12160 Original Content - ( a work in progress)

Thanks to Tara and the others who helped gather this !

List of member's names and links to original content:


1. Fred Black- articles

   a. The Pharma Reich

   b. Why? Why Mr Assange, why do you persist?

   c. A short guide to online dissidence

   d. Obama in my garden

   e. A new paradigm


 2. Vince- articles, creative writings

   a. Us against Them (Original Content)

   b. There and Back Again: Sobering thoughts about the Nuclear Madness w...

   c. The Audacity of Hopelessness and Betrayal (Original Content)

   d. Solar Storms, CME's, and All Things Considered. Are You Ready? (Ori...

   e. Kayoko's Cherry Trees: A Testament Of Why The A-Bomb should Never B...

   f. Consumers Beware: "Monsanto" Is A Global Multinational Biotech-Kill...

   g. My 9/11 Article from Last Year....

   h. Listen to the Wind

   i. Only If We Let It

   j. Body Bags Filled with GI Joe and Jane (Original Content)


3. Marklar- articles, creative writings

   a. Past the Point of no Return - the NWO has Won, We are all DOOMED! (...

   b. An Open Letter From the Hulk (Original Humor)

   c. Is Smoking a Joint a Lewd Sex Act? - An Open Letter to the Sci-fi C...

   d. Tits You Can't Touch (Original Humor)

   e. The True Nature of Neo-liberalism (Original Article)

   f. Wikileaks fallout lands on Paypal - (Original Article)

   g. 12160 Discussion Round Table for 01-02-2010 (VIDEO)

   h. 12160.ORG Round Table for December 5th, 2009 (Video)

   i.  An open letter to a friend about Obamacare - Original Article.

   j. Washington becomes Jefferson - Original Humor

   k. Interwebs, Hypertexts and Newspapers – Original Humor

   l. Politicians offer change and consistantly fail to deliver - time to...

   m. Tags? What the @#$@$ are tags???

   n. Defeating HDTV converter box mind control.

   o. Helping Japanese Earthquake Victims Without the Inevitable Rip-off ...


  4. Youhavetoforgiveme- articles

    a. Okay, vote!

    b. Sad....that the comments were.....

    c. I don't get it...explain this to me....

    d. Nevermind that.....

    e. Banker's Bullshit....

    f. Call me retarded but....

    g. Will we kill our brother?

    h. Show me the terrorists!

    i. Silly question.....

    j. They tell me that I think too much....


5. Nikki- articles

    a. Cruise Lines Abandon Southern California (original content)


6. Sky- poetry

     a. Thought for freedom. (Original Content) 

       b. Division :- NWO's #1 WMD of Choice. (Original Content)

       c. Carbon for my garden. (Original Content)

       d. You can't Blind me, My mind is free. (Original Content)

       e. Aspartame the brain cell drain. (Original Content)

       f.  How Santa was subverted to work for Home Land Security. (Origial ...

       g. A Story to Unfold :- TV is Mental origami (Original Content)


7. Tara- music, poetry, creative writings

     a. Bully With A Badge (Original Song lyrics)

     b. Barrel Of Monkeys (Original Song Lyrics)

     c. Empires falling (original song lyrics)

     d. Institutionalized (Original Song Lyrics)

     e. 12160 (original song)

     f. Green Foolade (Original lyrics)

     g. DIVISION~ Original Song Lyrics

     h. Standing At A Precipice In The Truth Movement, Nobody Said The Trut...

     i. A Song of Freedom

     j. Caterpillar

     k. Paper God

     l. Captain BS

    m. April 9th 2011~ "Throwing Stones" live at The Cove


  8. Keith Lee- music, vids, poetry

     a. If Two Will Fight

     b. Struggle for Power

     c. Hard Times

     d. The Great Awakening

     e. Towers of Steel

     f. Souls of Emotion

     g.In The Year Rome Fell

     h. The Edge of Understanding

     i. If Two Will Fight- music vid

     j. Towers Of Steel Video


9. Josh Templeton- music, vids

     a. Eve Of Destruction" By SONNY NATHIN

     b."Prophets Of Chaos" By High Life Kingz


 10. Travis Emmanuel- promotional vids

      a. Three 12160 NEWS intro and also a new transition for guests etc. PL...

      b. I made a 12160 News Network logo. What do you guys think?


 11. AO- promotional vids, pics

      a. Pics- too many to post individually so I'll provide the link to his pics: AO's photos

      b. 12160 Destroying the New World Order


 12. All members of Poetry Group that submitted poems- I'll track down all names.

       a. Swan Song- Nightmare's Alley~Poem

       b. Nynke Etk Fokma- Burning the Tree

       c. Diana van der Westhuizen- Being in the moment....


13. O.R.M.E.- music, poetry, creative writings

        a. Cage Code (Because War Must End)

        b. Trixma

        c. "Information" By Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatonic Elements - Music Vid

        d. "Where's The Truth?"- Music Vid

        e. Welcome To Dajjal (Spoken Word)

        f. Are You Illuminated?


 14. The Gitmos (kooch)- music, vids

        a. The Gitmos - I Wanna Grow Weed 

        b.(original content) Jump Motherfucker!

        c. original content-- The Future Cops of America

        d. The Gitmos - Your Government Is Lying.dv

        e. The Gitmos - We Are The Mossad

        f. (original content) Newer song I can't embed "Medication Nation"

        g. Buy A Gun! by The Gitmos


15. Poker Face- music, vids, Nikki and Tara's interview with Paul

        a. 12160 radio Tara and Nikki interviewed Paul Topete, activist and le...

        b. PokerFace - Losing My Mind

        c. Weed, Hemp, Cannabis - Time to Legalize


  16. Krypke- articles, creative writings

        a. Scattered Across Time

        aa.Inside Information - Civil Unrest

        b. Geraldo caught in the cross fire says,"The Rebels Have The Fire Dis...

        c.Manchester, NH Police Dept. Confiscate Multiple Video Cameras and A...

        d. The Great Debate -- Religion

        e. The Face of Al Qaeda: Bin Ladin's death is a major PR move -- What'...

        f. TSA is a joke: Can't Touch This

        g. Is it acceptable for Israel to use Gazan civilians as human shields?


17. TLS- articles

        a. The Greatest Weapon Ever Devised To Defeat The NWO, Deflation

        b.SEAL Team 6 Assassinated, Dead men tell no tales

        c. Investment Opportunity At Your Local Bank, Buy Nickels!! (Original ...

        d. Enerfood is great but it's to expensive so make your own super food...

        e. Be A Part Of The New 12160 News Brief, If Your Interested Leave A C...

        f. [TLS Original Blog] Modern Computer Security For The Internet Activist

        g. The disinformation has to be called out it has to be confronted!!

        h. The Green Movement of Years Past Will Cause Japan Style Meltdown in...

        i. Sorcha Faal following ADL, CIA, DHS, SPLC propaganda script

        j. Glenn Beck says way to fix TSA... Use Israeli tactics and hire retu...

       k. David Icke claims the moon is "a gigantic ‘spacecraft’...which is h...

       l. More and more i see why they leave Alex Jones alone and why they ki...

       m. Glen Becks Counterfeit Movement the 912 Project and What’s Behind it


  18. Dee- articles

        a. Cerberus...guarding the gates to hell...or a corporate takeover of ...

        b. Cerberus...guarding the gates of hell ( cont )

        c. The United Corporations of America


19. Citizen X- articles, poetry, creative writings, archived radio shows with him and others

         a. If not now, when? - original content

         b. Shattered Minds         

         c. http://12160.info/group/fearless_broadcasting/forum/topics/esoteric...


 20. Doc Savage- articles

          a. "Without Prejudice" II--I am still *not* a 14th amendment Federal c...

          b. The Federal Reserve thinks they OWN YOU--this began as a comment to...


 21. Harry Thomas- articles, promotional vid, Harry Thomas Show archives, Fearless Broadcasting archives

        a. ITANIMULLI.COM the facts

        b. Exposing Corruption, Fraud and Big Brother Harry Thomas Show 5-11-11

        c. Bin Laden Hoax Media Propaganda In Full Swing Harry Thomas Show 05-...

        d. Bill Gates Is A Killer Harry Thomas Show 03-17-11

        e. Human Domestication - The Harry Thomas Show March 6,2011

        f. Egypt Just Another False Flag HTS022111

        g. Media Mind Control Harry Thomas Show 02/11/11

        h. The Harry Thomas Show 11-27-10

         i. Life On The Outside - Bio Warfare Americas Dirty Little Secret

         j. VIDEO The Harry Thomas Show 11/09/10

         k. The Harry Thomas Show 11/09/10

         l. A message to those complaining about Alex Jones and Jason Bermas' N...

        m. http://harrythomas.podomatic.com

         n. War a discussion with Vincent L. Guarisco on 092409 

         o. Life On The Outside - Bio Warfare Americas Dirty Little Secret

         p. THE LOST EPISODES - FROM THE 12160 VAULT - SPECIAL 9/11 SHOW W/ TJ ...


 22. Jeff Prager- articles

         a. Good Morning Slaves!

         b. Eat Plastic, Die ~ A Photo Essay

         c. The Final Analysis of The Flu Pandemic

         d. Public School Teacher Arrested

         e. Karl Marx ~ A Short Essay On Globalization And The Disasters We Face

         f. Translation Of Pakistani Video - This Is The Truth - Osama Died In ...

         g. FBI Admits Bin Laden Photo Hoax – Releases Real Image

         h. How The Twin Towers And Building Seven Were Demolished

          i. Squalene - A History Of Vaccine Development And The Newest Adjuvant

          j. I Wrote A Book With A Great Deal Of New Evidence On 911

          k. Everything You Never Knew About 911 ~ Books I, II and III

          l. An Assessment Of The Wikileaks Data ~ Where'd This Shit Come From A...

          m. Ning ~ Logging In

           n. The USA Is Dead

           o. The Internet Is Screaming ~ An Explosive Revelation ~ "Who Is Dr. A...

           p. This IS Gaza

           q. Population Control Using GMO Corn

           r. Understanding Islam, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and The War On Terror

           s. Who's The Real Spook?

           t. Factual Data ~ Rothschild Does NOT Rule The World, But Who Does?

           u. http://12160.info/profiles/blog/list?user=1jxv7falawxzm&page=6- the rest of Jeff's original blog posts can be found through page 6- 28. There were too many of them to add to the list.


23. Robert Carobene- vids

       a.  Grand Prix / Saturn Worship Weekend in Montreal

         b.  Conspiracy Theory- Illiminati 13 Families (New World Order)

24. Justin A Horne- articles, creative writings

    a.  My Black Panther Rant

    b.  The Fallacious Aggrandizement of Thought(Original Content)


 25. Jethro654 (Jerry)-articles, creative writings

     a.  Ron Paul on Gold Standard

     b.  "My American Dream"

     c.  "I Am"

     d.  Of Patriotism

     e.  "when Do we Leave"

     f.  Mental Illness..Is there hope?

     g.  What is Racism and Prejudice


26. Firestone- articles, creative writings



       c.   Critical Thinking In Times Like This



       f.  Don't Jack With My Kids!

       g.  Fear Tactics-That Should Wake Up Your Kids!


27. Aqua doc- articles

       a.  Letter for Grant/Research request

       b.  This is the Big Bad Bug summary that I hope you all read....

       c.  Introducing microbes in our local drinking water that increase "Nat...

28. Fireguy- articles

         a.  my letter to the editor

         b.  I AM A LIBERAL

         c.  The National Commission On The Fiscal Responsibility and Reform: Or...

         d.  What Does Everyone Have Against The Rich. Original But Not Profound

         e.  TRUE BLUE: Original

         f.  Richard C. Holbrook (Kissinger Light) Dead: ORIGINAL with help

         g.  Project Pearl: A Story Of Victory Against Tyranny (Original Content)

         h.  “Sit Down And Shut Up” (original content)

29. Quachet- articles

       a.  Tyranny and fuzzy bunny wabbits, no, just tyranny

       b.  Illuminati movies 2011

       c.  Predictions for the 2012 election


30. C- articles

        a. Poison Dressed as an Easter Bunny

31. luggnutz- articles

        a. The Great Haitian Genocide of 2010, or, Why & How To Kill A Nat...

        b.UN ordered depopulation of 3 billion people by food malnutrition ha...

        c. 12.160's Luggnutz blows Bob Chapman's mind and leaves Alex Jones sp... 

        d. Fearless Broadcasting Northern Front 10/06/09



32. Rachel Begley-articles

        a. Press Release- “Octopus Cold-Case File Stalled at DOJ”


33. Locutus- articles

        a. Economic Ramblings during the Holiday Season (Original Content within)


34. bryan 1- articles

        a. to the new members.


35. Dallas BC- articles

        a. Are We in a HAARP "Earthquake War"? 

        b.  Who owns the MEDIA ? THEY DO, AND THEY TELL YOU WHAT THEY WANT YOU ...


36. Olive Farmer- articles

        a. 2011 prognosis


37. LiveFreeOrDiefighting- articles

        a.  The Tyrannical Control Grid-Federal Military Martial Law Police Sta...


38. Nathan A. Bauer- articles


         b.  Defense Dept.’s Meddling Around the World costs US Taxpayers Billio...

         c.    Pentagon Reports Billions of Dollars in Contractor Fraud (PART 2 )


39. Freedomrox- articles


          b.  Dad's Survival Guide...Skills, and Money, after SHTF

          c.  Dad's Survival Guide..Heirloom Seeds, Garden Alternatives

          d.  Dad's Survival Guide

          e.  Dad's Survival Guide....Continued


40. David Stowell- Video

           a. Tyranny In America. Seattle Wa 8/19/2011


41. Cheryl- articles, creative writings






42. Alice My
           a.  I am ex-Rosicrucian

43. CasaZaza

           a. his orginal content artwork photo album

           b. his original videos



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Comment by mystery on August 18, 2013 at 9:16pm

Awesome job guys and gals, high five to all of you!!!!

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on August 14, 2013 at 10:01pm

lmao....terminator TV...w00t

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on August 14, 2013 at 9:50pm

thanks Vince ya, I envisioned this a while back, finally got the parts in, next project is to build one standing up and holding a TV, but me needs to brush up on welding...lol

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on August 14, 2013 at 9:32pm

Original stuff eh???...well here's an original I bet nobody has...made it meself ;) 

now that's TV...w00t

Comment by guest_blog on August 14, 2013 at 7:24pm
Comment by truth on August 9, 2013 at 10:54am
Comment by truth on August 7, 2013 at 2:58pm

Just a reminder this list is now  two years old and needs help getting updated !

Comment by scotty michele brown on August 6, 2013 at 3:00pm

Wow. I had no idea there was this much original work! I'm going to be quite busy reading.

Comment by truth on July 6, 2012 at 11:41pm

I dont have it in me to help but wow, we must have some one here to help. i volunteer Vince :) a true blue 12160r

Comment by Justin A Horne on June 28, 2012 at 4:08pm

I have not written an Original post in quite some time, but I enjoy reading the great work done here at 12160.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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