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The Crunch Is Back, There’s Going To Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous

The Cabal loves an element of a surprise. What wouldn't they do break havoc and chaos on humanity? Now that they confiscated the gold from the EU members making them powerless, this is a logical step to take. Where is that gold? However, they can claim to have any amount of gold even if they had none. BIS, the central bank of central (nest of vipers) has never been audited and is sovereign much like the Vatican.

"The next round in the Crunch is here, and Central Banks have suddenly…


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The Mother of All Blog Posts - Fair and Balanced

Celebrating a full 500 blog posts on November 12, 2019. Thanks to you all knowledgeable people who have read and commented these. You are awsome.

Bormann Supplied Nazi Uranium for US Atom Bombs…


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Bormann Supplied Nazi Uranium for US Atom Bombs

"Martin Bormann was an Illuminati agent and WW2 was a charade is that he arranged for the transfer of advanced Nazi technology to the US at the conclusion of WW2. 

Bormann was a Cabalist banker agent who subverted the Nazi war effort. Hitler protected him. Both men were German traitors.
World War Two was contrived to destroy the Old Order…

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Mosque-run Salafist schools are teaching children sharia law: report


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Sacrifice - Dictionary of the Great Deception

Sacrifice* is one ridiculous and illogical act for showing adoration to the Creator. Consider someone creating or shall we say making, something out of his own materials or in this case out of nothing. Wouldn't the Creator also be the owner of the newly created something as it came into existence by a sole act of his? (Please, let's not get into that gender issue here his/her/hir/whatever.) 

Consider a worshipper taking a perfect, live animal, ritual slaughtering it and offering as a…


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A brother of a murdered social-media star in Pakistan was sentenced to life in prison for strangling her

Honor killings. This is the kind of world the Multicult wants to see in Europe too. Sick. This, somehow, is of no interest for the feminists as feminism is not set up for improvement of women's lifes.


"The social-media model Qandeel Baloch was described as the Kim Kardashian of…


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Bitcoin Slaughter- September 19, 2019

The King of the cryptocurrencies is about to fall from the cliff right now. The Usury Cabal wants to have the cryptocurrencies decimated? They don't want an uncontrolled means of exchange to arise over their fractional banking money/debt scam. They want control.

"So what does Bitcoin do? It’s decentralized precisely to protect it from the machination of Wall Street-types, or other nefarious characters. None of us can shut it down voluntarily, explaining that as a symbol of financial…


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The world’s largest Islamic group wants Muslims to stop saying 'infidel'

When Sweden is descending into multicult madness, common sense emerges in, guess where, ... Indonesia!…


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Waybackmachine Memory Hole

The Waybackmachine internet archive site claims we can save snaphots of any internet page on their server. Believe it? We live in a world of deception and lies. If you really want to preserve something you have to do it yourself. However, this is the reality.

"The internet is forever, except when it’s not. Sure, that one terrible tweet you made back in 2015 will probably outlive us all in the form of screenshots, memes, and increasingly-terrible dunks, but most things online will…


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Gothenburg, Sweden - Over one hundred people robbed in this summer

Gothenburg with a population of one million is the second largest city in Sweden. The city was establish at a strategic location at the mouth of the Göta älv river in south-western Sweden as a trading colony in 1621. The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic countries. With all its impressive history and achievements the city is now being taken over by criminal immigrant gangs. The Swedish police has become a joke and will just look from the sidelines while the Swedish people…


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In Search for a Search Engine

What are the Search Engines for?

The above question may seem futile as the answer to it should be self evident. Aren't search engines for distribution of information? We are painfully beginning to realise that they are not. Their main function, rather than finding information for us, is manipulation of the public opinion. That my friends, is SOCIAL…


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Turku Commemorates the Victims of Finland’s First Militant Islamist Attack

A Finnish court sentenced Abderrahman Bouanane, a Moroccan asylum seeker, to life in prison on July 2018 for stabbing two women to death and wounding eight others in August 2017 in Finland’s first militant Islamist attack.

As two years have passed, people commemorated the victims by a moment of silence and by sending flowers on the river Aura…


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Bianca hopes her manual will reach Donald Trump: “This is how the rotten Swedish legal system works”

In the aftermath of ASAP Rocky-affair and his punishment for defending himeself in Sweden last July, two Swedish leftists, Hampus Elfström and Oscar Gierup, wrote a manual to teach US president how the Swedish legal system works. The manual was of course noticed in the daily, left liberal newspaper Aftonbladet, and an article about the initiative was published there, with an intention to mock Trump and others. The swedish writer Bianca Muratagic was not as impressed as the mainstream media…


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Google's Blacklisted Sites

This list of sites blaclisted by Google appears in HERE. The text below is a full copy of it. The quality of these sites is not clear, to be checked.


# Manual list of sites excluded from appearing as Google Now stories to read

# results. The urls are used with a UrlMatcher, and should be in the format

# specified in:…


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Over a hundred bomb attacks in Sweden this year

From a 100 to 150 bombings have occurred in Sweden just this year. And they are concerned of shootings in the US. PT Media has made an extensive list of the bombings.

Tell me if this isn't civil war.



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Iranian Oil Tanker Captured by Western Pirates

"MADRID (AP) - A super tanker believed to be breaching European Union sanctions by carrying a shipment of Iranian crude oil to war-ravaged Syria has been detained in Gibraltar.

In a statement, authorities on the British overseas territory at the tip of Spain said that the port and law enforcement agencies, assisted by the Royal Marines, boarded the Grace 1 early Thursday July 4, 2019."

The warmorgers seem to be getting impatient as the meat grinders are standing still.…


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Is Sweden Finally Waking Up? - Expels three celebrity Imams as security threats

They do have a lot more to expel though. Wait until they are in a plane and some socialist idiot stops the plane from taking off.

"The Swedish Immigration Service has decided to expel Abu Raadi, known as Gävle imam, Al Duhan Raad, and Umeå’s Imam Hussein Al-Jibury. Reason: According to SÄPO, the Security Police they have planned terrorist attacks in Sweden or are otherwise a threat to Sweden."…


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Danish Prime Ministe and NATO chief: Sweden is "pure madness" and out of control in their political correctness

Samhällsnytt June 12, 2019

Sweden is deep in trouble with 20% of their population coming from outside the country. There has been little control of the  immigration and the result is a state of a practical civil war in many areas. Car burning, shooting, bombing, street violence and rapes have become everyday news in once such a…


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‘They will pay a price’: Bolton says US has expanded ‘offensive cyber operations’ against Russia

Not long ago we learned that Russia did not tamper with the US presidential election:  the Mueller Report. So, what is this all about? Those of us who haven't understood the spirit of Realpolitics must be confused. We must eventually realize that this is a…


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Casualties from Yellow Vest protests rise

"According to French Mediapart website, 11 people were killed, five lost their hands due to use of grenades and 23 lost their eyesight.

Some 2,000 people were injured at the demonstrations. Of them 268 people suffered head injuries, 15 hand injuries, 64 body injuries, 26 back injuries and 106 leg injuries.

In addition, 95 journalists, 40 high school students and 30 volunteer health officers were injured in the demonstrations and 145 acts of insult and violation of press freedom…


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