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SARS-CoV-2 detected in Barcelona water study from March 2019

When Barcelona, Spain, started analysing waste water samples from 2018 to 2019 they found Covid-19 present in the samples a year before the pandemic.

"A study led by the University of Barcelona (UB) has detected the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater samples from Barcelona on March 12, 2019

The results of the research, published on the medical research website medRxiv, would indicate that the virus was present long before any…


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Total Surveillance

A gullible flock hurries head over heels to get the latest smart gizmos paying a fortune when they really can't afford it and could well do without them. It seems to be a matter of honour and to guarantee social acceptance to be abreast of the times to do it and follow the programming. Isn't that force of social engineering and manipulation awesome? People don't know or care what they are giving away using the smart tech phones and other appliances. We don't need a mark of the beast…


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The Disgrace of Versailles

The first world war was an important  milestone in stopping the economic development of Europe, reaping huge profits of arms sales and interests on financing the war and advancing Usury Cabal's control through chaos and confusion. This was one step that was to lead Europe into a spiralling chaos of the second world war and the rise of the European Union, the Soviet Union resurrected. The Cabal has been on it for a long time, Ordo ab Cao, order out of chaos. All the huge turmoils in history…


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Detroit: 20-Yr-Old Black Supremacist Films Himself Beating Up Elderly Nursing Home Patients

This is a typical case when "someone" did "something" but normally we are not allowed to say much about that "someone" except of course describe the kind of clothes and shoes he has and maybe his height and things not relating to his colour, race or ethnicity unless it's a Christian, white male of course. The second tricky part is the "something" specifically when talking about the victim, in this case it can be any race, ethnicity or religions except a Christian, white…


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Emmanuel Macron Orders Teaching Arabic in the French Schools

The Macronization of France continues at a full speed even with the COVID-19

"While France is preparing to face the economic, psychological, human and political consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, the Head of State authorizes the teaching of Arabic at school.

On Saturday May 2 2020, as France prepares to begin its last week of confinement, a mysterious decree was published in the Official Journal. This document, signed by the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and…


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Muslim Brotherhood and Masonic plot to Conquer Islamic World

Freemasons are an integral part of the governance of societies globally equally influential an inconspicuous in the west, east north and south. JFK warned about secret societies in his presidential speech to the press a little before his was eliminated. The following article traces the Masonic effect in the Muslim world.

"Many are ignorant and may not believe the suspicious relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and “Freemasonry” or those who call themselves “Free Builders”, this…


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Save the African children who are starving for the truth about the Holohoax! This is just what they need! Don't be stingy and donate $29,95 for the good cause.



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Twitter BANS Clip of Michelle Malkin on Big Tech Censorship After Trump Retweets It

We are free to express our opinions as long as they are Kosher.

"I’ve witnessed friends and allies stripped of their platforms, their reputations, and their voices. Some can no longer communicate on social media. When I planted my little flag in the social media world, on the internet, almost 20 years ago, I never thought that I’d have to wake up one day and wonder if my entire website was going to be unplugged because of an opinion that I expressed. And yet, there are many of my…


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Far-Left Magazine Shuts Down After Indian Migrant Editor Allegedly Rapes Antifa Activist

The true nature of the leftist scum is seeping out in the open.

"A report by National Justice has revealed that the New York-based magazine is closing its doors after Commune‘s editor Shyam Khanna, 31, was accused of rape by Antifa organizer Jessica “Leila” Raven.



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Virtue Theorist - Dictionary of the Great Deception

The concept "Virtue Theorist", is an opposite of "Conspiracy Theorist", created by the CIA in the sixties in order to stifle criticism of the lackluster Warren Commission Report on JFK assassination. Later on the term has been similarly used to protect people in power when they have taken advantage of their position and insider information in order to increase their wealth and power or to fulfil…


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Rockefeller Foundation - Using Pandemics for Total Power

Rockefeller Foundation Paper Published in 2010 Predicted How a Pandemic Can be Used as an Excuse to Establish Global Authoritarian Power

Whether the latest Corona virus is a natural or an engineered one it is one more step stone for the Usury Cabal to grab more power.…


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Remembering Dresden: 75 Years After the Firebombing

Germans proved to be a resourceful and hardworking nation in Europe threatening the Anglo American hegemony in many ways. They had to be destroyed just like the French Monarchy in 1789 and that budding democracy in Russia 1917. The disgrace of Versaille did not teach them the lesson, so the second world war needed to be started and manoeuvred so that the Germans would never rise up again. Today, Germany has been under military occupation for 75 years and they have finally learned their…


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It Was NOT Caused By Global Warming. 183 People Arrested For Starting Australia’s Bushfires.

First of all the fires were started on purpose and second the environmentalist succeeded in banning an age old practice of creating fire safety areas. Those areas where the burning material was burned in a controlled manner do not exist and forest fires can spread freely. A further proof that environmentalist are idealists that have no clue of how to protect the nature.

"Authorities in Australia have arrested close to 200 people for deliberately starting the bushfires that have…


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Why Nothing Surprices Me Anymore - The Latest Episode in the Way of Deception

We are at war where everything from food and water to medicines and  vaccines to entertainment and news is weaponized in a quiet war with silent weapons.  The reality is so grossly twisted and mangled in the media that most of us are oblivious that we all are in a grave danger, humanity on a brink of a total destruction.   

Internet revolutionised the way we can access information and gave an access…


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Trans teen regrets his ‘Frankenstein’ transition

Young people, still seeking an answer to questions of who or what they are and what they want to be are being exploited. Parents with some twisted ideas of sexuality and doctors getting their income from hormone therapies and sex change surgeries encourage them to take irreversible decisions. The consequences remain with them the rest of their lives.

Less than a year after having gender surgery, Nathaniel now says, "This whole thing was a bad idea. I am 19 years old, and I feel…


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100,000 Child Sex Slaves Freed by the White Dragon Society

I very much doubt the veracity of this but perversion, abuse and blackmail are the backbone of the modern government in many countries.


White Dragon Society, LOL

Benjamin Fulford, another Alex Jones?



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Netflix’s ‘gay Jesus’ comedy special shows the clear double standard artists have for Christians

You can tear down all the religious beliefs as long as they are Christian. The other religions are off limit. Obamas must be proud of this development. The rascal couple has a multiyear production deal with Netflix to produce shows and films.

" Two Netflix comedy specials feature Jesus Christ as a presumably gay man and a drunken partier, and Catholic and Christian communities are not happy with the satirical treatments — and they have good reason not to…


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Woman allegedly forced to remove hijab for mugshot gets $120,000 in settlement

"A Minnesota Muslim woman has received $120,000 to settle her lawsuit alleging she was forced to strip in jail and remove her hijab for a booking photo over a traffic offense, the woman and her attorneys said Tuesday."

Isn't driving in a sackcloth an offense itself? How are you supposed to see the road and the traffic like that? It seems Minnesota has turned into an American Somali-land.…


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The End of the American Order: Ian Bremmer speech at 2019 GZERO Summit

The west; USA, Europe and Australia have seen their manufacturing base disintegrating and being built in the east. Why did the supposedly capitalist west move its manufacturing to the supposedly communist China? What now? Bigger picture?

"China has made its decision. Beijing is building a separate system of Chinese technology—its own standards, infrastructure, and supply chains—to compete with the West.

Make no mistake: this is the single most consequential geopolitical…


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The Foundation of a Democratic Society - How Does It Work?

Democracy, one of the big illusions in the minds of the gullible public. Do people actually still think they can change the direction of the society by voting? Anyone still hanging on the big illusion should do him/herself a favor and read the following peace of truth. Read the whole story in the link. It's spot on.

Edward Bernays:…


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