above title from aljazeera has quotation marks removed from the word terrorist. There is no doubt at all of the nature of the attact and still they try to downplay it into a ‘terrorist’ attack.

Our political leader are false empathy automatons who always tell how "shocked" they are about these brute acts of terrorism. And then they do nothing. Anyone who is aware of the problems linked to the uncontrolled immigration is not surprised at all.

These terrorist attacks are…


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Former Muslim: ‘You must ban Islam. In Islam Muslims have the right to kill you, rape, grab properties, your country, your money.’

This article has been scrubbed from the net and can only be bound archived on the waybackmachine. Therefore, I salvage it here.

Open quote:

Robert Spencer with…


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Danish Military Intelligence Service Spying Danes for American IS


The NSA helped the Defense Intelligence Service (DE) to build a data center on Amager to house a new, top-secret spy system, DR News learns.

By Niels Fastrup , Lisbeth Quass , Henrik Moltke , Mads Korsager Nielsen and Lasse Lindegaard

Sep 24 at 06:00

The Defense Intelligence Service (FE)…


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Former police commander: Immigrants are behind the wave of violent crime blighting Sweden, but the authorities refuse to admit it

"Kevin Hurley is a British politician and former police officer. He was the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner between 2012 and 2016. He served in the Metropolitan Police, reaching the rank of Detective Chief Superintendent. He was also an officer of the Territorial Army, first in the Parachute Regiment and then the Royal Military Police."



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Men convicted of rape will be castrated under new law and...

Castration applies to rapes where the victim is over 13, whereas the rest face execution. Can you guess which European country is reacting to a surge in rapes? Well, to be honest it's not in Europe, but I kind of like the idea.

"Men convicted of rape in one Nigerian state will now face castration — while child rapists can be executed, under a strict new law that passed this week.

Male rapists in Kaduna state can be subject to surgical castration, while a woman convicted raping…


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Turku Remembers the Victims of Finland's First Terrorist Act

Speech by Terhi Kiemung at Kukkavirta

The partisan publishes Kiemung's speech in its entirety.…


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Kamala Harris’s Socialist Ties

Kamala Harris once said that she's not a democratic socialist. This is how politicians use our own mind against us. A statement like that leads a credulous person to think she's something better than what she said. However, the reality is quite different as in fact she's something far worse than a democratic socialist.

Find out about her background here.



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April 8, 2019 https://www.soundchoice.org/open-letter-to-legislators/

My name is Dr. Theresa Deisher. I am Founder and Lead Scientist at Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, whose mission is to educate the public about vaccine safety, as well as to pressure manufacturers to provide better and safer vaccines for the…


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Trump: “This May be the Last Time You’ll See Me for a While”

President Trump states having a lot of wealthy enemies out there as a reason for staying out of sight for a while. Imagine a list of all those swamp creatures, pedophiles, occult perverts, and by-all-means-power-grabbers that would be a thread to an honest president working for the good of his country and the people. Could it really be? I mean, a president that actually cares for his country?

“So I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you’ll see me for a while. A…


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Society Explained

First posted on July 29, 2013 at 2:40pm

While describing the functioning of the modern society by one word is extremely difficult, I think this word comes close to accomplishing the task. Pathocracy.

Update August 8, 2020



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Frontline Doctors on Censorship: We’re Coming After You Big Tech – We will Not be Silenced!

There is an information war amid the Covid-19 pandemic scare. The virus scare has been used for political purposes, to confuse the people and to tighten a noose suffocating civil liberties and scrutiny over corrupt governments in most of the countries. Needless to say that the control measures have been more against the patriots and the traditional republican citizens than the leftist, BLM, pink glassed democrats and the rest of the decadence builders.

We see the faces of people like…


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At Jerusalem protest, water cannons everywhere, but not a place to go

It happens but it is not often in the news, protests in the promised land.

"Protesters who try to obey orders and leave an anti-Netanyahu rally are still blasted by high-pressure water, or forced back by mounted police, no matter which way they turn"…


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